Skyrim Hearthfire | Building the Homestead | Adding Furniture | Family Life


Skyrim isn’t the type of game that has a lot of expansions. If anything, Skyrim Hearthfire is one of the few that were released and it did bring in front quite an interesting approach. While the other expansion was more focused on the idea of exploration and giving you more stuff to do, Skyrim Hearthfire was a bit different.

Its main focus is on improving and acquiring land, all while making it easy for the player to customize his own home. This is a very important thing to have in a game like Skyrim, because it gives you more control and it just makes the experience a lot better every time. You also get to have other interesting things like adoption. That means you can adopt up to 2 kids that will live with you in your home.

Skyrim Hearthfire - Building the Homestead, Adding Furniture, Family Life

It just manages to add up and create a very vibrant and exciting game experience while also bringing more levity and also a bit of realism. You’re not the character that never sleeps and which doesn’t have a home. Skyrim Hearthfire brings you more focus towards reality and it definitely delivers in this situation. It shows that yes, some situations are out of control, and that’s what you want to pursue the most.

Building the Homestead

You can build a homestead in Skyrim Hearthfire, you can easily create one in specific locations. It’s a bit sad that you can’t create a homestead anywhere you want, but in the end even the simple starting point matters and there are 3 locations that you can choose from. It’s still nice and different, and the fact that there’s control over the experience really makes this rewarding and fun at the same time.

Building the Homestead - you can easily create one in specific locations.

You need to acquire one of the plots, then you can use the drafting table to plan the structures that you want to be added. Then you will have to use the carpenter’s workbench for building the home. When it comes to the building process itself, this involves the use of materials like logs, clay and stone. As you can clearly see, the experience is more focused towards the idea of realism and it totally brings in the type of levity and approach that you may need. It’s a huge and rewarding opportunity and one that you will cherish and like quite a bit because of that.

Adding Furniture

Skyrim Hearthfire: Adding Furniture

The interior workbench can be used to furnish each room after you created the main building or a wing, which is super important to keep in mind. Depending on the type of building you have various additions, and that’s what you want to think about here. The game does a very good job at bringing in that sense of adventure, but it also encourages you to push the boundaries when you decorate interiors. So it’s definitely the best of both worlds and it can become a truly immersive and engaging game with tons of locations to explore and plenty of stuff to do all the time.

Hiring Servants

Believe it or not, once you create the home in Skyrim Hearthfire you can also add servants. These will roam around the home and there are multiple categories to choose from. Each one of the servants comes with his fair share of different things that he has to do. The idea is to understand how everything works and just adapt and adjust in a meaningful way. The steward can be hired to buy raw materials for building the home and offering furnishings. You can also hire a carriage driver if you need transportation. And yes, you can also have a personal bard if you want to enjoy music and just have fun for a change. That totally works and it will give you the sense of settling down. It’s the type of thing that works incredibly well because there’s complete control over the experience and you will find all results here to be very interesting. That’s because you never have to worry about challenges, and the payoff itself can be among some of the best every time due to that. You just need to use it to the right advantage.

Family Life

Skyrim Hearthfire: Family Life

Moving in with your spouse or adopting a child is available. If you are adopting children, you will have some options like instructing them to do chores, play games, offer gifts and so on. You can even allow them to get a pet, which is really nice and interesting. Skyrim Hearthfire also shows that a home isn’t always safe.

Your home can be attacked by giants, wolves, kidnappers, bandits and so on, which means you need to be there to try and slain them. Once you do that properly, the results can be very good since you will receive a lot of focus on a better experience and the results can be astounding.

Items and Achievements

Skyrim Hearthfire comes with 10 new crafting materials and you also have new consumables and food items too. Also, this has 5 achievements, which is quite an interesting thing to have. Skyrim Hearthfire doesn’t rely on the addition of many items, the focus is on offering you a way to build up homes and enjoy that location after your adventure. That type of thing can really make all the difference in the world, especially if you are sick and tired of adventuring and just want to settle down.


Overall, Skyrim Hearthfire is a very good expansion and it can be incredibly fun. It’s immersive, certainly quite a bit different. And people love it because it expands the original and it adds something new and fun. You do want to test it out and give it a try, as it can be incredibly rewarding and interesting. It’s totally incredible and unique, you should just check it out and give it a try if possible. This is not the largest expansion for Skyrim but it’s definitely fun. The additions are more than welcome and you will like it quite a bit!