Skyrim Paarthurnax Quest | Walkthrough | Choices and consequences


Paarthurnax is one of the plot tasks in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and a friendly dragon in combination with which you will often intersect. Before all the dragonborns who have reached this stage of the game, the dilemma “To kill him or not?” Arises. This is the question we will consider in this walkthrough, as well as all sorts of consequences and causes of the murder, and we will know better who the Paarthurnax are and death will bring to skyrim. We turn to the walkthrough of the job and the consequences of the choice.

Alduin and Paarthurnax in Skyrim

So who is Paarthurnax? Our teacher is one of the oldest dragons. In addition, he was the right hand (or rather, the right wing) of Alduin, as well as his younger brother. Both of the ancient dragon, with whom we meet in the story, are the sons of Akatosh.

Is it possible not to kill Parturnax in Skyrim

The first mention of our teacher can be found in the “Atlas of Dragons”, which dates back to the Second Era. But Paarthurnax itself is much older, as can be learned from the dialogues. Our dragon lives at the highest point of Skyrim (and indeed of Tamriel) - the Throat of the World.

For certain it was possible to hear from the Greybeards about the teacher, that this is it, Paarthurnax in person. Like many dragons, he is eloquent, wise, loves philosophical conversations and reflections.

Location quest: Parturnaks - Skyrim

After many years of studying the Path of the Voice, Paarthurnax was able to perfectly master this technique and gain control over its essence. It is his ordinary mortals who should thank for the liberation from the many years of tyranny of dragons. Why? Many centuries ago, the dragon trained the Nords (and with the help of them and representatives of other races) a Tu’ums, which helped them to level the odds in the war with the dragons. Throughout the plot, the Greybeards kept secret that Paarthurnax was their leader, and this becomes a big surprise for the player.

Players who are not aware of this may even attack a landing dragon, but I do not advise doing this. Alduin's brother is very friendly, loves to speak in riddles and dragon words, recalling that Dovahkiin may not yet know them and reveals many ancient secrets. Despite the fact that Alduin is his relative, Paarthurnax will help the dragonborn to find him, and even take our side in a battle with the World Eater.

Paarthurnax Assistance in Skyrim

When we first met, Paarthurnax will ask Dovahkiin to greet him “like a dragon,” namely, to use "Fire Breath" Tu’um. If at the moment you have not found him yet, then the wise dragon will immediately teach you to him. In addition, with the help of meditation, Paarthurnax will be able to bestow the improvement of some cries on the player’s choice. How to do it?

After several conversations with the dragon, the player will have the option “I want to reflect on the Word of Power”. The dragon will answer:

What is calling you, Dovahkiin? Fus, faym, yol?

Depending on your answer, the dragonborn will receive a permanent passive ability.

  • If you choose “Fus”, you will get a constant Creek “Unrelenting Force” boost, which will even better strengthen your balance.
  • When choosing “File”, the “Voidness” tu’um will intensify, during which Dovahkiin will receive an increase in health recovery.
  • Well, if you choose the last option, you will get a significant increase in damage to the cry of “Fire breath”.

Now you are well acquainted with Paarthurnax, which means you can go directly to the plot task.

Is it possible not to kill Paarthurnax in Skyrim

During the fulfillment of the mission “Fallen”, Esbern and Delphine learn that the secret guide of the Greybeards all this time was a dragon, which is Alduin’s right hand. Although Paarthurnax betrayed his brother, they will insist on killing him.

  • The quest will automatically appear during the quest “Season Unending” after you talk to Esburn.
  • The second way to get the job - after the conclusion of the contract, if you have already talked to Esburn before. Esbern declares that Paarthurnax is the old enemy of the Blades, which means that he needs to be destroyed no matter what.

Who to talk to: Paarthurnax, Arngeir or Esburn

If you go and talk to Arngeir and tell him that the Blades want the dragon to die, he will be very upset. Yes, it is true that Paarthurnax was an ally of Alduin, but at that time all dragons were allies. But it was precisely because of the teacher of the Greybeards Nords that they could learn the language of dragons, thanks to which they were able to expel Alduin.

If we talk about this with Paarthurnax, he will not be very surprised by the demand of the Blades. Dovahkiin, of course, knows that the dragon can be trusted, but they are not, and for them he is the immediate enemy. Despite the fact that he betrayed Alduin, mortals can assume that now he can betray them too.

Who to talk to: Parturnaks, Arngeir or Esburn

So it's time to choose whether to kill our teacher.

