Skyrim Wall of Alduin | Walkthrough | Glitch


"Wall of Alduin" - the task of the main story chain Skyrim, which immediately follows the mission "A Cornered Rat". His walkthrough begins after the main character finds the old man Esbern in the Anthill and talks to him.

How to complete the quest: "Wall of Alduin" in Skyrim

Before Esbern manages to pack his belongings, several Talmor agents burst into the room. The old man is a good magician, so deal with them can and alone. After that you can go back to the Dolphin in the "Sleeping Giant Inn" tavern. In place, Esbern will reach the ancient volume and begin to study it.

Walkthrough the quest: Wall of Alduin

After Delphine and Dovahkiin learn the details of the upcoming mission, you can get poisoned at the Temple of Heavenly Harbor, where the Wall of Alduin is located. Along the way, you will have to pass the Outcast camp, which, when the heroes approach, will surely attack. In the hut near the tanning machine you can find the book “Dance in the Fire 2”, which helps to learn the skill of blocking.

Walkthrough of columns in the quest "Wall of Alduin"

The puzzle is located directly in front of the bridge - the only one that you can go on. Before getting to the other side, it is necessary to solve this riddle - turn the columns so that the sign of Dovahkiin is outside, as viewed from the entrance. Only in this way can you reveal the secret and lower the bridge.

Wall of Alduin - columns: the walkthrough of the quest

In the next room during the walkthrough of this quest Skyrim heroes expect traps. They are activated by means of pressure plates. In order not to activate them, you need to go on the tiles, which also shows the sign of Dovahkiin. Satellites do not care how to get to the other side: walking on the floor, they do not activate the plates.

Skyrim Puzzle - Wall of Alduin

After that, the group enters the large hall, where the sacrificial circle, activating the seal. The easiest way to solve this puzzle is that the seal is activated only when it comes into contact with the blood of the Dragonborn. It is enough to approach it and choose the interaction.

How to shed blood - Wall Alduin

The entrance to the Temple of Heavenly Harbor will open. In place, Esbern will tell in detail what Wall of Alduin is and what message from the Talmorians she carries.

Bugs (Glitch) with the quest "Wall of Alduin"

In this quest found a couple of bugs:

  • If Dovahkiin travels with a companion or mercenary, he may accidentally hurt Delphine or Esburn and arrange a brawl. In this case, you need to activate the console, select the combatants and enter the stopcombat command. Manipulations are carried out with each participant of the fight.
  • Esbert can "blunt" near the Wall of Alduin, stopping in one place and still looking into space. In this case, you can leave the temple through the balcony and return to this NPS, use the cry “Unrelenting Force” to “stir up the old man”, or sleep a couple of hours. There are beds on the top floor.

If such manipulations do not help, you will have to enter the completion command via the console. To do this, run it and type the combination setstage MQ203 280.