The World Eater's Eyrie | Walkthrough | Portal Location


"The World Eater's Eyrie" - one of the final quests of the main storyline in the game The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim. In this mission, the protagonist will have to travel back to the Temple of the Cult of the Dragon Skuldafn, located east of the Jerome Mountains. It is there that is the portal with which you can go back to Sovngarde and fight with the final boss - the dragon Alduin, the World Eater. It’s impossible to return to Skyrim before completing the quest, so don’t forget to stock up on potions and learn unlearned spells and Dragon Shouts.

How to get to the portal Alduin, leading to Sovngarde

Getting to dry land to the necessary place in this task is impossible: the temple is located on a high mountain, where there are no roads, outside the map, which can be explored. The only one who can help in this matter is the dragon Odahviing, captured and shackled into pads on the flight deck of the castle in Whiterun.

How to get to the portal Alduin leading to Sovngard

Odahviing swears to serve Dovahkiin in exchange for freedom and assistance with moving to Skuldafn. The flight itself in the game does not show: the hero is simply teleported to the right place, as during a quick move. After transportation, Odahviing will say goodbye and fly away, but with further unfinished quests in Skyrim, he can always be summoned with the help of the cry “Call Dragon”.

Skuldafn Temple in the mission "The World Eater's Eyrie" in Skyrim

Immediately upon the appearance of the hero awaits a warm reception in the literal sense: he will be attacked by three squads of draugros, each headed by a dragon. Opponents are strong, however, as in any quest, their level adjusts to the level of the character. Although the game is nearing a denouement, there will be no difficulty in exterminating them if, by that time, the player managed to get hold of good equipment. After the massacre, you can go inside the temple. Against Draugr, the most effective cry is “Fire Breath” (even if only one word is learned).

Skyrim quest (The World Eater s Eyrie) - Skuldafn

How to solve the puzzle in the mission “The World Eater's Eyrie”

Inside there are several locked doors that can be opened by activating special mechanisms. Nothing remains but to solve the proposed puzzles. In the first you need to turn the columns, turning to the picture on the wall the same pattern, carved on the stone. Combination: fish (towards the stone), bird (towards the lever), snake (towards the stone).

After that, by defeating the frosty spiders, you can move on. Naturally, during the walkthrough you will have to fight with dragons, many of which know how to use shouts.

Quest (The World Eater s Eyrie ) - How to open the door

To the next three stones, the clues are next to them. The bottom one is a snake, the Right one is a bird, the left one is a fish. After activating the lever, the bridge should fall, on which we move further and go up to the second floor.

Here you will have to defeat the draugr master and take the key from the next door from him. The hint is drawn on the very key. To do this, open the inventory and deploy the key with the back to you. Combination: wolf, butterfly, dragon. Here is the Wall of Force, with which you can study the cry of "Thunderstorm Call".

In front of the portal of the protagonist, the dragon priest Nahkriin will await. It is recommended to attack him before he gets to his staff, otherwise it will be much more difficult to kill him later. The staff is the key to the portal. Walkthrough through it, the hero will fall into Sovngard. After killing the priest, you can also take away the artifact mask Konahrik, the ninth and last in the game.

Walkthrough of the mission: The World Eater s Eyrie

Bug (glitch) with Odahviing and others in the mission: “The World Eater's Eyrie”

When watching a video of the walkthrough, you may get the impression that everything in this task works perfectly. However, many players point out that, despite several patches, this is one of the most buggy quests in the game. The most famous bugs that were found:

  • The Whiterun guard, who must pull the chain and release Odahviing, does not obey or disappears altogether. In this case, pull the chain yourself.
  • Odahviing does not obey, says “Now we are flying,” but nothing happens. To get to the temple with two doors, only loading an earlier save outside the castle and re-entering the room will help.
  • In the first puzzle, the specified combination may not work. We'll have to find another method of selection, alternately turning columns. Since the combinations are only 27, then you can cope quickly.
  • In the second puzzle, the middle stone may not turn (seen on the Xbox), so it is impossible to open the door. We'll have to reboot for the redistribution of the temple and re-enter it.
  • The rings that activate the bridge do not work, so the design does not fall. To go further, you can use the skill "Whirlwind Sprint" and jump onto the platform.
  • If you kill the dragon priest before he uses his staff, then the hero himself will not be able to take this item. To go to the portal, you have to jump.
  • Dragons in front of the entrance to Sculdafn can "have bug" and fly in circles without attacking the hero. When they kill the body will lie motionless on the tops of the columns.

It is noticed that the more mods installed by the player, the higher the likelihood of any bugs: some add-ons conflict with the original game and with each other. What exactly should be removed is difficult to say: it all depends on the specific assembly and is determined by the “random method”.