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Given the certain interest of women in Geralt, the white-haired Witcher had many friends, with whom he shared not only the difficulties and trials of fate, but also the bed.

Geralt had a special "weakness" for the representatives of the sorcerer's Lodge: Yennefer (the love of his life) and Triss (the only one who could really compete for the Witcher's heart with her friend).

But in the game the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – this is not all bright female characters, special attention (especially at the beginning of the story) should be given to a young sorceress named Keira Metz.

And today we will talk about it in more detail.

Participation in the literary Saga

As you know, the events of the game the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt unfold after the completion of the history of the main books written by pan Sapkowski.

Game history largely continues the storylines of the books, changing them and adapting them to their own development.

For the first time on pages of books, Keira meets us in the book "Time of Contempt ", as it is a party to the fateful meeting of wizards on Taneda.

In a riot that shook the entire Wizarding world, Keira was seriously injured when she fell from the tower, during a fight with "former colleague" Artaud Terranova.

It is Geralt who witnesses these events and tries to help the sorceress, and it is Keira who points out to the Witcher where to look for Yennefer.

Appearance and character

The Witcher 3: Keira Metz - Appearance and character

Keira was born in one of the cities of Temeria – Carreras. The year of her birth is unknown, but it is believed that they and Triss were the youngest sorceresses of the Lodge.

She is described as a young sorceress, of short stature, thin build, and straight straw-colored hair.

Like many of her colleagues, Keira did not skimp on showing the world the beauty of her body, which was highlighted in the book "Hour of contempt" at the above-mentioned meeting.

The sorceress preferred low-cut dresses, which she emphasized with a medallion in the form of the cross of Ankh (aka the Coptic cross).

Its character in many respects corresponds to appearance. She is easy to flirt with, but external availability and shyness is only a deception, since Keira can stand up for herself, which she has demonstrated more than once in the game.

Her only strong fear is rats, which we clearly see during the passage of the quest "Wandering in the Dark".

Participation in the game

The Witcher 3 Keira Metz: Participation in the game

Developers from CD Project Red paid more attention to the sorceress than the main source of their inspiration.

For the first time with Keira Geralt meets in Velen at the very beginning of the passage of the main story.

It is from her that we get the most important information about the whereabouts of Ciri and that the young witch was interested in a certain elven wizard.

Keira takes an active part in the following quests:

For those players who strive not to miss a single skirt, special attention should be paid to the quest "A Favor for a Friend", where the decisions you make will allow Geralt and Keir to spend the night together, unlocking a very sensual and passionate bed scene.

Unfortunately, also given the nature of Keira, her motives are not always harmless and under certain circumstances (the player's choice) Geralt will have to kill the sorceress, who was not indifferent to him, personally or tacitly contribute to her erroneous decision, which will also lead to her death.

This development can be acquired during the task "for the benefit of science", where the fate of Keira and, importantly, decide the fate of another friend Geralt.

But there is a way out of this situation, this choice will affect several events at once and we will tell about them separately, as part of the quest "for the benefit of science".

Anyway, Keira Metz is one of the important characters in the game the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, which left its mark on the heart of the Witcher Geralt.