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Despite the fact that the World of "white-haired Witcher" is huge, there is always something to do. Almost every square meter of the game map allows Geralt to demonstrate their skills in combat with deserters and bandits, killing skills of all evil, as well as to demonstrate their ability to think outside the box, as in the game The Wither 3 a huge number of treasures and caches, the search for which can be no less exciting than the use of swords.

As you know, in addition to caches, the location map (or direct indication) which can be found through various notes and / or diaries, there are secret treasures, not marked on the maps.

And it is about these secret places in the "White Orchard" and will be discussed today.

White Orchard

"White Orchard" - this is a fairly extensive part of the game map of the Witcher, where the following locations are located, which will repeatedly have to visit Geralt:

Map where locations are located - White Orchard

  • Abandoned Village
  • Amavet Fortress Ruins
  • Battlefield
  • Broken Bridge
  • Cackler Bridge
  • Crossroads
  • Vildenvert's farm
  • Ford
  • Mill
  • Nilfgaardian Garrison
  • Ransacked Village
  • Sawmill
  • Tomira's hut
  • White Orchard cemetery
  • White Orchard inn
  • Willis' forge
  • Woesong Bridge

Of particular interest are some of these locations for players who are looking for maps for Gwint.

Where are the "hidden" treasures

So, as previously announced in the game "The Witcher 3" there are caches, which can only come across accidentally, if you do not know exactly where to look.

Treasures Nilfgaardian Garrison

Part #1

As you probably know, " Nilfgaardian Garrison" is located in the upper left corner of the "White Orchard" and if you zoom in on the map, you can see a long destroyed bridge, which should attract your attention.

Location Nilfgaardian Garrison - under bridge

Using the stairs located at the entrance, climb to the top and direct your eyes to the destroyed bridge.

Walkthrough over the destroyed bridge

Good run up and jump over the gap. In this area of the destroyed bridge and will be your desired chest.

In this area of the destroyed bridge and will be your desired chest.

Part #2

Since you have reached the garrison, you must have seen the small closed gate to the left of the main entrance.

Going to them, pay attention to the right side, where there is a dilapidated window (the extreme of the wall).

Once on the wooden deck, you will see ahead of the continuation of the bridge (which is displayed on the map), but there is nowhere to catch Geralt.

Once on the wooden deck, you will see ahead of the continuation of the bridge

Right in front of the deck will be a wall with cracks in it that directly points to the possibility of its destruction by the sign "Aard".

Destroi wall with sign Aard

It remains to jump over the ledge and find the remains from which you can collect prey, including the key to the gate.

Keys to The Gate

Location Treasures Nilfgaardian Garrison - Part 2

Treasures White Orchard

Part #1

It should begin with the study of a small bridge that goes first, if you go down from the location "Nilfgaardian garrison." Going to the crossing of the river, you will find that the bridge is guarded by two drowner, on the opposite Bank from them is the body from which you can take the key.

And the cache is directly under the bridge, as are the remains of the wagon.

Location Treasures White Orchard

Geralt find that the bridge is guarded by two drowner

Part #2

Next, you should pay attention to the study of the river, located North of the village "White Orchard" the place of Interest is not far from the pier, almost in the middle of the river. You can navigate to this marker. There will also be an abundance of plants nearby, which will also prompt the direction.

Treasures White Orchard - Part 2

Part #3

The third treasure chest can be found without leaving the water. Just swim a little further, keeping close to the opposite shore and note the small rocks and submerged boat.

Treasures White Orchard Part 3 -  Just swim a little further

Location Treasures White Orchard Part 3 - located near where and Part 2

The Treasures "Cackler Bridge"

The last hidden cache known to the author of this article can be found in the vicinity of the location "Cackler Bridge". Should just go down to the bottom of the gorge and up the other side of the bridge, there will be a chest.

You can also walk through the gorge to the end and find the remains and a small gift.

The Treasures: Cackler Bridge

walk through the gorge to the end and find the remains and a small gift.

Location The Treasures - Cackler Bridge


That's all. Yes, there are not as many hidden points as we would like, but the received items will pleasantly surprise you!