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“Revealing Unseen” is the mission of one of the factions in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, namely, the College of Winterhold. The task is the fifth in turn according to the plot chain of the magicians guild, and during the passage we will try to obtain information about the famous staff of Magnus.

Before embarking on this mission, you will have to join the ranks of the Mage College and complete the following story quests such as: “First lessons”, “Under Saarthal”, “Hitting the Books” and “Good Intentions”. In addition to them, there will also be side chains, through which you can get strong spells and pump any of the branches of magic. During the passage of the quest Dovahkiin will have to face an interesting puzzle, explore the Dwemer ruins and kill the hordes of mobs, so get ready in advance!

We proceed directly to the mission.

How to start the quest: “Revealing Unseen”

The quest for the search for the staff of Magnus can be obtained from Mirabell Erwin. But where to find it? Most often she walks through the Hall of Elements, which is located directly in the College. Sometimes she can be found in the yard of the guild, where I found her.

The easiest way is to follow the pointer on the minimap.

How to start the quest “Discovery of the invisible”

Possible bug (glitch) with Mirabelle

Attention! The most common bug with the location of our quest giver. It happens that Mirabel is on the top floor of the archmage's tower, where the Dragonborn cannot go until he has completed the entire storyline of the College. Accordingly, because of this, we can not get the quest, and therefore continue the plot of the guild of magicians. What to do? Here the console comes to our rescue. Sequencing:

  1. Open the console (by default it is on the tilde - ~) and type in the English command prid 1C1B9, then press Enter.
  2. Now you need to write the second command - "moveto player" and also press Enter.
  3. Immediately after this Mirabelle should be right in front of you. It is done.

You met a bug or not, time to get the task.

Walkthrough of the mission “Revealing Unseen”

We speak to Miss Erwin and find out about a group of Synodal explorers who must be in the Dwemer ruins of Mzulft. Immediately after the dialogue, the task label will begin to appear on the map, and, as you noticed, there is a long way ahead.

Quest - Skyrim Revealing Unseen on the map

Interesting! If you have not yet been to the Dwemer ruins, then it is best to free your inventory as far as possible. The ruins of the Dwemer are a great way to enrich themselves and fill the wallet with money. Throughout the passage of the dungeon you will find many expensive and rather heavy parts of mechanisms and other ancient knickknacks. Parts, unfortunately, weigh quite a lot, so you have to either return several times to the city, or pass by and collect only the most valuable.

Skyrim is quite large, and we need the ruins located in the south-east of Windhelm. If you have not visited Mzulft yet, then the easiest way is to get to Windhelm (using a wagon, moving quickly or on foot), and from there go in the direction of the place we need.

The easiest way is to go along the road from Windhelm Stables towards Riften until you find yourself at the very entrance to the ruins.

Quest: Revealing Unseen - Dwemer ruins

Immediately behind the door Mzulft you stumble upon a dying Synod explorer and can hear his last words. Dying, Gavros Plinius will leave us a message: “Crystal ... turn around .. find..Paratus..in the Ocuatorium”.

Passage of the quest: Revealing Unseen

After that, Gavros will die, and Dovahkiin is attacked by a Dwemer mechanism, which was locked in the same room. Having dealt with the enemy, we will finally be able to look around.

Gavros was locked in a small room with nothing in it, just a closed door. Where is the key? On the body of Gavros, of course. In addition to the key we need, on the body you can also find interesting records about the crystal, which is necessary for the detection of mysterious forces. Be sure to take them with you, at the end of the assignment we will need these notes.

Mzulft and Oculatoria in the Dwemer ruins

We are done with the prelude, boldly open the door and begin to explore the ruins in search of Parathus and the Ocuratorium! I hope you brought enough master keys with you, because Mzulft, like any Dwemer ruins, is just a treasure for an adventurer. Lots of closed doors with awards, chests with tasty loot and, of course, an abundance of Dwemer mechanisms.

Practically from each piece of iron its parts will fall, which cost a lot of coins. If you want to get rich, collect everything you see, get out of the ruins and use the quick move to any city to sell expensive finds. And also to replenish stocks of master keys and restoring potions, because besides a large number of chests, you will also stumble upon a large number of monsters.

Quest "The Discovery of the Invisible" - what to do if the door does not open

Hot steam pipes will try to blow you as much health as possible, pistons will push you into a hole, and reviving “robots” will throw in crowds. Welcome to the Dwemer Ruins! At the very beginning, it is impossible to get lost, so we just burst inward, clearing everything in its path.

Quest "The Discovery of the Invisible" in the game Skyrim

Moving on the first floor, wound or later you will be rested on the door leading to the second zone of the ruins - Mzulft: Steam machines.

Here, besides the revived mechanisms, the hordes of Falmer will also be waiting for you. Warriors, archers and magicians of all kinds of elements - I immediately warn you, there will be many opponents.

