Open Sesam Witcher 3 | Detailed passage of quest


“Open Sesame!” - the third plot task of the major addition “Hearts of Stone” in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. At the end of the first quest, our new “friend” Olgierd von Everec wished Maximilian Borsodi house for himself. Nice desire, isn't it? This is exactly what Geralt will have to deal with. Well, to the point.

“Sesame, open up!” - detailed quest passage

Well, we have to somehow pick up the famous house of the Borsodi family, who are in Oxenfurt. For a start it is worth visiting the Borsodi auction house, which is located not far from the Alchemy tavern, in which Olgerd sat down.

Attention! If you want to participate in the auction and get unique things, then you should go on a task with at least 2000 kroons in your pocket. However, the quest can be completed without it. At the entrance to the auction house the witcher meets two soldiers of Redania. Of course, they will not want to let us through because there is no invitation.

Quest "Open Sesame"

No persuasion will help Geralt, however, our old acquaintance krasnolyud - banker Vimme Vivaldi, who by the way decided to visit the auction, will help. Here he has a proposal, and he can also take Geralt with him as a satellite, which we, of course, will not refuse. The guard will be unhappy with what is happening, but Vivaldi will quickly put the commander in place.

Already inside the auction Geralt would thank Vivaldi for his help and tell you the purpose of his visit. We did not plan to bargain at the auction, we would get Borsodi’s house. Wim promised to help Geralt and introduce him to Horst Borsodi when he appears to the guests. In the meantime, the auction has not started, we can look around. On the first floor there are unusual exhibits that may be of interest to you. Rising to the second floor, Vivaldi decides to introduce Geralt to some of his friends. Communicate with them or skip this moment before the start of the auction - whatever you want, but I recommend to take part in the conversation.

So, first of all we come to Countess Mignol. From the first glance at Geralt, the Countess realized that the witcher from the Wolf School was standing in front of her. The aunt is well versed in witches and witch affairs, because she is a well-known collector of witches - a variety of items that are associated with a witch affair. Therefore, it is possible to bargain with it and buy something useful. For example, if you are interested in the Snake School, you can buy drawings from the Countess. She can also find recipes for bombs, oils and elixirs.

After the trade, Minjol asks Geralt to find the earring she lost on the balcony. Do not rush to refuse, it"s not at all in the earring. Having agreed, we go to the balcony, but we don’t find any earrings there, just a stain of spilled wine. Later, the Countess will come to us and say that she just needed an excuse to talk. The topic of conversation will be our well-known Vesemir. In her youth, the Countess fell in love with Vesemir, but they did not have a relationship, but her feelings had not gone away. Therefore, she is interested in the fate of her lover.

Attention, spoilers main plot!

  • If in the main plot of the game Vesemir has already died during the fight with the Wild Hunt, then the countess will be grieved by the death of her beloved and will ask to leave her alone.
  • If Vesemir is still alive, Minjol will be extremely pleased with the health of his beloved and will ask if he has found another. After a negative answer, she will ask the witcher not to talk about this conversation to Vesemir and will want to be alone.

Which of the canvases was created by Edward van der Huay?

With one familiar Vivaldi done, let"s now come to the snob near the pictures - Jaromir.

Attention! Before you start a conversation, look at the canvases on the wall and remember the information about the paintings. This is useful during the dialogue.

Which of the canvases created by edward van der huay

After pompous speeches about art, Jaromir will ask Geralt how good his knowledge of painting is. After the answer option “I understand something”, Jaromir will ask a tricky question:

  • So tell me, witcher connoisseur, which of the canvases was created by Edward van der Huay? (yes, you heard right)

If before you start the dialogue, you have examined the pictures, then it will not be difficult to answer. And if you missed, then here"s a hint to you - a portrait of a merchant with glasses. After a successful response, the snob apologizes to Geralt, for having considered the witcher an ignoramus. And as a sign of reconciliation, he will advise you to buy at the auction a picture of Van Horn, which can be very profitable to sell to the owner of the bookshop in Novigrad.

