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“Midnight Clear” is a side task of the game The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, which we can meet by going through the “Stone Hearts” supplement. We receive the task right after the end of the quest “I was there, honey-beer drank.”. Throughout all the books and games, Geralt was popular with girls of all ages and was still a ladies" man, as goes on in The Witcher 3. At the end of the quest “And I was there ...” Shani was offended and went off somewhere, but we had the opportunity cheer her with a gift and have a great evening. If you do everything right, then at the end of the task you will find an erotic scene in the middle of the lake! Let"s go to the quest.

Midnight Clear - detailed quest and correct answers

To begin, I'll tell you a little background of Geralt and Shani dating. Those who have read books already know this story, but it will be interesting for the rest to listen. For the first time we meet a girl in the novel “Blood of Elves”. Then Shani was only 17, she still studied at the University of Oxenfurt, of course, at the Faculty of Medicine. Geralt and Shani introduced Buttercup, and the next morning he found them together in bed. However, soon Geralt and Buttercup had to leave Oxenfurt, so further communication with Shani did not work out.

Next time we meet Shani already in the first game - The Witcher. Many years have passed since the events of the book, and here Geralt again meets his old friend in Vyzim. Because of the memory loss, Geralt practically does not remember it, but a spark jumps between the pair again, and it becomes possible to start a novel. The player gets a choice - Shani or Triss, and the further romantic line of the first game depends on him.

But all this was a long time ago, but now we return to current events. The wedding is coming to an end, the bards are already fake, everyone is drunk, the bride and groom are not visible. In general - jolly in full swing. Regardless of what you chose at the end of the quest “And I was there ...”, Shani will sadly say goodbye to Geralt and go to the barn.

What to give Shani

Maybe give her a ring? No, this is too banal a gift, and we will not find a ring at the wedding.

Quest (Midnight Clear) on the map

Our gift list is very limited:

  • Daisies - a bunch of flowers - this is quite romantic. Flowers can be picked near a large tree - all places with gifts are marked on the map.
  • A bottle of honey - alcohol is on the box not far from the place where Geralt ended the conversation with Günther.
  • A pristine bottle of brandy is another bottle of alcohol that someone forgot on the table in the barn.
  • Rowan - also located near the place where we finished the story task.

Choosing a gift for Shani

Consequences of choosing each gift and answering a conversation with Shani

Any gift is suitable for passing the task and further actions, but not everything is so simple here.

If you bring a bottle of alcohol to the girl, then at the end of the quest you can expect an unpleasant embarrassment.

And if you open the glossary and read the information about Shani, you can find out that she loves rowan. A sprig of mountain ash is the best gift to which Shani will react more brightly than others. We tear off a twig and look at how our witcher has become a gallant gentleman.

Rowan - the best gift for Shani

The reaction of the girls to gifts:

  1. As a rule, girls love when they are given flowers, but Shani views the daisies from the point of view of the doctor and sees the ingredient for decoction. Geralt, she will assure that in the morning they will surely brew.
  2. Alcohol is great for the holidays, and especially for weddings, so a bottle of good honey will be very helpful.
  3. Rowan, as mentioned earlier, the girl will be delighted most of all, because Geralt has not forgotten about her love for the fruits of this tree. Having received a gift, she will braid a twig in her hair.
  4. Shani loves rowan, and therefore does not mind opening a bottle of brandy. And after tasting this wonderful drink.

Attention! Some players had a bug, in connection with which Shani was not available for dialogue. Even if you chose a gift and approached her, the conversation is still unavailable, and you cannot continue the quest. The bug was fixed in the future patch, and if you ran into it, try to load game before the last talk on the quest “And I was there ...”.

In general, any gift like our friend and a little cheer up. Geralt wondered why Shani was sad, and listened to the sad story that she was lonely. Years pass, and she is all alone. It saves people, heals, sews on the front, and sometimes you want to have someone close so you can sit, laugh, drink a glass of wine.

Geralt will have the opportunity to console Shani with one of the answers.

Passage of the quest (Midnight Clear)

  • Do you have me - White Wolf cheers the girl by the fact that he is her close friend. However, even though Geralt is very expensive for Shani, she needs someone who will be there all the time, and not during casual meetings. Of course, we cannot deny that we appear in her life occasionally, but this evening Geralt is at her complete disposal.
  • You have friends - Geralt will declare that Shani has a lot of friends, in whose company she constantly is. And at the moment one of them is sitting in front of her.

After a short conversation, our heroes will drink and decide to take a walk in the fresh air. Because the musicians are already completely fake, and half of the wedding guests got drunk and fell asleep.

At the exit from the courtyard, the girl will ask the witcher how his wedding is.

Quest (Midnight Clear) - a conversation with Shani

  • I do not like weddings - the witcher will say that noisy events - and especially weddings - are not for him. But next to him is Shani, which means that the evening is only getting better.
  • It was not bad - even though all this time Geralt’s body was ruled by an evil spirit, the witcher liked the party. And if it were not for the spirit of Witold, Geralt himself would not have decided on some actions.

