The Witcher 3 wild Hunt: All endings


The game "the Witcher 3 wild Hunt" was released 5 years ago, but to this day continues to be in great demand. The game received its "second youth" in 2019, when the streaming service "Netflix" presented its vision/exposition of Andrzej Sapkowski's books.

As CD Projekt red assures you, you should not expect the continuation of the Witcher's adventures in the near future, since all attention is paid to the extremely ambitious project Cyberpunk 2077.

One way or another, do not get upset, because the Witcher 3 offers tremendous opportunities for non-linear passage, which allows you to return to the beginning of the story with no less interest that was in the first moments of the game.

The developers have provided three main endings of the plot of the game the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and this is what we will talk about today.

Finales of the main plot of the Wild Hunt

You should start with a well-known fact-the Witcher 3 game (The Witcher 3) even without the two released DLC - "Hearts of Stone" and "Blood and Wine", offers just a huge game world and dozens of quests, both basic, affecting the entire storyline of "Wild Hunt", and indirect, whose influence on the basis is not so much significant, but their passage and the choice made can affect the course of the story as a whole.

Note that below we will talk exclusively about the endings of "Wild Hunt", the main storyline of the third part, about the endings of the DLC was and will be said separately.

As mentioned above, there are only three main endings, and all of them are directly related to the fate of Cirilla, also known as Ciri.

One of the main characters of the game: Ciri

Therefore, until you finally meet the Princess / young witch, the choice you make will not affect the fate of Ciri. For example, if you want to reach the quest from the reunion of Geralt and Ciri, you can gallop through the main tasks in less than 30 hours, completely ignoring the secondary / additional quests.

Your further decisions made in the main tasks, one way or another, will affect the option of getting the ending. Make decisions carefully.

Attention! Next, there will be a huge number of spoilers. If you haven't finished the game yet and don't want to know the details of the story, scroll through the material.

"Something ends, something begins…»

Bad Ending

You can trace the correctness or error of some of your decisions at the moment when Ciri, wanting to save the World from destruction and stop the White Flood, remembers the time she spent with Geralt.

Ciri recalls time spent with Geralt

These memories can be both positive and nightmarish, which will lead to sad consequences.

In fact, to get a "Bad Ending", you do not need to do anything special in the person of Geralt, it is enough to proceed from the most unsuccessful in your decisions.

Sequence of action to get a Bad Ending

This decision will lead to terrible consequences-Cirilla will die. Needless to say, Geralt, given the presence of his guilt, will be simply heartbroken. Wanting to vent his anger, he goes to the swamps in search of the third witch who escaped in the quest "Bald Mountain" with the medallion of Vesemir. Geralt will remain there, alone with the evil spirits and his personal demons.

Broken-hearted Geralt grieve for Ciri

Good Ending

It is logical that any ending of the story where Cirilla survives and saves the World can be called good, but this ending can not be called the best, since the choice of Ciri will be quite a sad outcome for Geralt.

To get a good ending, you must:

Sequence of action to get a good ending

These are the main but not the only conditions, you will also need:

Such a choice would eventually lead to Ciri's victory, as well as the victory of Nilfgaard's military company over the North.

The decisions made by Geralt will leave only good memories for Сiri, but She will leave the witchcraft and go to her father to later become an Empress!

The Right Choice to Lead Ciri to Victory of Nilfgaard military company over the North

The decisions made by Geralt will leave only good memories for Сiri

Best Ending

The definition of "the best" in this case is quite conditional, since the second ending in General is Ciri's ambition, and who knows, maybe the reign of the Empress Cirilla would have been remembered by the whole World and it would have put an end to constant wars?!

But based on the relationship between Geralt and Ciri, which can be described as a father-daughter relationship, the most logical and emotional ending is the following:

The sequence of choice in the game to get a good ending

After an extremely impressive and sensual scene involving Ciri, Geralt goes to Em Gyr with sad news for him-Ciri has died... the Emperor's Emotions can be predicted, as well as his words.

After this difficult dialogue, Geralt meets the master in the Nilfgaardian camp, which we have previously visited.

The master hands Geralt an order for a magnificent silver sword, with which the spook goes to meet the recipient of the gift… Cirilla.

Ciri, including understanding the role she plays in Geralt's life, decided to become a witch, which is sure to make up legends…

So, this is the way to end this amazing story, which must still be continued in the future.

Ciri decides to become a witch realizing that legends will still tell about her

Additional Endings

In the quest "Reason of State", where Geralt will choose the side of Vernon Roche and Thaler or Sigismund Dijkstra, your decision will affect the fate of the entire North, namely:

  • By choosing the side of Vernon Roche, with whom Geralt endured many trials of fate, killing Radovid and entering into a battle with Sigismund Dijkstra and his men (which will lead to the end of the story of the famous scout), you will follow the line "Nilfgaardian conditions". Temeria will become a vassal state that will be allowed to manage its own economy and continue to develop. The Emperor Emhyr var Emreis North with its full win and finally get rid of the opposition.
  • By choosing Dijkstra's side (allowing Him to kill Geralt's friends) and killing Radovid, the "Dijkstra Rule" condition will be met. Radovid and Emhyr converge in a bloody war from which both will emerge the losers side. Redania will be ruled by Sigismund Dijkstra, who went to fulfill his plan for more than one year.
  • By refusing to kill Radovid, you will untie His hands in the war with Nilfgaard. Emhyr will fall at the hands of the opposition, and Radovid will unite the North. The frenzy of the "Ferocious" will only get worse, which will lead to an even more brutal hunt for wizards and their almost complete destruction.

Which side to choose is up to you, including do not forget about the main endings of the game, choosing the fate of the North and Nilfgaard.