Best Xbox Racing Games to Play in 2020


When it comes to racing games, Xbox is the perfect device to go for. Xbox lets us have the amazing experience in racing games that pc can’t simply provide – no offense to PC gamers.

Xbox supports tons of quality car racing games. Whether you prefer realistic, arcade, or a game with a central focus on high-end race cars, Xbox has it all.

Not to speak for everyone, but we do have a slight passion for racing games - all the gamers have. It’s the one genre that lets us feel the chills, the adrenaline rush, the bounty-hunting experience. So if you are switching to Xbox, or just looking for some absolute best racing games, let us help.

7 Best Racing Games for Xbox

Ignite the engine, grab the wheel, and slam your foot to the pedal, because we are about to experience one hell of a ride where you will get to know about some high-end graphics-providing racing games for Xbox.

We have comprehended seven best racing games for car enthusiasts that would run on Xbox. No matter if you are a hardcore racing freak or just a casual gamer, we have a game for you.

1. Forza Motorsport 7 – Standard Edition - Xbox One

Forza Motorsport 7 – Standard Edition - Xbox One

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True Racing Simulator

Forza Motorsport 7 is the Xbox way to attract racing game enthusiasts. This game is the console exclusive of the Xbox one – the best edition of Xbox. Its true simulation makes the game super-realistic – not itchy graphics that you suffer from low-quality games. So if you are interested in true simulation games, Forza Motorsport 7 is a go-to game for you.

Wide Variety of Cars and Locations

Forza motorsport allows you to choose from up to 700 cars – it will take forever to try everything, yet it's brilliant. Other than that, you can race up to 30 world-famous locations and eye-appealing destinations. What's not good? You can even compete in Forza racing championships e-sports league because of the game's wild popularity.

High-End Resolution and FPS

Forza 7 is not a cheap-graphic game, that’s for sure. Xbox one users can take advantage of excellent 60 fps gameplay. Moreover, the resolution is truer to 4k HDR, making you see the NOS coming out of your silencer.


  • Over 700 cars
  • 30 world-famous locations
  • 60 fps
  • 4K HDR
  • True racing simulator

2. Forza Horizon 4 Standard Edition – Xbox One

Forza Horizon 4 Standard Edition – Xbox One

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Aesthetic Arcade-Style Gaming

Forza Horizon series is slightly different than Forza Motorsport. Forza horizon does not have world-famous racing tracks – it has something better – you get to race in open-world experience. Those who love arcade style while still enjoying sleek graphics, Forza Horizon 4 is for them.

Wide Variety of Cars with Historic Location

Forza Horizon 4 revolves around historic Britain. You can choose from over 450 cars and drive around the aesthetic roads and streets of Britain.

Different Seasons

A great feature that we can’t help but bow at is dynamic seasons. You get to experience dry, muddy, snowy, wet, and icy conditions throughout your gaming career. It turns out to be a whole new experience as you climb through one weather condition to another.


Forza Horizon 4 enables you to play or race alongside your online friends. With Xbox live subscription, you can enjoy the experience of multiplayer gaming in Forza Horizon 4.


  • Open world
  • Arcade-style racing
  • Over 450 cars
  • Dynamic seasons
  • Race in Britain
  • Multiplayer enabled

3. F1 2019 Anniversary Edition - Xbox One

F1 2019 Anniversary Edition - one of the best Racing Games for Xbox

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For Formula 1 Fans

When we are busy with arcade gaming and speeding through the streets of our favorite locations, we forget what it would be like to play in the real Formula 1 Racing Championship League. So if you want to land yourself an opportunity to see what it looks like to be a part of Formula 1 competition, get a copy of F1 2019 now.

Story Mode

In this latest part of the F1 series, you can travel head-to-head with the biggest rivals. There are two modes in the game, F1 and F2, along with F2 story mode. Store mode means that you can finish your career of racing and be an expert before actually participating in F1 full-fledge championship.

E-sports Gaming Arena

Like other racing games, F1 2019 has an in-game e-sports arena where you can stay up-to-date with the latest updates and news from the F1 esports series.


There is a new league feature in the F1 2019 for those who like to play with multiplayer. This feature allows you to create your own tournaments, participate in weekly challenges, and customize the F1 2019 regulation car.


  • Formula 1 originality
  • F2 story mode
  • In-game sports arena
  • Multiplayer enabled
  • F1 Regulation Car customization

4. Burnout Paradise Remastered - Xbox One

Burnout Paradise Remastered - for Xbox

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Calm and Fun Gaming

Stresses with career-building in realistic, true simulation games, we sometimes need to take a break and just look for fun – that is when Burnout Paradise Remastered comes into the equation. If you are looking for fun, calming experience, this action racing game is a remastered version of the original Burnout Paradise 2008.