Vivaldi"s third friend is Gilbert, a well-known gwint player. I think you can guess what the conversation will be about. Gilbert will ask what deck Geralt plays, and then he will offer to play the game. You can refuse the game, however, if you want to get a new card for Gwint and 250 CZK, feel free to agree. Playing Gilbert Niflgaard with a lot of spies, weather maps and maps with a big attack. After winning, we will get a card “Gunther o’Dim” and honestly won crowns.

“Open Sesame!” - bidding

Immediately after we finish the conversation with the last friend Vivaldi, the auction will begin. It is not necessary to participate in it, however, if you want to get unique items and achievement, and then sell at a higher price, I advise you to buy everything! If you do not save money, then Vivaldi will give you a loan. Under interest, of course.

Quest "Open Sesame" - auction

The first lot will be the statuette of Count Romilla, with a starting price of 50 kroons and the final - 300 kroons. The statuette is better to take. With the help of it, you will receive an additional task, “Dark Property”, and this is the only way to get it. To do this, you need to break the eagle from any blacksmith.

The second lot is the painting by artist Van Horn “Starry Night Over Pontar”, which is a very obvious reference to Van Gogh and his picture “Starry Night”. The original price of the painting is only 20 kroons, and that is how it will remain. We remember the advice of Jaromir and get a picture so that after reselling it is more expensive.

The third auction lot - points belonging to the main antagonist of the first game “The Witcher”, Professor. The initial rate will be 200 CZK, and the redemption is 350. Points can be tried on and used as an accessory.

After three lots, a break will be announced and Geralt will have the opportunity to meet and talk with the auction house owner Horst Borsodi. Talking with the Witcher he will be rude from the very beginning, so you can answer him the same way and declare to you that we need the House of Maximilian Borsodi. The owner of the house will get angry from this and order the guard to throw Geralt out of the auction building. However, this will not be enough for the guard, and they will decide to beat the witcher in the end. Well, they are worse.

Passage of the quest "Open Sesame"

After the fight, a stranger in a hood will approach us. Surprisingly, he knows about the problems of Geralt with Borsodi and proposes to rob the treasury. It is in it that the House of Maximilian Borsodi is located.

Open Sesame - Treasury Loot

Geralt will not be pleased with such a proposal, because he is a witch, not a thief. But he has no choice, therefore it remains only to agree to the stranger’s offer. We agreed to discuss all the details of the robbery in a secret place, which is located by a herbalist near Oxenfurt. We will go there.

Near the door of the herbalist"s house we will be met by knights of the Order of the Rose, who are trying to get inside. The appearance of a new guest will not please them, so they will have to deal with them. Unfortunately, for the disassembly of the knights, you will not get even a trivial thanks.

We tell herbalist a secret password and we are immediately admitted to the basement, which is our headquarters. At the table Geralt is already waiting for a new friend, whom we met near the auction. He again offers the witcher to participate in the robbery, but we have no choice, we have to agree. With one important condition - during the brawl no one should die. When everything is agreed, it"s time to start discussing the plan.

Open Sesame - passing the mission

Our goal is a real impregnable fortress guarded by several dozen soldiers. Together you just can not cope, so you need to assemble a team. Our new acquaintance has already thought it over and looked after four candidates - two bearmen and two hackers. Geralt will have to choose one bearer and one hacker, as well as personally reduce the number of guards. No, do not interrupt them, just make a potion and somehow make the chef pour it into the food. After this conversation, we have 3 side tasks that must be completed to advance through the quest. Let's choose who will be a bear cub.

Make a family: The Safecracker

Quinto is closer to the herbalist's home than the second candidate (Casimir), so we’ll go first with him. Arriving at the right place, we find that the best bear cub in the North suffered a setback - during the next theft he was caught and now he is sitting behind bars. We have 3 ways to get him out:

  • The first way is to pay the ransom. The amount for the thief will "The Creature from Oxenfurt Forest”.
  • The second way is to win against Hans in gvint. He will play Skoya Taels with a pretty strong deck.
  • The last way is a fist fight. After Geralt distributes the mercenary to the mercenary, Hans will agree to release Quinto.

After any of the methods, we approach Quinto, who himself had already opened the cage lock, and was just waiting for the right moment to escape.

