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“A house with ghosts” is an order in the game The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, which can be obtained in Novigrad. For successful completion of the quest, you will receive a relic sword, a nice trophy, and even earn some extra money! At the beginning of the game, and in the middle too, quite tangible problems with money, so that they will not be superfluous. Let's get down to the task.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt quest: Doors Slamming Shut - walkthrough

The order itself can be obtained only in one way - to take an announcement from Novigrad from the board. More specifically, you need a bulletin board on the hierarch’s square.

The Witcher 3 quest: Doors Slamming Shut - Location

In the ad test it says that a witcher is required with documented evidence of his achievements. Very interesting, okay, we still go. I hope the trophy on the belt and a pair of swords behind your back will become a weighty “document”. Although Novigrad is big, our customer is located very close to the square: literally behind the wall, in the The Kingfisher Inn.

The customer, who is Kurt Dysart, will be on the second floor of the tavern, do not run past. First of all, the customer will ask what school you are from.

Begin walkthrough of the Doors Slamming Shut quest

From the conversation it will become clear that the Cat School does not suit him. In principle, you can choose any option, the task will continue anyway. But, if you choose the Wolf School, the customer will be glad and even remember that he had a familiar Witcher among the Wolves.

Let's proceed to the order. Recently, the count bought the estate of a burned sorcerer in the east of Novigrad for a very low price, but the house turned out to be a dirty trick. That house starts to shake, the earth moves, some noise is heard. Well, let's figure it out. I strongly advise to bargain, Kurt always agrees to 297 kronor. Having settled the financial side of the issue, we set off.

How to find Moldavie Residence

Moldavie Residence is located quite far to the east of Novigrad, and you can get there only by horse, well, or by means of a quick transition. Location of the house on the map:

Moldavi Manor location on the map - The Witcher 3

As soon as you enter the house, you immediately feel the earthquake. The house will start to shake, but there are no signs of the presence of a ghost, because it would have attacked. Immediately to the right of the entrance you can find the food that the owners left (apparently in a hurry when leaving the house).

Mission: Doors Slamming Shut - in Moldavi Manor

We continue to explore the house under constant staggering and shaking. Passing a little further, we notice a line of salt left on the stairs to the basement.

Mission: Doors Slamming Shut - a detailed walkthrough

At this interesting ground floor ends, except that you can find and read the diary of the old owners of the estate. But he will not give us any leads, so we go down to the basement. Having gone down on two levels, we come across a wall with cracks. Well, we already know what to do with such. Jahay Aard on it and continue the path deep into the dungeon.

Quest: Doors Slamming Shut  - the basement of the Moldavi manor

In the cave you will enter a large room with water in the center and a stone wall in front. If you turn on your witch's flair, you will understand that it is because of this wall that roaring sounds are heard. It remains to understand what it is and how to open the passage.

We examine the magic root at the stone door, then we read the left diary of the magician and we understand that behind the door there is the strongest elemental of the earth. They left an interesting surprise to the new owners. But, even knowing this, we still cannot get inside, so we will have to look for an entrance.

How to open the walkthrough to the elemental

Look around the cave. At the main entrance there is nothing more interesting, but if you jump into the water and float to the right, you will find a lever on a small ledge. That is what we need to open the door.

The Witcher 3 - how to open the walkthrough to the elemental

Now again we jump into the water and swallow the entire cave to return to the entrance. As expected, the lever opened the stone door, and we can get into the room to the earthy healthy. It was easy to find an elemental, but what to do with it?

How to remove the magic barrier

To get to the creature, you have to remove the magic barrier that surrounds it.

Witcher 3 (Doors Slamming Shut ) - to find the elemental

But the main problem is not even that. All this time the elemental was trying to get out of the magic trap, growling and shaking the whole house. Because of this, in the cave almost all the wooden pillars that supported the foundation almost collapsed. Because of the magical barrier, we cannot get close to the monster, but we can try to remove it.

Doors Slamming Shut - possible bugs

To remove the barrier, it is enough to strike Aard over the crystal that stands behind the elemental. Known bug, because of which the barrier is not removed even after the destruction of the crystal. If you stumbled upon it, try using Aard a few more times, leave the room and go back or load the game before using the lever.

Earth Elemental - How and What to Kill the Beast

So, the barrier is removed, it's time to start the fight. This elemental will be a very serious opponent, even if you went to the task with the appropriate level. To begin with, we will prepare the “Dimeritium bomb” and use the oil against the magic creatures on the silver sword. Elementals are practically immune to magic, so you can forget about Igni, Aard, or Axius. But do not forget about Quen - he is our best defense against all boss attacks, which will be very much. It also makes sense to use Yrden to slow down the enemy and deliver more lightning strikes.

Elemental has many AOE attacks, so be careful and try to jump. He can jump into the air and hit the wave on the ground, he can build a stone wall around himself, hit him with a stone line and just wave his fists. When the elemental is grouped and stops beating, it will immediately strike back after your blows.

In order to prevent the monster from doing the casting skills, we throw the “Dimeritium bomb”. But do not forget that in a cloud of two-merite fragments you cannot use signs either. The main thing - do not rush. Approach a few safe shots, then jump back and cover yourself with Quen just in case. If you have sufficiently pumped a branch of skills of fast attacks, then the “whirlwind” ability will be very useful to you, as it is excellent against slow opponents.

After winning, you will receive a unique trophy and a relic steel sword “Cleaver hood”. The sword is not bad for the early and middle stages of the game, but the trophy, as for me, is so-so. The only thing he gives is a 10% chance modifier to chop off a limb.

The Witcher 3 sword Rip the hat

Before you go for the reward, look at the cave again. During the battle with elemental, the last wooden props were destroyed. This will have consequences in the future.

The count, as always, will be waiting for us at Kingfisher Inn on the second floor. We tell him about the “ghost” who lived in his manor, and we get the promised reward (297 kroner if you decide to bargain).

Quest "Doors Slamming Shut" - the consequences

Remember the broken beams in the elemental room? The count, now, decided not to think about it. If, after some time, you return to the entrance to the estate, you will hear a conversation between two workers mourning the death of Count Kurt Dysart. The owner of the estate decided to explore the caves under the house, not listening to the advice of the witcher. As a result, the vault of the cave collapsed, burying under the thick stone of an unlucky host. If you enter the house and go downstairs, you will see the entrance to the caves littered with stones.

On this task, the "Doors Slamming Shut" is completed.

Video of the walkthrough of the mission "Doors Slamming Shut"

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