Skyrim horn of jurgen Windcaller | Walkthrough | How to Start


“Horn of Jurgen” is a task that you will receive during the passage of the storyline in the game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Having visited High Hrothgar with the Greybeards, Dovahkiin studied the new Tu’ums, and also discovered even more opportunities while traveling.

New Screams will help you greatly during the passage, and one of them will even help solve a small puzzle. The task is quite interesting and important for the plot of the game, so we are going to go. Ahead of you is waiting for a long dungeon with lots of traps, monsters and numerous treasures. Stock up potions in advance, as well as free your inventory to carry with you more valuables. Forward!

Horn of Jurgen - where to get the quest and how to start

After the Dragonborn learns new Screams, Arngeir will give you one final test. For its passage, it is necessary to obtain the ancient artifact Rog Jurgen, which previously belonged to one of the heroes of ancient times, who defeated Alduin.

Attention! There is a known bug, because of which the Greybeards may stay outside High Hrothgar and not go back even after they taught you the previous Shout. Because of this bug, it will be impossible to study the last Tu’um “Unrelenting Force” and continue the walkthrough of the storyline. The bug is solved simply - it is enough to close the gate, so that the aged men start moving again. If it does not help, then try changing the location and return here again.

The ancient object is located in the tomb in Ustengrav, in the marshes of Hjaalmarch. The mound is located in the northeast of Morfal, and if you have not been there yet, you should first get into Morthal. Skyrim is incredibly large, so the easiest way to do it on a wagon for 50 gold, and then already reach the right place.

We go in search of the horns!

Mission: horn of jurgen Location

Wade through the swamp with care. Here you can find mudbags and spiders, and someone else is more dangerous.

Walkthrough of the mission: Horn of Jurgen

At the very entrance to the tomb will be waiting for you enemies: two thieves and a necromancer. If you use a melee weapon, then this task will be difficult for you - opponents in the mound, like this necromancer, use the magic of frostbite with might and main, which sucks your endurance and significantly slows down your speed and attack.

Horn Jurgen - fight in the swamp

In this case, you have all the swamp at your disposal, so you can run as much as you like, take away your opponents one by one and deal with them without any problems. After the victory, be sure to collect delicious loot from their dead bodies, as well as from the camp near the entrance. Now you can go to the mound itself.

At the door you can find a corpse, on the body of which there are still notes, as well as useful potions.

Walkthrough of the quest: horn of jurgen in Skyrim

In the first room you will meet a group of necromancers. This is where the real hell begins for melee fighters. I can only wish you good luck, as well as more potions to restore stamina.

The walkthrough to the next room is difficult to notice, so I give a hint: pay attention to the left wall (from the entrance). Closer to the end of the hall you can see that there is a small passage in which we need.

Horn Jurgen - fight in the mound

Right after the tunnel you will have “helpers”. Although, it is better to say that this will be a large brawl “every man for himself”. In a small room you can watch a picture of a group of magicians fighting a throng of draugros. Quickly take part in the battle to have time to deal with them while they are fighting with each other.

Skyrim quest: Horn of jurgen

There are a lot of hidden doors, treasure chests, tombs, books and other tasty loot in the mound. If you want to collect more expensive stones, potions and get new skill points, then I advise you to carefully examine each room, without missing chests.

Some places can be reached with the help of the newly learned screams, namely “Whirlwind Sprint”. After collecting all the treasures, moving on.

Mission: Horn of Jürgen - the walkthrough of the mound

Once in the second part of the mound, you will fall into a huge beautiful cave. Brave men with a lot of health can try to gently jump down, sliding on the rocks, but I advise you to go down in the usual way. So you do not miss a lot of monsters, where you can upgrade your skills, and you can get even more caches and chests.

Quest: Horn of Jürgen - a cave

Quest "Horn of Jurgen" In the side corridors unpleasant traps will begin to meet - fiery pressure plates. If you use them wisely, then you can easily kill draurgists and other vermin. It is enough to lure them behind you, make them step on the stove and voila - the fried draurgi are ready! But be careful and do not please yourself into a trap that blows a lot of health.

If you have a recovery spell, then you can rock the skills on these pressure plates. We went into the fire for a few seconds, went out, regained our health, waited until the mana was restored, and so on in a circle. But it will take a lot of time, so decide for yourself whether you want to do it or not.

