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“A Dangerous Game” - an additional task in the game The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, which is mandatory for all fans of Gwent. At the end of the quest, you can get three strong heroic cards that are great for both those who like to play Gwent, and for those who want to complete the quest “Collect a complete collection of cards” or get an achievement in the Steam.

The task is quite long and you can get lost during the walkthrough, so let's look at the detailed mission. If you do not want to carry out the assignment of the red men, then the cards will be available later in the game, removing the guards from the corpse. But in order not to wait for a long time, let's get to the bottom line.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt: A Dangerous Game - walkthrough of the quest

How to get and start the quest

The mission becomes available immediately after the walkthrough of the plot "A Poet Under Pressure". Having returned to the city, it is enough to run up to “Rosemary and Thyme”, so that the cut-scene with Zoltan begins, which will assign the important task to the witcher.

Near the cabaret you will find a friend for a conversation with some unknown men. One is called Duke, and the other is Count. The third did not introduce himself, apparently, he came for the company. Uninvited guests dared and threatened to be a janitor, but when they saw Geralt, they quickly retreated, finally threatening Zoltan.

Why did it happen?

Mission Dangerous Game - how to get the quest

It turns out that krasonolyud had new entertainment - selling rare cards for Gwent. He managed to collect an excellent collection and wanted to sell it dearly as soon as he found the last three rare cards. It turned out that these rare cards are already fighting among the gangs of Novigrad, and the Duke has been looking for them for a long time. You have to decide whether to help a friend find or refuse. Of course, we agree, because in the course of this mission you can get an additional task and an excellent reward.

Possible bugs in quest

Failure will not mean that the task failed and is now unavailable. After the refusal, you can at any time return to the rubble and agree to help. A bug is known, in connection with which the necessary remark “Concerning your duty to the King of Beggars” simply disappears from the dialogue with Zoltan. The bug does not fix it, so I advise you immediately agree on the task, and after that you decide whether to do it or not.

Where to get the Right Cards

So, we need the following heroic cards: Jan Natalis, Fringilla Vigo, Isengrim Faoiltiarna. All three cartons can be found in a certain Zed, to which we will go. Zoltan would himself go to his acquaintance, except that he does not talk with the redheart. He was offended that he intercepted a very rare card from him.

Zed's small house is located near the Gate of Glory, opposite the south wall. You can reach right from the cabaret, focusing on the minimap.

Quest dangerous game - Zed

But it was impossible to go inside: judging by the sounds, the owner is inside, and the door is locked. We'll have to find a workaround. Twist your head near the front door and you will notice a wooden staircase that leads to the upper floor.

After rising upward, it is necessary to jump from the roof to the roof, and you will immediately find yourself in front of another entrance door, which will be open.

Witcher 3 mission Dangerous Game

Behind the door you will immediately be met by the corpse of the landlord. Before going down to the first floor, I advise you to examine it.

Quest: A Dangerous Game - Zed

On the first floor, there will be those who killed the touchy card dealer - two men who searched the premises.

They found the map of Isengrim, and now they were busy searching for an account book. Seeing the witch, they immediately pounced on him. The fight will take place in a small room, which is very problematic. Use Quen for protection, Aksiy in order to completely disable one of the opponents and, of course, the Poison of the Hanged Man - for additional damage. Having dealt with them, be sure to search the corpses.

In the pocket of one of the dead six of the Duke a rare card is found and the key to the front door.

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt: Dangerous Game

What did they need an account book for? I think we should also look for her. We cut witches' flair and pay attention to traces on the floor.

Quest Dangerous Game - account book

It is necessary to shy away Aard on the boards, to the right of the tracks, and there will be a cache with the cherished account book. From the content it will become clear why the Duke needed this book. In it, Zed wrote down the names of the people to whom he sold rare cards. And the other two he has already sold. It is worth discussing this with Zoltan, maybe he knows these people.

The red man did not upset the death of a competitor, but the names in the book he was very interested. The new owners of the two cards are: Caesar Bilzen - one of the old acquaintances of Zoltan and Ravik - the usual Novigrad sharper. Khivay agreed to go with Geralt to Bilzen, but we have to look for Ravik ourselves. You can come to this pair in any sequence, so let's go first with Zoltan to his former friend.

The red man will already be waiting for us in the Hierarch Square near Caesar's house. Our plan is simple: it distracts the owner of the house with the help of a bottle of makhakamskogo alcohol and memories of past times, while Geralt searches the house and finds a treasured map. Bilzen turned out to be a very welcoming host and immediately called our heroes to the table, starting a conversation about fishing. It does not matter which phrases you choose, it will not affect the outcome of the task.

After a couple of replicas, Zoltan asks Geralt to go for another bottle, hinting that it would be time to look for a map. Or you can take the initiative yourself and answer “Sorry, I'm for a moment” in any of the dialogs. We get up from the table and go up to the second floor of the house.