Important! If you now invite Quinto to participate in the robbery, then you will not be able to visit the second bear cub. If you want to see the second candidate, then let Quinto wait for a while (the choice of the dialogue “For now, for nothing”). Now we go to the rubble - Casimir Bassi, who lives in the village of Alness. We will find him under very unusual circumstances - on the roof of the house, with a torch and barrels.

Teddy Bear Kazamir - Open Sesame

From the residents, we learn that Casimir was betrayed by his wife, and he decided to commit suicide. For everything to end peacefully, you need to somehow calm the violent krasnuda. The easiest way - Aksy 2 levels. If your sign is not pumped, then the dialogues need to annoy the demolisher as much as possible - choose the remark “You are pathetic” and subsequent offensive expressions. Casimir gets angry and gets off the roof to fill Geralt's face. After the fight, it will be possible to tell Casimir about the plan of robbery and call the team.

Make Family: Breaking and Entering

We found a bear-bear, it's time to look for the second member of the team - a cracker. Let's first take a look to the bottom of Hugo Hoff in Oxenfurt. True, Hugo’s shelter door was closed, and a trace of blood was found on the beam. Also, with the help of the witcher's instinct, traces that lead from the house to the shore of the gulf can be seen.

Open Sesame - choose a cracker

The task "Sesame, open"

At the end of the trail, we see a boat with bandits who do not like the appearance of the witch. Having dealt with the attackers, we do not find the bottom in the boat, but in the body of one of the gangsters, Hugo's ear and a letter are found. Perhaps the bottom is under water?

Hugo in the quest "Open Sesame"

We dive under the water and with the help of our instincts we see that Hugo, in the truest sense of the word, has sunk to the bottom. And he did not just lay down, but with a stone tied to his feet. Well, one of the candidates dropped out, go to the second.

Our second potential hacker - circus artist Evelina Gallo. Elf and her circus troupe can be found in the village of Carsten. From the words of our stranger, Geralt knows that Evelina is an excellent thief and made many loud thefts. We will find the girl in the camp, sitting on the wagon.

Evelina in the quest "Open Sesame"

Geralt will present the whole plan to Evelina, however, the girl now has a problem - one of the circus performers, having got drunk last night as a lord, lost sight and cannot speak today. Therefore, Evelyn asks Geralt to take his place in today's performance and to shoot at the apples with a crossbow. True, the apples will keep a living person on different limbs.

It does not matter if you hit the target precisely or hit the circus artist - Evelyn will still agree to a robbery. If you do not want to participate in the performance, you can pay off for 400 or 600 kroons. Since we no longer have any contenders for the role of a cracker, we send Evelyn to the herbalist. It remains to perform the last task - to poison the food guards.

Open Sesame: Witcher Seasonings

The required potion is in the “Tasks” tab in Alchemy. For the preparation of the necessary piercer, you will need: 1 Krasnodar alcohol, 2 blood of the foulbrood, and 2 herbs of the wolf. Having prepared the potion, we immediately go to Oxenfurt to find a cook.

Of course, we cannot directly ask Redian soldiers. Well, have to overhear the conversation of the soldiers. Leave for a short distance and use the flair. The first couple of soldiers will not say anything worthwhile, as the second. But from the third we find out the whereabouts of the cook and information about him.

"Open Sesame" - witch seasonings

We will find the cooks while fishing at the pier at the western gates of Oxenfurt. We speak with the cook, we describe the situation. To our surprise, he agrees to sabotage almost immediately, but not for free.

Passing the job "Sesame, open up"

If you have Axius pumped to the second level, you can use it. Otherwise you have to spend money. So, the team assembled, pamperingly poured, you can begin the robbery of the century!

“Open Sesame!” - robbery

All members of the gang have already gathered in the herbalist's house: a mysterious stranger, Evelina and Quinto / Casimir, depending on which of them you called. According to the plan, Evelina will climb onto the tower, through which everyone can get into the house, and the bear cub will deal with the door to the treasury. Geralt's task is to guard the gang. In the treasury, everyone can take as much as he takes, after which everyone will leave the house through a secret passage. During the robbery, there should be no problems and the auction house should be empty at night. Everything is ready, so you can proceed. You can go along with all or get to the house itself.