Blades or Paarthurnax

Many players are interested in “Is it possible to complete the task neutrally? What to do?". I will answer right away - yes, you can, but only on a PC and using the game console. First, we will analyze what will happen if you kill or not kill, what consequences await you, and then I will write in detail what to do for a neutral passage.

What happens if you kill Paarthurnax

Dovahkiin himself can decide whether to kill Paarthurnax or ignore the demands of the Blades. In conversations with representatives of the fraternity, you cannot refuse to kill, but you can simply not carry out this task. After the victory over Alduin, the unmet task “Paarthurnax” will simply disappear from the magazine, and no one else will remember about it.

Attention! If you have not completed the quest: “Season Unending”, then in no case do not kill the dragon before its walkthrough. If you do this, then Argheir will refuse to conduct a dialogue with you, which means that the plot task cannot be completed. Such an attitude Arngeira will affect not only the task “Season Unending”. The Greybeards disappointed in Dovahkiin, read you the latest notation and will require to get out of High Hrothgar, otherwise he will throw you out of here. In addition to Arngeir, the other Bearded Men will also cease any contact with the hero.

But there will be pluses. If you kill Paarthurnax, the Blades will begin to talk and cooperate with you again. Esbern will once again buy dragon bones and scales, as well as make a special potion. In addition, new mercenary blades can be taken as partners.

What happens if you kill Paarthurnax

Is it worth killing Paarthurnax - Choices and Consequences

Throat of the World - the house of the dragon, as always, he will wait for you there. If you talk to him again, after the dialogue with Esburn, he admits that all dragons love power, but this can be overcome by an effort of will, which he did.

Attention! There is a known bug, because of which Paarthurnax is not in place when you arrive at the Throat of the World. To fix this is very simple - move to any city, you can even enter / exit a building, and go back. After that, the dragon should appear. If not, try using wait and skip a few hours. This should also help.

If you decide to kill the teacher, the fight will be fairly easy. Paarthurnax comparable in strength to any frosty dragon, which you should have already met in the vastness of Skyrim. After killing you get standard loot: bones, scales, dragon soul. Dolphin and Esburn can be found, as always, in a shelter near Riverwood.

Is it worth killing Parturnaks - Choices and consequences

If Dovahkiin decided to kill Paarthurnax

  • Relations with Greybeards will deteriorate, you will not be able to find out about the whereabouts of the "Word Wall" and generally conduct dialogues with any of this faction.
  • You will not be able to get bonuses to screams that were obtained through meditations with Paarthurnax.
  • The relationship with the Blades will improve, you can complete the task Dolphins and get new companions.
  • From Esbern, you get a potion that gives you a permanent boost to melee damage protection with dragons. An increase of only 25%.
  • Due to poor relations with the Greybeards, you will not be able to end the civil war on the assignment of “Season Unending”.

If Dovahkiin left Paarthurnax alive

  • The task will disappear from the magazine after you defeat Alduin.
  • You can continue to learn from Argheir the location of the Walls of Words.
  • You can continue to meditate with Paarthurnax and receive a bonus to Tu’ums.
  • After the final battle with Alduin, Paarthurnax will appear in the cut-scene, where he will tell you that he will try to instruct other dragons on the Path of the Voice and make them more peaceful.
  • Esbern will not make a protective potion.
  • The task of the Dolphins can not be completed, and you will not receive new mercenaries.

To kill or not is your decision, personally I decided not to kill. Paarthurnax did nothing wrong, and his relationship to "the World Eater" does not make him worse. By saving his life, you get significantly more advantages and positive aspects, unlike murder. And the hand is not understood by such a good comrade and an ancient sage.

Is it necessary to kill the dragon

As I said earlier, there is a way by which you can keep the dragon alive, and at the same time maintain a good relationship with Graybeards and Blades. This method works only on the computer and using the system console. So, the sequence of actions:

  1. Get the Paarthurnax mission from Esburn or the Dolphins.
  2. Go to the Throat of the World and talk to the dragon.
  3. Open the game console (tilde is responsible for the console by default) and write setstage MQPaarthurnax 100, then press Enter.
  4. It is done! The task is considered completed.

What we have? Paarthurnax survived, thanks to this, the connection with the Greybeards was not interrupted, and they continue to treat Dovahkiin well. But the task is considered completed, so the Blades are also positive to the main character. Thus, you can trade with Esburn, and get a permanent protection potion, and get new recruits. At the same time, meditating with Paarthurnax and communicating with Greybeards, as if nothing had happened. Is this not the perfect end?

So we disassembled this task. To kill, to keep alive, or to use cunning - everyone decides for himself. I can only wish you well to think about this decision. See you in the next guide!