Dead Man's Party - The Witcher 3 | Review and Walkthrough


“Dead Man's Party” - the task in the game The Witcher 3, which is activated automatically after the completion of the story quest “Evil's Soft First Touches” from the addition “HEARTS OF STONE”. Let's go to the detailed passage of the task..

Review of the quest "Dead Man's Party"

To advance on the plot we are sent to Oxenfurt to meet with Shani. Arriving at the hospital and rising to the second floor, we will find the girl surrounded by soldiers of Redania.

Fortunately, she got out of the canals unharmed and has already done research with mined mucus, which will be the main ingredient for the medicine. Shani will be very surprised at the new imprint on Geralt’s face, but the soldiers will rush her into preparing the antidote, so it’s impossible to talk. While waiting for the medication, the soldiers will transfer with Geralt a couple of phrases about the girls and, having received their own, will be deleted.

Left alone, the witcher has a conversation with a girl. You can ask how our old friend lived in recent years and return to the subject of the task.

Dead Man s Party - The Witcher 3

Interesting fact. Depending on whether Radovid is alive or not, Shani’s story will differ slightly.

In response, she wondered what kind of scar the witcher had on his face: here we can tell the whole story, or describe briefly, nothing will change. We are talking about the situation with Gunther o’Dim and that now we need to entertain the spirit of the brother of a nobleman. But first it is necessary to find the ghost and then hold the Calling Ritual, for which the White Wolf needs a censer.

It was not for nothing that Geralt turned to Shani - while studying at the university, she attended an optional course on the subject of “Famous Dynasties of Redania”, so she quickly found where the right spirit was. In addition, she was the censer. After agreeing to meet at the mansion Everikov go to the destination.

Arriving at the estate, we notice Shani, who weaves a wreath at the wedding.

The task "Dead Man s Party" - ShaniSelecting the options “And you didn’t say that you are getting married” and “To whose wedding” we learn that Shani will soon go to the wedding of a friend. After that, the girl will offer to form her company. Agree, refuse, or flirt with the beautiful - it's your business.

Having received a censer, we go to the crypt alone, for the girl decides to wait outside. Immediately in the big hall ghosts, the permanent inhabitants of the crypts, will attack us. Having finished them with the help of witcher's instincts, we begin to inspect the premises. The grave we need will be located to the right of the entrance and differ in that there is a saber on the rack next to it.

The Witcher 3 - Crypt

Having found the grave we need, you can proceed to the Ritual. If you want to search and get more loot, then it is worth breaking the wall in the large hall by Aard, which will allow you to get into the cave near the crypt.

"Dead Man s Party" - explore the dungeon

For the ritual it is necessary to fumigate the whole tomb. Therefore, having equipped the quest item, we begin to bypass the premises indicated on the minimap. Smoke over the entire crypt, we again return to the main hall and light a lamp in the center of the room, after which the cut-scene of the ritual begins.

To Geralt’s disappointment, it’s not the spirit of Witold that we need to respond to, but a crowd of his relatives. The spirits will be aggressive, because Geralt has the blood of Everek with him, so you have to get a silver sword. Having dealt with the spirits, finally, the one who we need, or rather Witold von Everek, will appear.

Geralt will explain to the spirit the reason for the ritual: Olgred asked the witcher to cheer Vitold up somehow. You can also ask the spirit about the brother or find out how he died. Witold will certainly be delighted with this development of events, but the trouble is that spirits cannot contact people and objects. What kind of fun is this - you can't take a weapon, a mug with a drink, too, a girl, while dancing, you will not embrace.

In search of a solution, we offer the ghost to move into someone’s body. However, the spirit will refuse to climb into the body of a peasant, or into some of his brother’s people. But the body of the candidacy of the witcher he would even like. And for the third time for “HEARTS OF STONE” Geralt will faint from “penetration”.

Shani will help the witcher to regain consciousness, but he will behave in a strange way: he immediately tried to take the girl by the chest, giving out completely unusual speeches. Shani will step back from Geralt and demand explanations, but he will answer that he is not to Geralt, but to Witold.

Vitold s spirit in the quest: Dead Man s Party

After which the spirit will leave the body of the witcher, and now Geralt will explain to Shani the whole situation. As it turned out, Shani cannot see or hear the spirit. We decided that, at the request of Shani, the spirit would simply leave Geralt’s body.

