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“Scavenger Hunt, Equipment of the Cat School” is a secondary task in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. As you already know, there are several witch schools in the world, and each has its own set of armor. Moreover, each armor sets are different and have their significant differences. The Bear School Armor, for example, is aimed at heavy hits, the Griffin School is for fans of Signs, and the Cat School greatly enhances quick hits. Armor also looks easy, unlike the same Bear, and it is immediately apparent that it was created for quick and agile fighters who dodge everything and deliver lightning strikes in response.

The game has different builds, sharpened for different fighting styles. If you like quick shots, then this guide is for you. Here we will examine in detail how to get the very first set of Cat School. A set of armor consists of such parts as the armor itself, boots, pants, and bracers. The weapons of Cat 3 are a crossbow, a silver sword and a steel sword. Let's find out where the equipment is and how to find it.

“Scavenger Hunt Equipment of the Cat School” - detailed quest walkthrough

So, how to get the job to find the first set of equipment Cat? To do this, you need to either buy a special “treasure map”, or stumble upon the School emblem near the storage of one of the drawings. Yes, unfortunately, the finished equipment cannot be found, only his drawings. In fact, you can go in search of drawings immediately after the “Nilgaard Connection” plot task — when you get to Velen, because several drawings of the set are scattered around the map. But you will not be able to get the drawings of the armor until you complete the task “Wandering in the dark”, after which Keira will give you a magic device for opening the illusory walls.

So, imagine that you have already completed the task with Keira and got a magic piece. I propose to consider the “correct” version of finding the drawings. That is, buy a card and in turn find all the parts of the kit. The item for activating the quest can be purchased from a merchant in the village of Blackbough for only 8 kroner. The card we need is called “Adalbert Kermith's first map”, and the merchant appears only in the daytime.

Equipment Cat School under the Temple Island

With the acquisition of the card you immediately activate the necessary task. One item counts how many kit drawings you have already found, and the second sends us to check the dungeon under the Temple Island, which is located in Novigrad. We will go there. Many find it difficult to get into a cave, so I did the illustrations. First we go to the very end of Novigrad.

Quest (Equipment school cat) on the map

Once in place, you will notice a path that leads to the left of the apartment building. Near it still stands a lone guard.

We are looking for equipment Cat School under the Temple Island

It is she who will lead us to the cave. We run along it, we notice ledges, we go down downward and with the help of magic artifact we remove illusion from the wall. The walkthrough is open, forward! Having gone deep into the cave, we will get into the large hall, from which it leads three exits. Before deciding where to go, you will have to deal with the guards, who immediately notice you - Golem.

Scavenger Hunt Witcher 3, Equipment Cat School

Having dealt with the Golem, we see three roads: forward, left and right. I will say right away, we will not be able to get ahead until we obtain the necessary key. You can quickly run to the right, pick up a note associated with the task and pick up the loot from the chest. Do not come close to poisonous mushrooms, you will lose health!

After this, we return to the main hall and go to the last unknown path. After a small cave Geralt will be in a large hall with lots of statues. And immediately we will give a hint to this riddle.

We are looking for grandmaster armor under the Temple Island

The solution to the puzzle is quite simple. Each statue has its own lever that turns it. Your task is to turn all the statues so that they look inside the circle, which is located in the center of the hall.

Collecting the Kota School Grandmaster Armor

Caution! After several statues a ghost will appear, but, compared to the Golem, he is a very weak opponent. In this room you can also find several chests, barrels and notes related to the task. After you turn all the statues in the right direction, the stove in the center of the room will open and you will see the water in which the three wallows swim. Outside of them, unfortunately, do not kill. So use Quen, equip a crossbow and dive, ready to immediately shoot monsters. Having dealt with them, you will notice the coveted key to the laboratory at the bottom of the reservoir. There is nothing more to do here, take the key and return to the main hall.

How to find Kota School Armor - the mysterious key

Now we have the opportunity to open the previously locked door and get into the cherished laboratory, for the sake of which we came here. But it’s too early to relax - I advise you to save in advance, you have a tough fight ahead of you. In the laboratory, we immediately find someone Kiyana, which is already known from the found notes. He will not understand and immediately attack the witcher.

