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"Muire D'yaeblen" - an order in "The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt", which can be taken in the port of Kaer Trolde. By that time, it is recommended to pump a character not below level 18. This quest is not necessary, but with it you can earn a little crowns and combat experience.

Passage of quest "Muire D'yaeblen" in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The task is taken in two ways:

  • Advertise on a board in the port of Kaer Trolde;
  • Talk with Bjorg, which hung him.

Determining this NPS is easy: every time Geralt passes by, he shouts after “Hey, witcher! Are you looking for a job? ” In the dialogue it turns out that the brood of utopians, who settled in the rocks nearby, is annoying the local. According to Björg, the creatures became impudent to such an extent that they began attacking during the day, including at the warriors. As with any order in Witcher, you can bargain to get more rewards for completing the quest.

Quest (Muire Dyaeblen) in the game The Witcher 3 on the map

First you have to talk to a couple of minor NPCs:

  • The pupil of the boat master who turns near Bjorg. He tells about the hunt for crabs with his brother, his death and his miraculous rescue with the boat turned over by monsters. To get additional evidence, you can consider the site of the attack.
  • The widow of Tuva, who stands in the port. Utopians killed her husband, who came to the rocks to grieve about the drowned son. This crime scene can also be viewed.

How to find a nest of utopians in the task “Muire D'yaeblen”

In order to stumble on the trail, it will be enough to inspect the site of the attack on Tuva’s husband with the help of a witch’s instinct. Nearby there are several monsters that will have to be killed. Near the water's edge lies the body of another victim, who stinks of utopians. You can detect the utopians' nest by the loop of this smell (not shown on the map).

We are looking for utopians nest in the quest (Muire Dyaeblen)

The trail stretches over the water, and then abruptly ends. It is here that the underwater passage to the cave is hidden. It is necessary to dive and quickly swim through a narrow transition until the air supply has dried up. Keep in mind that it’s dark and nothing is visible in the aisle, so you’ll have to navigate the mini-map. For safety net, you can use the Killer Whale, which increases the time spent under water.

In the cave itself, near the lair, a large brood of utopians will be found. There are several clouds of gas that can be set on fire with bombs or the sign of Igni. Having a little advanced along the corridor, we fall into the den.

You can walk here along the second path, which is safer, since you will not have to dive. It was here that a boatman's apprentice and brother hunted crabs. On the shore there are several traps, from which also bears utopians. A trail of smell will lead Geralt to the same den.

Drowner pheromones

When inspecting the den and searching for evidence - a broken boat and an animal carcass, Geralt will come to the conclusion that this den belongs to a water woman. However, while the witcher is here, the cautious monster will not return. We'll have to fool him by preparing a Drowner pheromones.

Quest (Muire Dyaeblen) - a potion made from uterine pheromones

To make the hood, you need to take on one share of Krasnodar alcohol, brain utoptsa, Shibalets fungus and fungus slicker. Litter imp, a rare component, is not needed. All the ingredients can be found on the spot right in the cave - alcohol in barrels and crates, the brain on the bodies of dead utoptsy, and mushrooms to collect on the ground. You can make the hood, like any other substance, through the alchemy menu.

Glitch in the quest (Muire D'yaeblen)

To prepare the broth, you need the appropriate recipe. It is added automatically after Geralt thinks out loud about the way to fool the waterboat.

With the passage of some players noticed a bug when at this stage do not give a recipe. Such a glitch suffered the assembly of the game version to 1.06, and in this patch the bug was fixed. Even if the recipe does not appear immediately, you need a bit like a cave - there may be a delay in the work of some scripts.

Also, the recipe does not appear if it is already known to the character or in the inventory there is a potion made from Drowner pheromones. In this case, it can not cook. If during the passage there is no recipe in the known and it does not appear, it is recommended to load one of the last saves after restarting the game client.

The destruction of the water woman

You can use the potion in the same way as everyone else - put it in the appropriate inventory cell and activate it by pressing the corresponding button. Since the smell of utopians will kill the human, after a while the owner of the lair will appear.

This is an old individual, which even has a name - Abaya. The HP scale, like all monsters in the order, consists of three parts. In a fight, she will be helped by several enemies level 18. Opponents are simple, and with good equipment you don’t even have to use additional elixirs and oils.

Quest Muire Dyaeblen - a battle with a water woman

Having settled with the water woman and taking the trophy, you can return to Bjorn to take the job. From the body of a water woman, you can slash the Daystar relic steel sword.

In the port of Kaer Trolda in a dialogue with the NPS, you can pick up 280 crowns and go on your way. If, however, pressure on Bjorn, citing the fact that the order was for utopians, and had to fight with a water woman, he would pay 420 crowns, overlapping Geralt with strong words.

Video passage quest "Muire D'yaeblen"

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