How to get the Horn of Jürgen in the Skyrim

Going down the corridors, you will find yourself at a stone bridge that leads to another part of the cave. There we need the plot, but I advise you first to go down to the Wall of Words.

Horn of Jürgen - Wall of Words

After learning a new Word of Power, collect all the expensive items, and also look into the waterfall. Behind the wall of water there is a small cache with a high-level chest.

Mission Horn of Jürgen - valuable loot

I found the enchanted part of the armor in it, which was very useful. Below finished, now you can climb the slope up, go across the bridge to stumble upon Ustengreva puzzle.

How to pass the lattice in Ustengrave

Immediately after the bridge you will enter a small room with stones that turn red when approaching. To the right of the stones there will be a rise on a small rise with two draurgs.

I advise you first clean it up so that they do not interfere with deal with the bars.

How to pass the lattice in Ustengreve

How to get Rune Stones

Remember the screams that our hero learned in High Hrothgar? Here we will need them! Namely, the "Whirlwind Sprint". Equip this cry, move a little away from the stones.

Now go to the run, run past each stone so that it lights up red, and, reaching the last one, use the Scream. This way you can fly through all three grids before they close.

How to pass stones - Jurgen Horn

If you did not work out, or you did not reach the end, you can always open the grilles with a lever on the wall and try again. After a few mistakes, it should be easy for you. The main thing is to get accustomed to push Tu’um in time, and the trick is in the hat!

Behind the bars there is a huge room with a tunnel full of fiery pressure plates. In the tunnel there will also be frosty spiders that burn themselves perfectly, standing on the plates.

Skyrim (Horn Jurgen) - how to pass the lattice

Making your way through this room, try yourself not to step on the traps and jump over the stones that are near the walls. Here you will also be helped by the “Whirlwind Sprint”, although you can do without it.

Game Skyrim. mission (Horn of Jürgen)

At the end of the cave you will see a gate that can be easily opened with a lever on the left. And behind them is a pedestal on which Jurgen's famous Horn of Wind summons.

Well, at least it should have been ....

Where to look for Jurgen s Horn - Wind Summoner

Instead of a horn, Dovahkiin will find a note stating that someone has already managed to pull off a famous artifact before our hero. For further information, we need to go to Riverwood, stay in a tavern and ask for a room in the attic. At this stage, the task is counted as “failed”, but do not worry, it should be so.

Where to look for Horn of Jurgen - Windcaller

We get out of the ruins and rather run into the Riverwood Tavern.

Where to look for Jurgen s Horn - Jurgen Windcaller

We inform the owner of the “Sleeping Giant Inn” that you want to stay in a room in the attic. It costs the same as a regular room, so the pocket of the Dragonborn will not be too empty.

Perhaps this is a flaw in the game developers, but they will give us the most ordinary room on the first floor of the building.

Quest (Horn Jurgen) - a room in the attic

All that remains is to sleep at least an hour on the bed, after which the dialogue will begin.

The hostess of the tavern Dolphin will come into the room and reveal herself. It turns out that she took it Horn before us, and now returns it to Dovahkiin. This task was a test, whether he is the hero chosen by the Greybeards or not. All further questions Dolphin will answer a little later and not with extra ears, so we go to her room, close the door and go down to the secret headquarters.

Completion of the mission: Horn of Jurgen

Important! If you answer Dolphin, that now you do not have time to talk, and just leave with a horn, then the whole storyline will stop. Arngeir will not be able to talk to you about the horn, and you will not be able to continue the plot of the chain. Be careful. After a conversation with a representative of the Blades, the next plot task will begin and Dovahkiin will finally be free. I advise first thing to return to High Hrothgar and give the horn to Arngeir. On this mission, the “Horn of Jurgen” will be considered complete, and the Dragonborn will have the opportunity to learn about the whereabouts of the Wall of Words from the GrayBearded. This will allow you to learn new Screams to more effectively fight enemies. In addition, as a reward for the task, our hero will receive the last word of “Unrelenting Force” and will proceed to the dedication of the Way of the Voice.

Interesting! After completing the “Horn of Jurgen” quest, you can go back to the mound, get to the last room and click on the tomb of Jürgen himself. For this you will receive a dragon soul. This feature is only available before completing the quest "A Blade in the Dark", do not miss and go to Ustengrav. This completes the detailed walkthrough of the story “The Horn of Jürgen”. See you in the next guide!