Beast in the Oxenfurt Forest - The Witcher 3 | Walkthrough


“Beast in the Oxenfurt Forest” is one of the orders that can be found in every town and village in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Orders are different in that you can earn good money on them, and almost always you get a trophy at the end of the mission. The trophy gives you various nice bonuses and you can equip it on the Roach to look spectacular.

Do not confuse this task with quest "The Beast of Tussent"! Our mission can be found in the early stages of the game in Oxenfurt, but “The Beast from Tussent” is the plot task of the second major addition “Blood and Wine”. But back to our order. What kind of beast is this? It's time to find out!

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt “The Beast in the Oxenfurt Forest” - Walkthrough

The quest can be found on the bulletin board in Oxenfurt. There is only one bulletin board in the city, so you will not confuse The order can be executed at any time, so you can not be afraid that it will become unavailable. The task is designed to a fairly large level, so I advise you to disappoint, before you perform it. Otherwise, you risk not kill the final boss of the quest or just get less experience.

Quest:The Beast in the Oxenfurt Forest - The Witcher 3

So, some condottier Hans asks us to get rid of the monster terrorizing the land of Oxenfurt. Well, this is our work, which means we are going to the customer, guided by the label on the map.

Quest The Beast in the Oxenfurt Forest - Location

From the condottiere, we learn that he and his comrades decided to help the local peasants and deal with the beast who was scaring the whole neighborhood. Unfortunately, the guys did not hunt and the two mercenaries were already killed by the beast. After a disastrous attack, Hans decided to seek help from a professional, that is, a witcher. Geralt will have to complete two missions at once: he will take revenge for his fallen comrades and save the peasants from disaster.

Oxenfourt Beast - Tips for Players and Possible Bugs

Having learned the details of the task, I advise you to bargain. Hans can be broken at 315 crown. Money will never be superfluous, we know it ourselves. Having solved all the formalities, we roam Roach and go on a tip from Hans to the forest to the place of his comrades' death.

Oxenfurt Beast - recommendations for Gamers

At the site we find several pools of blood and a torn body. Strange, two mercenaries suffered, and the body is only one. After a bit of walking around the clearing with a witchish instinct, you can find the remains of a second body, or rather, his hand.

Quest: Beast in the Oxenfurt Fores - looking for clues

From what he saw, Geralt would conclude that the beast dragged the second body with her, and she forgot her hand. Not far from the hand begins a trail of blood that leads into the thicket. Go on it.

The Witcher 3 - we are looking for the lair of the Oxenfair Beast

Attention! There may be such a bug that the process of walkthrough the task is stuck and is not activated while you are following the trail of blood. If new traces suddenly ceased to appear, and the quest zone on the map is not updated, then you should go back and inspect several traces using the witch's instinct. Run back and forth using your intuition, and the mission should continue.

Quest: Beast in the Oxenfurt Forest - the monster s lair

Making his way into the thicket, the witcher will notice that the trail ends abruptly. The last bloody imprint is large and when you approach it, a flock of crows will rise from it abruptly into the air. It was in this place that the beast dropped the body, and the crows had already eaten everything.

And here we are too late, what to do now? Focus on hearing. A little in front will be heard a large flock of screaming crows - there we go. If you are careful, you will notice feathers in front of the ledge, which indicate that our opponent will be an arch-cryfon.

Geralt already has experience of fighting a griffin from the White Orchard, so there should be no problems.

Beast in the Oxenfurt Forest - scenarios

If Geralt found the beast's nest before 7:00 pm, the griffin would not be at home, and it would be possible to safely examine the nest. Be sure to inspect the remains of a second mercenary, in whose pockets you will find an interesting letter. From the letter it becomes clear that the mercenary took the task of killing the beast himself, and decided to shift all the work onto the shoulders of the witcher, in order to receive a reward for successfully completing the task.

This information is still useful to us at the end of the assignment.

Quest: Oxenfurt Beast - All endings of the quest

If Geralt found a nest of the beast after 19:00, then the griffin will immediately fly out of the nest to meet guests. Use Quen, so as not to get over the face. In addition, do not forget to dodge the poison and shoot the gryphon with a crossbow when it takes off into the air. Beware of wings, because they can impose a bleeding effect. While the beast is in the air, Axii sign can also help, who will quickly bring her down to earth. Approach the griffin, take a few blows and immediately retreat to a safe distance.

Order (Oxenfurt Beast) - a fight with a Griffin

After defeating the monster, do not forget to collect loot. In addition to a good trophy you get a good relic “Zireael armor”. The armor gives many different resistances and has 3 runestone slots. Taking the treasure back to the cunning mercenary.

  • If Geralt found a letter near the archigrifon's nest, then it would be possible to threaten Hans, and he will pay us the full amount for the order, 472 kroons. We agreed on the 315, so it is quite a good increase to the wallet.
  • If Geralt did not find the letter, he will receive his legitimate 315 crowns (if you bargained at the beginning of the order).

Interesting! If you find the letter and get more money from the condottiere than agreed, this will change his attitude to the witcher as the “Family matters: the bear cub” supplement in the “Hearts of Stone” supplement.

The order “The Beast in the Oxenfurt Forest” will be completed on this.