The Witcher 3: quest «Carnal Sins»


Location: Vilmerius Hospital Crippled Kate's Vegelbud Residence Novigrad Docks

Type: Secondary quest

Suggested Level:16

Reward: 600 ОО

In the game "The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt" you can find a lot of additional quests, where Geralt tries on the role of a detective, trying to track down the killer, potential victim, and sometimes both in one person.

The "Carnal Sins" task, which becomes available for completion after the "Cabaret" quest , is one of the few cases where the detective component is definable. A very interesting task in which you can demonstrate your deductive skills.

Death toll

So, this quest begins with Priscilla going home to change, and old-good friends Dandelion and Geralt prefer to pass the time with a drink.

Old-good friends Dandelion and Geralt want drink

But their pious plans were not fated to come true, as a messenger from the Vilmerius Hospital bursts into the «Rosemary and Thyme» with the information that Priscilla has become the victim of an unknown maniac.

Priscilla has become the victim of an unknown maniac

Of course, Geralt and Dandelion rush to the hospital, where they are met by the chief of the surgical Department, Joachim von Gratz. He said that Priscilla was not the first victim of a maniac, but "thank the gods" remained alive, and at the moment her life is not in danger, which can not be said about her psychological state.

Joachim von Gratz said Priscilla remainder alive

Joachim suggests that Geralt go to the local morgue to examine the body of the previous victim, whose autopsy has not yet been performed. Perhaps the experienced eye of a seasoned spook can catch hold of the evidence and find the perpetrator.

Joachim suggests that Geralt to examine the body of the previous victim

After meeting with the doctor at the Kingfisher Inn, they take a roundabout route to the mortuary (also known as the morgue), dealing with the drowned and the water woman along the way.

Along the way to morgue Geralt find the recessed woman

The study of the corpse will reveal several extremely interesting and not quite expected in such circumstances leads related to fire, salamanders and rebirth.

The study of the corpse will reveal related to fire, salamanders and rebirth

The Witcher 3: quest: Carnal Sins

At the end of the examination, Geralt will meet with the local coroner - Hubert Rejk, who, despite his own motives, is ready to help in the investigation.

At the end Geralt will meet with the local coroner - Hubert Rejk

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The found evidence and a very informative conversation with all the participants, including about Hubert's past, raised several interesting questions, sowed the first notes of suspicion and prompted Geralt to study three key points:

  • This is the place where you can find the body collector who brought the body to the dead room;
  • This is the workshop where the killer's victim worked. And as it became known – this is a dwarf named Fabian;
  • This is the place where Priscilla was attacked.

The collector of corpses

The marked search area is not far away, and finding the corpse collector will not be difficult due to the bloody situation next to him.

Communication with him will give results, as it turns out that after searching Fabian, the collector found a strange letter (and planned to resell it) made of human skin with the name of the next victim, which was Priscilla.

The collector found a strange letter with the name of the next victim, which was Priscilla

So, the picture continues to add up – the maniac/serial killer leaves clues about his next victims.

Workshop Dwarves

Having reached the workshop where the dwarf's body was found, Geralt will knock on the closed door, and after answering the "polite" question about why he came here, will be able to independently examine the crime scene.

The examination will bring results, and the spook will find a bonfire made of sculptures of the brothers, another sermon of the Indifferent, as well as more than eloquent traces of blood leading to the workshop.

Traces of blood leading Geralt to the workshop

After asking permission from the victim's brother Gus Meyer, Geralt enters the workshop and finds traces of assault and torture, as well as a distinct smell of formalin, which the killer drugged his victims.

The location of the attack

Despite the fact that after visiting the workshop, Geralt will be stopped by a guard with the news that a new victim has been found and the coroner is waiting for the spook for a "joint" autopsy, it is still worth examining the scene of the attack on Priscilla.

After passing through the gate, Geralt will meet Whistling Wendy and her people, who will take the spook for a maniac who attacked their friend.

After passing through the gate, Geralt will meet Whistling Wendy

Inspection of the site of the attack will once again confirm the use of formalin, as well as discover another sermon of the Indifferent.

New Victim

Now you should immediately go to the mortuary and examine the corpse of the new victim, who was a theology teacher from the Oxenfurt Academy - Joris Aquinus, known for his intolerance of followers of Eternal Fire.

On the victim's body, Geralt will find a letter with the name of the killer's next target - "Patricia Vegelbud".

 Geralt will find a letter with the name of the killer s next target

The pursuit of a Serial Killer

Arriving at the estate of a well-known family in Novigrad, Geralt meets Ingrid Vegelbud, known to us from the quest "A Matter of Life and Death".

In Novigrad Geralt meets Ingrid Vegelbud

After informing her of the investigation, Ingrid told the spook that her mother, Patricia, had a "crisis of faith" because of the mass murders and ordered all literature related to the Eternal Flame to be burned in her own yard.

When they reach Patricias room, they witness the death of the landowner

When they reach Patricia's room, they witness the death of the landowner and almost catch the killer in the act.

Unfortunately, in the midst of the chase, the spook will be stopped by the guards, who will take the fleeing Geralt for the killer.

In the midst of the chase, Geralt will be stopped the guards, because will take the fleeing Geralt for the killer

After explaining himself and returning to the body of Patricia, Geralt will find a new Sweet Nettie sacrifice from Crippled Kate's.

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Final stage

The search for the maniac is delayed, and the spook decides to end it once and for all as soon as possible.

In "limp", Geralt confronts the priest Pastodi with a red-hot poker, who is going to use it to the girl - Sweet Nettie.

Geralt confronts the priest Pastodi with a red-hot poker

The choice that the spook makes has consequences:

Choice and consequences in Quest: Camal Sins

1. "Kill" - this choice will not allow you to eventually find the true killer. Killing the priest will not provide answers, and later Geralt will realize his mistake when a new corpse appears and the real culprit is found. But it will be too late for retribution.

2. "Interrogation" - giving the priest an opportunity to explain, Geralt will understand that Nathaniel is not the one he is looking for.

But he will give an important indication that the only one who knew about the priest's plans to go here, thereby setting him up, was none other than the same Hubert Rejk.

Anyway, the spook will have to decide the fate of the priest, because his propensity to torture girls should not be forgiven.

Having reached the marked area – the port where Humbert takes delivery of formalin, Geralt will have to end a series of murders and avenge Priscilla.

Hubert will tell about his religious motives, since he was an ardent fanatic of Eternal Fire.

Hubert will tell about his religious motives and that he is a vampire

But that's not all. Hubert Rejk is a vampire. He doesn't hide his involvement, and the monster deserves to die.

Using the sign Irden and a combination of quick attacks allows you to send the monster to where it belongs.

This will end an interesting detective quest "Carnal Sins", it will only be necessary to inform Dandelion about the successful outcome of the case and find out about the state of Priscilla.

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