Once near the house, the stranger will give a signal, and Evelyn will immediately climb onto the tower along a sheer wall. But inside it will be waiting for a surprise - in the window flashes a crowd of guards, with whom Swallow quickly dealt. After that, she throws the rest of the guys a rope, on which they can climb into the house. The first step has been taken, but what do the guards do in the house if it was to be empty? The stranger will tell the team to prepare weapons, but Evelina, Casimir and Geralt will refuse to kill anyone. Fortunately, in the attic there are wooden swords, which we will use. Before going down from the attic, the whole team will put on masks so that they will not be recognized.

Robbery Treasury "Open Sesame"

On the first floor, the gang will face auction workers who will immediately call the guard. A fight will immediately begin, in the midst of which Horus Borsodi, the hero of the occasion, will appear. Seeing what happens in his house, he immediately rush to the treasury in fear. Street guards also noticed a scuffle in the house and immediately surrounded the house. The leader of the gang will not linger, and take hostage one of the employees of the auction house, putting a knife to his throat. What are criminals with a hostage? Conversation!

Team to rob treasury - "Open Sesame"

Negotiations will have to do Geralt. You can refuse and answer “I will not be blocked by innocent people”, or you can have a word with the guard. Evelyn will take advantage of confusion and quickly leave the house, and the bear cub will try to open the door to the treasury.

If you want to do a little blood, it is better to enter into negotiations. In the course of the replicas, we ask you to tell a joke, then we demand that the robbers be given a wagon. Variants of the answer “Any, if only went” and further “Now I will release one. The rest then ”will lead to a peaceful resolution of the conflict. If it did not work out, you will have to deal with a bunch of guards who will immediately break into the house.

  1. If Quinto opened the door: the bearskin simply opened the lock, leaving the door untouched. And with the door and the trap. Going into the treasury, Geralt immediately fall under the floor to the arachnomorphs. Having dealt with the spiders, they will help him to go upstairs.
  2. If the door was opened by Casimir: the dwarf did not begin to waste time on trifles and simply blew up the door, and with it the trap. The whole gang cracker can easily get inside.

In the treasury we will see Horst Borsodi and two guards. The owner of the auction house will first threaten us, but then finally our stranger will show his true face. He turned out to be Horst's brother Evald Borsodi. And all the robbery he started in order to get revenge on Horst for having deprived his brother of the entire inheritance. The brothers are not at odds, so Ewald came here to avenge, and will stop at nothing.

How to get out of the treasury til open

Ewald or Horst? Consequences of choosing

Horst will try to lure one of your gang to his side. Quinto will gladly side with Horst, but the floris Casimir will side with Ewald. Geralt will have to choose between brothers. Whichever side you choose, you will have to kill the other brother. What to do - does not matter, the result will be the same.

So, having arranged a slaughter and having solved a family conflict, we see the very casket - the House of Maximilian Borsodi. In it, as it turned out, is the will of the father of Horst and Ewald. For any of the brothers is a very valuable thing, parting with which they are not ready. The matter can be resolved peacefully. Olgerd demanded the box, not the content. Therefore, we can agree with the surviving brother, leave a will to him, and pick up the box for yourself. Or everything can end in a fight, after which you get a box with all its contents.

So, the necessary treasure is already here, it's time to get out of the treasury. Before that, do not forget how to inspect the treasury, here you can find a lot of good objects and drawings. We can notice the secret move with the help of the intuition, we can open the secret passage with the help of the button on the column.

Open Sesame - Exit the Treasury

The secret exit from the treasury

Olgerd, as always, is waiting for us at the Alchemy tavern. We deliver to him the House of Maximilian Borsodi and the second task of the leader of the Boars is considered completed. On this mission, “Open Sesame!” Will be completed.

Completion of the mission "Open Sesame"

Bugs that can be found during the passage of the mission Open Sesame!

Some players encountered a problem when you raid on the house, go there with the whole group, or you get it yourself, instead of the cut-scene, endless loading begins. Bug helped fix the swap DLS. In earlier versions of the game, some players could not climb the stairs, because it was simply not available. The developer wrote that this problem was fixed with subsequent patches.

For more information, see the video passage.