Witcher 3 Evil's soft first touches | Walkthrough and consequences of choice


The task "Witcher 3 evil's soft first touches" becomes available as soon as the player installs the Stone Hearts add-on on his game client. You can get this task near the inn Seven cats on a special bulletin board under Novigrad. From the ad we understand that in order to get more detailed information we need to go to the Garni estate, which is not far from Oksinfurt. There we will need to meet themselves customer, some Olgerd von Everkom.

witcher 3 wild hunt evil s soft first touches

When we arrive at the designated estate, we are met by a gang of robbers, which is full of stupid jokes that put Geralt out of himself. As a result, we are still assigned to Olgerd, where we will learn all the features of our order.

The problem is that a kind of monster lives in the underground channels of Oxenfurth, which with enviable regularity devours girls who have heard stories. And these stories are based on the fact that a prince who was cursed turns into a toad and descends into underground channels to search for his destiny. One of these beauties was Olgerd's servant, who found her doom in the canals. Actually, for this reason, Olgerd asks for revenge on the underground monster.

The Witcher 3 Garin Manor

The entrance to the urban underground canals is through a well, which is located in relative proximity to the central market. Do not neglect the height, because you can be killed to death during the descent. This is best done using the ladder.

How to kill a monster

Having gone down, the witcher stumbles upon male and female footprints, after which a female cry for help is heard. Passing through the tunnels to the sound, Geralt sees an interesting picture. It turns out that the woman’s voice belongs to his longtime friend Shani, who is trying to save the life of a wounded soldier. The purpose of its location in such a dysfunctional place is to get the mucus of the abominable monster and prepare an active antidote.

Naturally, we help her in this difficult task.

Witcher 3 first shoots of evil toad

Moving further along the channels, friends will stumble upon the utopians and the corpses of other soldiers. One of these corpses will be the body of the Redan Franz, who is a close friend of Shani. Geralt will need to carefully examine the body of the dead. After which the witcher senses the persistent smell of alcohol, in fact, which will lead him to the very lair of the monster.

Before descending into the lair of the monster, we strongly recommend that you carefully prepare: "Swallow", "Oriole", "Dancing Star" and "North Wind". It is these bombs and elixirs that will help us effectively deal with the creature.

Witcher 3 the first shoots of evil - how to kill a toad

The Witcher will send his girlfriend to a safe place, and he will take up the bait for the monster, which will be any alcoholic beverages and blood. Next, sit down to meditate, a few hours later Geralt hears the noise of an approaching monster.

This is really a huge toad. The first thing to do is to take the "Oriole" to remove the effect of poisoning the monster. The toad has several attacking techniques: jump, poisonous spittle and tongue attack. If the task is passed at the level of a witcher, 35 or more, then there should be no problems with killing this monster. The final and decisive blow of the witcher will be delivered in the scene in which Geralt cuts the monster's belly with a deft blow of the silver blade. Then on the gray-haired warrior pours poisonous blood monster. But thanks to the mutations, the witcher only loses consciousness.

The last thing Geralt remembers in this battle is the dying prince, as well as several approaching soldiers.

Captured by officers

In consciousness of the witcher can only come on the ship "Albatross", and locked in a cage. The reason for the imprisonment lies in the fact that the witcher killed the prince of Prince, to the aid of which those same soldiers whom Geralt saw in the last moments of his consciousness were rushing.

From a conversation with a cellmate witcher, it becomes clear that they are being taken to Ophiore to be executed. The prisoners' dialogue will be interrupted by two soldiers who brought food. After that, we see a certain Gunter O 'Dim, whom we had already met at the very beginning of the game in the White Garden. This mirror dealer will offer help to the witch in order to free himself from prison. In exchange, he asks for a small service, the details of which we can find out to two willows near the village of Yantary at midnight, after which Gunetr will break a wooden spoon and secretly disappear.

At this very moment, the shaking begins, the ship strongly heels, and the Witcher loses consciousness again. He wakes up on the bank of Oxenfurt, from the conversations of officers it will become clear to him that the ship was wrecked in a storm. Here the Prince’s assassin decides to kill all the guards and flee.

Task first evil shoots in the witcher 3

Talking to a mirror dealer

After that, we can head to the location indicated by Gunter and meditate until midnight. At the appointed time, Günther appears and asks us to help dislodge the debt from one of his "clients." This client is the same Olgerd, who ordered us to kill the "prince". According to Günther, Olgerd appeared to him several years ago, all exhausted and asked for help. Out of his kindness of heart, Günther helped, but when it came time to pay the debts, Olgerd began to avoid the dealer in mirrors.

Abandon this quest will not be possible, so we only remain, as the next meeting with Olgerd.

witcher 3 three wishes Olgerd

Garin Manor and fight with Olgerd

As Geralt approaches the estate Garin, he will see a glow in the sky, caused by a burning house, in which the first meeting of the witcher and Olgerd was. Near the burning house there will be one of Olgerd's gang, who will not begin to joke, but will not tell us where to look for their leader, since he himself does not know his current location.

The Witcher 3 Garin Manor

Attention witch will be drawn to one screaming gang of Olgerd, who asked for mercy on him and to avoid execution. Geralt intervened in the process of execution, and politely asked to leave the poor guy alone. But such intervention outraged the bandits, to which they asked the gray-haired war to leave.

Battle with Olgerd

If in this situation Geralt will intervene for the poor criminal, then we have to fight with Olgerd himself. The first thing that catches the eye during the battle with this enemy is its curved saber, which sometimes flashes a scarlet color, which indicates magical abilities. As it turns out, Olgerd himself has the magic. Fight with this enemy will be very problematic, but with the help of the sign Yrden, all the magic of the ataman will be completely leveled, and it will not be difficult to defeat him.

As soon as the whole strip of Olgerd's life comes to an end, a video clip begins, in which the witcher kills the chieftain, but he, by virtue of his magical abilities, remains alive.

Terms of the transaction and three wishes of Olgerd

Regardless of whether there will be a battle between the chieftain and the witcher, the dialogue between them will take place. In this conversation, Olgerd will tell Geralt that it was exactly the merchant of mirrors who made him almost immortal. But after many years, the immortal life lost interest for the chieftain. After that we get our payment for being destroyed in the channels of a terrible monster.

At this moment, Günther appears and tells us that it is better not to believe the ataman. In addition, we will be told the secret that Olgerd knew that the enchanted prince was the toad in the canals. It turns out that in order to complete our quest, we will have to fulfill three of any desires of the ataman.

Olgerd will call us the stables, where he will tell us about his desires.

  • The first desire will be to find a new home for their gang, but any building here will not work, but only Maximilian Borsodi’s house.
  • The second desire is for his brother Witold to have fun with all his heart, since in the past few years he simply had no such opportunity.
  • And about the third desire, the ataman decided to postpone and tell us him only then, as soon as we fulfill two of his previous wishes.

At this stage, the task "Evil's soft first touches" comes to an end.

Video of the quest "Evil's soft first touches" in the game The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt