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“Swamp Thing” is a side task in the game The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, which you can stumble upon while walking around Velen. The task can be completed only after several missions of Keira Metz - for the walkthrough you need “The Eye of Nehaleni”.

In principle, it is possible without him, but with him the walkthrough will be complete and accurate. The next monster in the swamps is terrorizing and killing civilians - sounds like a suitable task for the witcher! Let's hurry up and go to the aid of the peasants.

“Swamp Thing” The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - detailed quest walkthrough

Where to look for a quest

You can get the quest in several ways:

Getting the quest (Swamp Thing)

  • The easiest thing is to go to the village of Steiger (those who have advanced along the storyline are already familiar with this village) and read the note on the bulletin board. What is this beast who dissolves couples? Need to understand.
  • The second way is to accidentally stumble upon our customer, running through the swamps. Then he will hail Geralt and ask for help, but then as usual. The location of the customer on the map so that you know where to look.

Quest "Monster from the swamps" on the map

No matter how we get the task, the essence does not change - in the swamps in the places of peat extraction, some kind of infection started up that kills the working peasants. It has already killed several peat extractors and has covered the whole area with an unusual fog, having found itself in which you begin to choke.

Passage of the mission "Monster from the swamps"

You can bargain with the customer, and I highly recommend it.In the case of bidding you can get a double reward!But I will tell about it at the end. In general, we trade up to 262 kroons and get down to business.

Passing the mission - use the Eye of Nehaleni

Having concluded the contract and having learned all the necessary information about the order, we go deep into the swamp to a dangerous fog. You see for yourself that Leslav did not lie about the danger of fog if you try to enter it. On a small clearing there is a corpse surrounded by strange stones.

Mission "Monster from the swamps" The Witcher 3

At this moment, the witcher will be attacked by a handful of Utopians, who are regular guests of the swamps. Having dealt with them, we can return to the inspection of the corpse. On the body you can find traces of claws of different sizes. This suggests that the monster is not one, but many of them. Now let's switch to the strange stones surrounding the corpse. Geralt will immediately notice that these are not just stones, but an illusion that can be dispelled with the help of the magical object “Eyes of Nehaleni” received from Keira Metz. If you forgot how to use the Eye of Nehaleni, then I will remind you - use your witch's instincts and just press the action key on the stone.

After removing the illusion, the witcher opens the view of the clear prints of the beast. This indicates that the monster decided to cover its tracks. If you do not have eyes - but do not despair, just go to the shed of peat miners, which is located near the corpse. Traces of the monster lead there too.

Another corpse is found in the shed, and after the inspection it is clear that the poor fellow did not even have time to get the weapon, as he was killed. Near the corpse you can find one more traces of the monster - already rotten remains.

Swamp monster victims

After examining the corpses, the witcher came to the conclusion that our adversary was a mist. But not ordinary, but ancient, because it is much stronger than its relatives. From the decayed remains emanates an unpleasant smell that will lead the witcher to the cave. If you decide not to use the smell, then the entrance to the cave can be found independently - there are as many as three.

Lair monsters from the marshes

Two of them are hidden by illusion, and in the third you will be met by an ordinary foggy. Illusions, as always, are dissipated with the help of a magical eye. Although it is not the boss, still quite a strong guard. Especially, his disappearance and the call of hazy copies cause trouble.

Fight with the Fogler

After defeating the guards, the witcher has time to take a break, fix things, prepare bombs and elixirs, use oil Necrophage oil for additional damage. As soon as you pass into the depths of the cave and enter a spacious room, the cut-scene will begin. Yes, we were right, the monster is actually a foggy, larger than ordinary representatives, and it looks a little different.

Fight the foggy monster - Monster from the swamps

Ordinary fogs do a lot of damage with attacks, and this boss hits even harder, so use Quen all the time. In addition, the adversary can create his own illusions, but they are more for distraction than for damage. Even after disappearing, it can be traced, if you look closely at the battlefield. You may notice a clot approaching you to attack, dodge and immediately deliver 2-3 quick blows in response. Aard is also great for a fight, because it allows you to bring the enemy out of invisibility. If you get on it, of course. And if you are lucky, the enemy can even be laid on the ground by Aard.

After defeating the boss, be sure to collect the trophy and the unique sword “Carabella”. The trophy is very useful for starting the game, because it gives a 5% bonus to gold. Surely you are now all tight with money, so we equip it on the Roach. “Carabella” is also a good item, the weapon contains 3 sockets for stones and allows freezing during attacks, which will greatly simplify the fight with any opponent.

Return in a week ...

After defeating the boss, the fog in the swamps will dissipate, which means the mission is complete and you can follow the promised reward. Leslav is waiting for us all in the same place where he was - near his house.

Talk with Leslav about the promised reward

If Geralt did not bargain with the customer, then nothing unusual will happen, you just get the promised amount (and lose the opportunity to receive double payment).

If Geralt was bargaining with Leslav, then it turns out that now the peat worker cannot pay us the full amount. He only had a handful of crowns in his pocket for which he wanted to buy tools.

  • Give all that is left now - I do not recommend using this answer option, because the second one is much more profitable and will give you more profit. But your business, you can take the last money from the peasant.
  • As you wish. I will return in a week - we understand that everyone has monetary problems and we agree to return in a week. You can do it right away through meditation. Leslav will be waiting for you there, so you know where to return. As a reward, we will receive a double amount, which will significantly replenish Geralt's wallet.

This quest “Swamp Thing” is completed.

Swamp Thing - video quest walkthrough

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