Skyrim Alduin's Bane | Walkthrough | Glitch


Upon returning to the Throat of the World, Parturnaks will inform you that he is observing something strange in you, that you most likely have an ancient scroll. You have to go to the temporary gap and read it.

Need to read the ancient scroll at the time gap

Parturnaks says to read the ancient scroll at a temporary gap.

Bug in the quest "Skyrim Alduin's Bane" - he does not fly

In this place there is often a bug when you get into the past, and Alduin does not arrive. For successful walkthrough you need to read the scroll in advance, even before visiting the temporary gap. The same bug may occur due to your position or camera position when you roll out a scroll. Next, you will be shown heroes who are destined to slay Alduin. They are awaiting his attack.

As soon as it appears, they use Draconic, which will allow you to study this cry. You only need to watch them defeat Alduin.

walkthrough of the mission Skyrim Alduin s Bane

Walkthrough of the mission Alduin's Bane

Returning to the present, Alduin will visit the Throat of the World. A battle will unfold between Parturnax and Alduin.

How to walkthrough the curse of alduin

At the first opportunity, use the Dragonbone to defeat the enemy. Without this, he does not die and his health does not decrease. The truth is not so easy to distinguish between two fighting dragons. Be careful not to damage your ally. The arrow on the compass always points to Alduin, it will help you navigate. As soon as Alduin is on the ground, attack him with all available means, until he takes off again. A cry is very effective against him. Death sentence.

Fight with Alduin - Skyrim

The walkthrough is hampered by the fact that Alduin has a lot of health, in connection with which you need at least several attempts to defeat him. The task is complicated by falling stones from the sky, which the villain throws off. They simultaneously inflict both physical and fire damage. Use the Dragonboar immediately after reloading, which will help keep the dragon on the ground throughout the battle. When Alduin’s health comes to an end, he will report that he underestimated you, but no one can defeat him. Then he will fly away. This is the end of the quest.

Now you know how to pass the quest "Alduin's Bane" in Skyrim. After the victory, the ingot remains in your inventory as a quest item. If desired, it can be exchanged for gold in Urag high Grob living in the College of Winterhold.

Features of the quest

The easiest method to defeat Alduin is to travel to the Throat of the World on the Shade. Attacks of the dragon do not harm him, so he will become your advantage in this fight. If you have sufficiently large skills of destruction and attack by lightning, then it can be stunned even without the use of dragonbearing. This will help to use the death sentence and cause him great damage.

A lightning attack from two hands will help stun the dragon and inflict significant damage on it. In this case, a small amount of mana will be spent, but for the use of the Death sentence it is an ineffective method. To win the victory will help the Blade Beach and the spell Thunderstorm with lightning.

What to do if Alduin did not arrive

After Alduin is driven into the future, you will return to the present and fight with him. If this does not happen, then in the console, enter the following code:

  • "setstage mq206 70" - gives you the cry of the dragon;
  • "setstage mq206 100" - transfers you now.