Witold will return to the body of the witch and begin to reflect on the upcoming entertainment, to which Shani will offer to go to the wedding together.

The following dialogs will differ depending on the option you chose before the estate.

  • If Geralt refused to go to the wedding with Shani before the events of the crypt, now Vitold will accept the offer with great joy, scolding the witcher. Shani will discuss the meeting place and go home to dress up before the triumph.
  • If Geralt accepted Shani’s invitation to the wedding, the girl would immediately tell where they would meet and go home to prepare for the fun.
  • If the wedding invitation has never been mentioned before, and you have chosen to flirt with a beautiful woman, then Shani will say this now. The ghost, of course, agrees with this proposal, because what could be more fun than a wedding. As a result, as in the other branches, Shani will discuss the meeting place and go to dress up for the holiday.

After Shani leaves, the ghost will leave Geralt's body and ask what their relationship with the girl is.

  • The option “Shani is very dear to me” Witold already assumed and would promise Geralt not to run up to the girl during the holiday.
  • Having heard “there was nothing between us,” the ghost will assume that the witcher is impotent and in general he is not okay with his head. And since the owner of the body is such a mess, Vitold will have to take everything into his own hands.

The wedding will take place in the village of Bronovitsy, where we go.

Quest "Dead Man's Party" - a wedding in the village of Bronovitsy

Wedding is one of the funniest events of the game. Have a drink, take part in the village fun and draw back.Arriving at the appointed place, we will not find Shani, so we will have to wait. Witold will tell the witcher that you definitely need to dress up for a feast, and a filthy caftan does not fit - you just need kunshut. Vaughn, near the house just someone hangs.

Whether Geralt agrees to steal him or not does not matter, because Witold will in any case sneak out his clothes and put them on.

witcher 3 Dead Man s PartyHaving brought ourselves to the proper form, we will meet with Shani and finally go to the celebration.

Before approaching the newlyweds, the girl will warn the ghost so that he does not say too much and generally behaves decently. Geralt, in turn, will remind Vitold that he only has time until midnight — after the ceremony of donning the cap, he will have to go back to the crypt.

After discussing the conditions of the evening, the ghost will once again return to the body of the witch and they will go to greet the newlyweds.

The Witcher 3 - the ghost at the wedding

In the dialogue, take off, you can choose any answer options, it will not affect anything. You can ask the bride why she chose Yavnut as a spouse, or find out how they know Shani.

After finishing the official part, you can start the fun.

List of wedding entertainment:

  1. Party in gvent?
  2. Swineherd.
  3. Get the slipper.
  4. In search of a Fire Eater.
  5. Attic gatherings.
  6. King of the dance floor.
  7. For the health of the young.
  8. In the old stove the fire is hotter.

To advance on the plot of the task, you must participate in the first four entertainments. The remaining four - at your discretion, but if you want to get the achievement “Walk, Soul!”, Then you need to visit all the places.

Gwint in the quest "Dead Man s Party"

Guint is an integral part of the game, and for many it is one of the most interesting, so let's start with it.

Approaching the gwint lows, we will immediately get an offer to sit at the table. You do not need to persuade Witold twice; he doesn’t even mind putting all the money that the witcher has on the line.

Gwint in the quest "Dead Man s Party"

The loser will also have to wear donkey ears until the end of the festival. We can not refuse, so we play. Our opponent will play for the Kingdom of the North with the leader Iron Foltest. The opponent’s deck is strong, a large number of spies, execution, hero cards and Villetretenmert. So, if you want to win, select a deck appropriately, and if you do not want to lose, then it is better to save in advance.

Helpful advice. This is probably the only case in the game when it is better to lose. Having won, all you get is quite a bit of experience and not a crone. Besides, Shani would be upset, for she really wanted to see the witcher in donkey ears. After losing, you lose only five percent of your money and an accessory that will delight the girl. And not only the girl, many wedding attendees will notice your donkey ears and comment on it somehow.


The essence of the fun is to drive the pigs marked with paint into the barn. As a reward for the assignment, you will receive the subject “Laurel of Swineherd”, which can be attached to the saddle, and a souvenir for the girl. Most importantly, do not use Aksy.

You will, of course, complete the task in this way, but you will not receive any rewards - the organizers of the event will not like magic things. It is better not to try to run on the pig or direct it, just go after it and after a certain time the pigs will go into the shed themselves.