Use stealth, restore health with potions or spells, and use the entire arsenal to clear this Dwemer's castle.

"Opening of the invisible" - we clean the Dwemer ruins

Examining the Steam Machines, you will reach the third part of the dungeon - Mzulft and the Oculator. Passing through a long corridor, Dovahkiin gets into a large hall with falmers, from which there are three doors:

  • The leftmost door leads to the Oculatoria, where we need. How to get inside? Unfortunately, it is locked to a key that is still worth looking for.
  • The door in front of the entrance is locked with a “Master” level lock. Behind it is a chest with good loot and the exit of a moonstone.
  • The door on the right will lead you into the hall with a bunch of spare parts from Dwemer mechanisms and dozens of books.

First you need to deal with the four Falmer, who decided to appropriate this hall. You can not miss them, because in the pocket of one of the opponents is the subject for the job, which in any case, we need in the Ocuatorium.

The door does not open - where to find the key

After killing all four, well inspect the corpses and be sure to take away the focusing crystal. The floor is done, now you need to get the key to the door. To do this, go to the right door, go through the long hall and get to the steam centurion. The Dwemer boss is very strong opponents, so be sure to save and prepare well for the fight. After the victory, inspect the room to find the chest with the key we need.

If you have a well-cracked lock hacking skill, then try your luck with the Master level door. If not, you can safely pass by and open the left door. And behind the door ... there will be another door! This time the key is not needed, just try to open it, and at the same time you will hear the voice of Parathus.

So we found the surviving member of the Synod, about which we heard from the dying Gavros. Paratus Decimius will suspect us of killing his fellow man and will be dismissive until he finds out that there is already a focusing crystal in the pocket of the dragonborn. If you have not yet acquired it, then it's time to return to the hall with the Falmer and get the desired item.

As soon as Parathus finds out that you have the crystal, he will immediately agree to take our hero to Oculatorius.

How to focus on Ocuadoria

Follow the explorer, slowly climbing the steps, until you see a large round hall and a huge unknown structure. On the way, you will learn a lot of interesting information. For example, that no one knows why the Dwemer created this huge machine. That is why Paratus is now here and all this time trying to find out her secret.

Listening to the researcher's stories, do not fall off the spiral staircase. Because of a bug with textures and geodata, jams often occur during a fall from this ladder. You can only get out using the console or loading a past save.

Quest "The Discovery of the Invisible" - How to focus the Oculatium

"Revealing Unseen" Skyrim - the mystery of Ocularus

Once at the top, go to the center of the machine and use the focusing crystal to power it. After turning the rings, the crystal will be located at the very top of the invention. Now you will have two task markers pointing to the control panel and to the crystal. Time to brainwash and focus the Ocuadorium!

To get started is to ask Parathus that he managed to find out about this car. A member of the Synod is happy to share information and give a weighty hint. To begin with, we need to tweak the crystal through exposure to fire and cold. From this, the rays will change directions, which will help us greatly. If you do not have the basic spells of destruction “Frostbite” and “Flame”, then the skill books can be found near the control panel, on a small table. Be sure to learn the spells, without them the device will not work.

Attention! A bug is known, due to which there are no rays when using the artifact, or they are simply not visible. There is only one solution: open the game console and enter the "setstage MG06 55" command. After this, the task will continue.

Now carefully inspect the ceiling, on which moving plates with mirrors are placed. We need to direct the rays in such a way that each of them falls on the mirror and is reflected. Use the spells of fire and cold on the crystal, so that the rays change their trajectories, and then sit at the control panel and adjust the position of the mirrors to make it work.

When all the rays converge, we will instantly get the result!

Skyrim "Discovery of the invisible" - how to focus the Ocuratorium, if the rays are not visible

"Revealing Unseen" - Winterhold College

Strange, but something went wrong. The image was supposed to be much larger and pinpoint the location of the staff of Magnus. Parathus suspects that the problem is in the Winterhold College. Extremely powerful artifact, located in the guilds of magicians, could knock down Ocularius settings and interfere with his work. At the end, the researcher will tell us that the staff of Magnus is in the Labyrinthian, and we need more. Now you can safely leave the ruins and hurry back to the College. The assignment in the journal will change to “Appear to Savos Arena.”

Appear to Savos Arena

Savos and Mirabella can be found in the Hall of the Elements. In addition, the magicians will be in a panic, because someone has blocked the entrance to the room with the Eye with the help of a magic barrier. Talk to Savos, then reach for the hardest spells and help the brethren in breaking the magical barrier.

"Discovery of the Invisible" - to come to Savos Arena

After some time, the barrier will be destroyed by the efforts of three magicians. In the hall we will see Ankano using the spells on the Eye. Savos rushes to him, but it will be too late. The screen will suddenly turn white, and then you wake up near Mirabella, not far from the College. After a small dialogue plot task is completed.