The “actions”, of course, meant the kiss of Witold and Shani. And Geralt will say that during the kiss he remembered the good old days and their meetings. Although at the time of the first game in Vyzime there was a plague attack, but then Shani was the most important thing for him.

Walking along the path, the heroes will pass by the father of the bride, who is talking to the husband of his daughter. Talking to drunken people will be about money, to which the son-in-law will answer that you should not worry - he will take care of everything. “Batya” is deeply moved and will be very happy about it.

Witcher 3 Stone hearts quest (Midnight Clear)

A couple who found the whole conversation, laugh at the situation. According to the witcher, at weddings, the father-in-law with his son-in-law or beat muzzles to each other, or make long male unions. But Shani was worried about the wedding, because the relationships of these families did not go well.

Mother Shani, for example, would not approve an inappropriate mate for her daughter. Which cavalier is unsuitable? So far, any.

  • You probably would have convinced her - Geralt will doubt Mother Steele’s steadfastness, but she will assure that in all her life she has never been able to convince her.

Another girl adds that her mother was confident that Shani would find a man for herself while studying at the university. But the search failed, and now mom is slightly disappointed in her daughter. Geralt will immediately cheer up her friend, because the thirteenth century is already on the street and girls are not learning to look for husbands. Shani became a successful doctor, owns her own clinic and even saved soldiers in the war, so you should be proud of this, and not because you found a husband for yourself instead of studying.

In the course of the further walk we will see the ICQ brothers who are drunk as a lord, who are no longer even able to stand up. Yes, in this state, they just could not stand up for their sister. As Shani said, “Drunk into the plank, even though the fence is built.” She also notes that if the brothers had been in such a state before, Witold in Geralt’s body would have pulled their sister to the barn for a long time.

Choose your defense, sir.

(Midnight Clear) - the consequences of choosing an answer in a conversation with Shani

  • I prefer you - Geralt will answer that no, he was not in the mood, and he didn't like ICQ either. But I liked some other girl - he hints at Shani.
  • I would have survived somehow - for the witcher this would not be the first, and not the last time. The life of the monster killer is short, so it is better to spend the evening in the hayloft than in the sewers with utopians.
  • It was Witold, not me - as we remember, Geralt did not control his body, and he was not responsible for actions either. And if this happened, while Geralt was conscious, an obsessive girl would fuse Buttercup, which he would gladly use.

At the coast, young people talk about a kiss at a wedding. Geralt is very interested in how he will feel while kissing Shani. After all, then Witold controlled the body, and feelings may differ. As we understand, there is only one way to find out. After a long kiss, Shani will ask about the “progress of the experiment.”

  • Definitely better, the Witcher will say that he likes kissing Shani, controlling his body, much more.
  • Quite differently - kisses at the wedding and now are very different in sensations. How exactly? You can answer that they can not be compared or that the kiss was better.

Attention! If before this quest it was impossible to “bungle”, then this choice is decisive. Depending on your response, events will evolve in absolutely different ways.

(Midnight Clear) - choose the correct answer Shani

  • One kiss is not enough for me - this answer will lead to the culmination of the evening, namely to the intimate scene. The Witcher promised that he would spend the whole evening with a girl, and now he is at her complete disposal. In addition, Geralt added that he would be even more insistent than Witold at the wedding.
  • Let's go back - if you want to abandon intimacy with a girl, choose the second option. Geralt does not want to spoil their friendship, so it's best to just return to the wedding. The girl does not want to go back to drunk and will start to go home. At parting Geralt asks Shani to find out more about the leader of the “boars”.

If you decide to continue the date, then you need to find a secluded place. The pier is a very quiet and romantic place, although it will already be occupied by ICQ and its new suitor. Seeing the witch with a girlfriend, they laugh and give way to the pier. And along with that, they will forget a bottle of wine.

Attention! If at the very beginning of the assignment you gave the girl a bottle of alcohol, now there will be an option to drink one more or not. If you drink, then at the end of a date it will lead to unpleasant consequences. After all, everyone knows that mixing alcohol is bad. Having borrowed a boat on the pier, our heroes will sail to the middle of the river, “to the moon”. Geralt will not understand this, but the girl will say that here, the reflection of the moon on the water, let's swim to it and be “on the moon”. This phrase is an important hint to the ending of the add-on and you should remember it.

Clear midnight - romantic scene with Shani

In the middle of the lake the bed scene of the heroes will begin. Night, full moon, swaying boat - romance, in one word. A real “Midnight Clear” for our heroes. But, if you allowed Shani to drink another bottle of alcohol, the romance will be ruined by asking him outside. So much for the moral - do not mix different alcoholic beverages.

The best ending of the quest (Midnight Clear)

In the morning, Geralt will wake up already on the beach, and Shani will sit next to her and look at the water. The girl will say that she will never forget this night, but now she needs to go home to think about her life. At parting, Geralt will also ask her to find out more about the ataman of the “boars”, which is already time for him to meet.

Video of the quest: Midnight Clear

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