After this entertainment, Witold will complain to Shani that he is lonely, and there is no way to approach the girl. Shani will offer to try his hand on the other and point to a girl who is sitting alone nearby. Witold, of course, decides to drive it.

Fun at the wedding

Everything seemed to go smoothly, but then the girls' brothers appeared. As you know, it ended in a fight. Whether you win or lose, the girl will still be disappointed in the new cavalier and retire.

Wedding Fight - The Witcher 3

Taking part in two of the four mandatory fun, will begin the cut-scene, in which Witold will offer Shani to dance. At this moment, Gunther o`Dim will appear on the stage and announce a slow dance for our couple. Witold, of course, will take advantage of this and again start pestering Shani, for which he will receive a “turn from the gate”.

Witold and Shani at the wedding in The Witcher 3

Get the slipper

The next fun for the plot is to get a slipper. Everything is very simple here, the lady throws a slipper into the lake, and the participant of the game should dive and find them.

Shani agrees to help us and borrow a slipper, for which we dive. Under the water there will be 3 shoes, the one we need is located to the left of the pier and is easily detected with the help of witch's instincts.

Slipper at the wedding in the quest "Dead Man s Party"

Fire eater

The last event needed is the quest for the Fire Eater. Parents of the groom are asked to find a fire eater hired in Novigrad, who was driven by the groom's dog named Demon into the forest.

Traces of the dog stretch from the booth, use witch's flair and go through them into the thicket.

Searches for a fire eater

Fire Eater in the quest "Dead Man s Party"

At the end of the tracks we see a person sitting on a tree and a dog barking at him.

How to find a fire eater Witcher 3

Soothe the dog with the help of Aksiya, after which our devourer descends to the ground. And then there was a small problem: our brave man, sitting in a tree, got drunk in the insole and is now unable to speak at the wedding. There are several options for the development of events:

  • We can make the drunkard return to the wedding by choosing “Let's go, sober up the road”. The devourer will have a strip of health, and we will go towards the village. True, on the way we will attack the “bear”. Having dealt with the “bear”, we will immediately be transferred back to the wedding.

How to make a fire eater to speak at a wedding

  • We can also choose “How to swallow a fire?”. The secret is in a special composition, after drinking that person will not receive any harm from the fire. Witold will be upset by such a “focus”, and the performer’s soul will be hurt. Being offended by the whole world, he decides to leave the holiday, and we can force him to return with the help of money or Axia. Or send it back.

This is where the fun comes to an end. From optional you can get from Shani to the attic, where Vitold is shy and will behave as if on a first date.

In addition, you can roll a couple of glasses or show what you are a master of dance.

Passage of the wedding in the quest "Dead Man s Party"

And it was midnight, the rite of putting on the cap begins. Witold, amused enough, decides to push the speech that "The village woman is also a man." Shani will be totally against it, so decide for yourself whether or not to speak. After the ceremony, the bride will throw a wreath that our companion will catch. And, as they say beliefs, the one who will catch the wreath will marry next.

That ended the evening, time to say goodbye to the ghost. Witold will write a letter to his brother and ask Geralt to deliver it. Geralt will agree and remind the ghost that it’s time to say goodbye, and it’s time to return to the crypt. However, Witold will balk and will resist as much as he can. At this point, Shani will intervene and the ghost, returning to the body of the witcher, will declare that he will not go anywhere until Shani kisses him. Shani agrees, but even after that, Witold does not go anywhere and continues to stand up. It saves Gunther o `Dim, who came up on time. In a rather painful way, he will send the ghost back to the crypt. Now we only need to return to Oxenfurt and give Olgerd a letter from Vitold.

The continuation of the evening - in the quest "Clear Midnight"

Bugs that are encountered during the assignment

  1. While you are driving the fire-eater back to the village, a bug may occur in which a wild boar does not come running from the stream, but appears immediately and instantly kills the eater. It is treated only by loading.
  2. A bug was also noticed in which Geralt did not experience the effect of drinking after he drank a shot glass of vodka at a wedding. The bug was fixed in patch 1.11, but if you are playing on the old version, only save shipping will help.
  3. In the game version 1.21 it could happen that at the very beginning of the assignment, the door to the hospital of Shani was closed. If you are faced with this, you will have to ship the save until the moment you completed the task “The first germs of evil”. .

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