Cache in the house

Carefully examine the room with the help of witch's instincts. A bottle of Krasnodar alcohol is found on the desk (it doesn’t hurt for potions), but on the chest of drawers there will be a more interesting thing - a knife. We touch it, turn it and with the help of the mechanism open one of the drawers of the table. It contains a key of a triangular shape, which is needed to open the door.

The keyhole is between the books, and it is difficult to notice it even with witchish instincts. Use the key, and voila - the passage to the secret floor is open.

Quest Dangerous Game - a cache in the house

The collector's treasure house looks gorgeous - portraits, expensive weapons, armor, jewelry and other antiques.

Quest Dangerous Game - Fringilla Vigo map

Here we are interested in several things:

  1. Of course, the map of Fringilla Vigo, which is located on the window near the wall. Taking it, do not rush down to the red men, there is still a lot of interesting things.
  2. Jade figurine of a soldier on the shelf of the cabinet. After receiving this item, you activate the task “Soldier Figurine”, about which you should turn to Triss. This is your only opportunity to get an item and an additional task.
  3. Necklaces and swords that can be sold later. Also consider exhibits. Those fans who have read Sapkowski’s books will find out a lot of references to the novel.

Now you can return to our fishermen. It is enough to go down to the first floor and talk to Zoltan to let him go, hinting that the matter is done. But at this moment you will be interrupted by fighters of the Tesak gang, breaking into the house with threats. You can stand up for Caesar and get gratitude, or throw it alone.

  • Leave him alone - taking the side of Bilzen, you will enter into a fight with redmen. No significant reward you get for it, unfortunately.
  • We really have to go - friends quietly leave the house of the collector, leaving him alone to deal with problems.

Ravik and Jan Natalis Card

One more card was found, the last one remained - Jan Natalis. The owner of the card is in the Golden sturgeon on the lower floor, where we will go. But here, too, we will be greeted by a surprise - Earl himself and his accomplice had already reached Ravik. The gangsters are not only going to take away the heroic map, but also kill the sharper. How will we divide?

The count will offer Geralt a simple choice - play Gwent on the card or figure it out with swords. The choice is yours, but if you want to save the poor fellow, you will have to play and win. Otherwise he will die.

Quest Dangerous Game - we are looking for a card of Jan Natalis

The count will play with the Nilfgaard deck using the leader card Emhyr var Emreis: His Imperial Majesty with the Rainfall ability. In the deck he has many cards with an attack of 4 and below, but there are also strong spies. In addition to units, there are also many weather maps, so be careful.

  • If Geralt wins in Gwent, then after the game the bandits will attack the White Wolf, and Ravik will survive.
  • If Geralt loses the game, the robbers will immediately kill Ravik, and then they will start the witch.
  • If Geralt refuses to play, the bandyugans will also kill Ravik, and then they will attack Geralt.

Whatever the outcome, you will have to fight the Earl and his boyfriend. Although the room is small, there are only two opponents, so there should be no problems. After the fight, you can find a heroic map either in the body of Ravik, or in the body of the Count, depending on your decisions.

All the cards we have, then we find Zoltan and go to the deal! If you already had Caesar, the game automatically teleports you to the specified location. If not, you'll have to look for Zoltan in the Hierarch Square.

Do the Duke kill

As always, something went wrong. At the place of the transaction, Geralt and the people will already have to wait for the Duke with his charges. Warriors instantly surround our heroes, after which the Duke with stolen money will hide in one of the buildings. Trust the disservice with the bandit gangsters and run chase.

Quest Dangerous Game - whether to kill the Duke

The path will be winding, so don't get lost. We run into the tower after the Duke and climb the ladder floor by floor until we meet the wounded guard. Apparently, we are on the right track. Following the marker on the minimap, we run into the right door and continue to pursue the city wall.

If you manage to catch up with the fugitive on the wall (which is very difficult), you will have to kill him on the spot, and then return to Zoltan.

If you could not catch up with the Duke, then run on. Once in the next tower, covered with coats of arms, we begin to descend down the same ladder until we get to the basement that leads to the city canals. The duke will close the grille right in front of the witcher's nose, so he will have to look for a workaround. We turn to the right, cut out the pack of utopians, and knock out the wall with Aard to continue the pursuit.

Quest Dangerous Game - how to catch up with the Duke

At the exit of the tunnels you will see bloody Hezog, who also stumbled upon the Utopians, but was not ready for this battle. He will have no choice but to give Geralt money and cards. Kill him or leave to die - decide for yourself, the poor fellow in any case will die from the wounds of utopians.

Quest Dangerous game - Utopians return money for cards

After that, the game will automatically transfer the witcher to the rubble, who has already figured out all the sixes. It's time to share the reward!

Dangerous Game mission reward: Money or Cards

If you choose crowns, you will receive a small bag with 150 coins. Such a reward, even if you are not interested in card games. And if you like to play Gwent, then you don’t have to think about it - three heroic cards on the road do not roll and will help you greatly in the following games, and you can complete the task for the complete collection of cards.

Quest Dangerous Game - Money or Cards

On this mission, “Dangerous Game” is completed.

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