Witches of antiquity - fight with Kiyan

The former Witcher of Cat Kiyan School will use Quen, do pirouettes and act rather aggressively. Axel does not work on him to the end - only confusing for a second - but Igni works fine. Well, Quen, as always. Everything will go into battle - bombs, potions, food. After killing him, you finally get part of the drawings of the first set of Cat School.

Drawings of the Arms of the Cat School on the Flying Stag - grandmaster crossbow

From the diary of Kiyan and notes in the laboratory, we learn that it belonged to Ireneus var Steingard. The magician conducted research and experiments, and one of the experiments was to enclose a demon in a human body. Unfortunately, the Witcher of the Cat School - Kiyan became a test subject. From the magazine we also learn that the magician cruelly tortured the witcher, tortured him to develop resistance to pain before summoning the demon.

Due to prolonged pain and torture, Kiyan lost his mind, and at the very end, when the magician’s experiment ended in success, Kiyan killed all the lab workers. After a long time, he was finally able to find peace by falling from the sword of Geralt. From the same diary, we learn extremely useful information - Kiyan described where he was sailing with Ireneeus and from where he kidnapped him. Therefore, our next destination is the “Flying Stag eer” island, near which fragments of the destroyed wizard ship should float.

Drawings for Kota School Equipment on the Flying Deer Island

The island can only be reached by swimming, so we travel over land in any convenient way, and then we transfer to the boat. Well, or swim, because swim there quite a bit. The worst is over and protection in this place will not be, so you can not worry. In the indicated place there are actually wrecks of the ship, near which smuggling floats, which can be picked up.

We climb on the ship, we survey, we take away all kinds of loot and go down to the hold, where we find the chest we need. Like all items for the job, it will be slightly highlighted. In it we will find the magician’s notes and the coveted second drawing.

Grandmaster Crossbow Cat School

From the notes of the magician, we learn the following necessary information - the magician paralyzed Kiyyan and moved him to the laboratory, and on the ship he conjured a strong storm that smashed him into chips. Also in the notes it is mentioned that one famous scientist and his entire research group disappeared under Est Tayar. And the magician believes that this is the work of Kiyan, so now we are going there.

Armor School Cat on the map

The caves near Est Tayiar are not far from Oxenfurt. If you have already been in the vicinity, then you can quickly get there using the quick transition. And if not, you will have to torment Rafty.

Cat's Silver Sword

Arriving in Est Tayiar, you will immediately find the descent down. Immediately after descending on the right side, you can see a flimsy wall, which quickly spreads from Aard. Behind her is actually the corpse of the missing scientist - Sigismund Gloger.

Cat s Silver Sword

In addition to drawing a silver sword, the scientist also had a diary that will show us the location of the last drawing. The diary says that all the drawings of the Cat School are of elf origin and can be associated with the Drachim castle where Prince Adrien lived, a good friend of Kiyana. Here is our last point, go to the castle!

Cat's Legendary Steel Sword

Near him Geralt will be met by gangsters on horses. Not welcome, as you know. Having dealt with the hooligans, we approach the door of the castle and without hesitation we beat Aard. In the castle you can see the barrels and chests, as well as the descent down - that is where we need. Having jumped several flights down, we find ourselves on the lowest floor and find the chest with the latest cherished drawing of a steel sword.

Cat s Legendary Steel Sword

Here is the equipment and collected. Well, almost assembled, it remains only to get all the materials and craft it from a gunsmith and a bronzer. But I congratulate you in advance with the first set of armor School Cat! Ahead of you are waiting for a few more sets, each of which will have its own improvement and new features. At the very end, the Master Armor can be improved to a grandmaster level.

Such an opportunity, like the grandmaster armors themselves, will appear in the second major addition “Blood and Wine”. True, many players do not like the final armor of the Cat, because the game does not allow to remove the hood. Well, the taste and color, as they say.

On this mission “Scavenger Hunt: equipment of the Cat School” is completed.

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