Action Packed Racing

Burnout Paradise Remastered is not just a racing game; it’s packed with action and top-notch stunts. It features breakneck racing, skyscraping stunts, and ridiculously overdone property destruction. In short, it is packed with a rule-free and lawless chilling action racing experience.

Brilliant Resolution

Burnout Paradise Remastered gives the best advantage on Xbox one X, you can avail up to 60 fps and up to 4K resolution. With standard Xbox one console, it provides native 1080p resolution – still pretty well.

Diverse Gaming

This game, Burnout Paradise Remastered, features up to 100 cars you can select from. More than that, it has ten racing tracks, accompanied by extra challenges from time to time. The game provides "goodies" so you can have fun with boosted gifts while racing.

Excellent Update

As this game is a remastered version of the 2008 Burnout Paradise, it has come with a brilliant addition. This version comes with eight packs of DLC – including the extraordinary Big Surf Island – that adds an all-new district to Paradise City.


  • Automotive destruction – action-packed
  • Runs on 4K/60 fps with Xbox One X
  • 1080p on standard Xbox console
  • Up to 100 cars
  • Ten racing tracks
  • A new Big Surf Island added
  • Multiplayer up to 8 people at once

5. Need for Speed Heat - Xbox One

Need for Speed Heat is famous for its featuring of amazing real-life cars

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Street Racing

Who is not familiar with the Need for Speed? It's one of the most popular and oldest street racing game franchises. This game was so popular that now it has its movie named: Need for Speed. The title of its latest game, Need for Speed Heat, was released in November 2019 – and just like previous games, this game has a wild and new take on street racing.

Speedhunter Showdown

In Need for Speed Heat, you'll do street racing during the day while trying to evade cop cars. This also gives you a chance to compete in Speedhunter Showdown in Palm City – one of the popular destinations in the NFS franchise. Speedhunter Showdown is a paid and sanctioned competition where you get to earn money or bank so you can customize your cars and upgrade them.

Night Racing

As it is told above, you experience usual street racing during the day. But at night, the game takes a wild turn, and illicit racing takes place. That is when you get a chance to build your reputation as a high-ranking racer - that allows you to take part in bigger races and open better car parts for you. But as a loving tradition of NFS, this game also has tons of cops that will not give up a chance to tail you at every turn.

Wide Variety of Cars

Need for Speed Heat is famous for its featuring of amazing real-life cars. You can choose from over 125 cars in this game, including Ferrari, Lamborghini, BMW, Acura NSX, Some Porsche models, and a classic 1975 Volvo – so keep your love for cars at pace.


  • Ultimate Street Racing
  • Speedhunter Showdown competitions
  • Wild racing at night
  • 125+ cars
  • Cops enabled for extra fun.

6. NASCAR Heat 4 - Xbox One

NASCAR Heat 4 - Xbox One

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NASCAR Variety of Races

For the fans of NASCAR, this will be a significant update. NASCAR Heat 4’s official video features a 2019 monster energy NASCAR Cup Series and NASCAR Xfinity Series, Xtreme Dirt Tour, and NASCAR Gander Outdoors Truck series.

Versatile Gaming Tracks

NASCAR heat 4 allows you to compete through 38 long tracks. Other than that; you can race against approximately 150 official NASCAR teams and drivers – these races will bring your rank up as you build your career in NASCAR Championship.

NASCAR Heat Pro League

NASCAR Heat 4 is the only way you can successfully qualify for the NASCAR Heat Pro League. In this league, you can get a chance to race to represent a real NASCAR team potentially.

Free Race Ticket

NASCAR Heat 4 also comes with a 50-dollar NASCAR race ticket - so it’s easy for you to give a kick-start to your career.

New Additions

NASCAR Heat 4 has a lot of new updated features. For instance, the latest entry in features is a track map, along with new color schemes for cars, new control options, and much better-enhanced career mode.


  • Set of different racing series and tournaments
  • 38 tracks
  • Over 150 teams and drivers of Nascar
  • A chance to qualify for NASCAR Heat Pro League
  • $50 NASCAR race ticket
  • Enhanced career mode

7. Team Sonic Racing - Xbox One

Team Sonic Racing - Xbox One

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Sonic the Hedgehog – Racing Edition

We all loved watching Sonic the Hedgehog, didn't we? Well, now is the time to have an updated version of the game. Team Sonic Racing is not just a kid-friendly game anymore; it combined with the best elements of adrenaline racing games. The modes of the race include Exhibition mode, Time Trial, Team Adventure Mode, and Grand Prix Mode.

Adventure Mode

In the Adventure Mode of the team sonic racing, you experience a unique story-mode experience that features 15 playable characters from the popular sonic universe and 3 distinctive characters: Speed, Technique, and Power. Just like old times, but better.

Competitive Racing

Team Sonic Racing has the wild experience of competitive racing coming with it. Not only that, but its arcade and fast-paced racing build-ups are appreciated a lot in racing game enthusiasts.


Team sonic racing can be played either online with a friend or solely. In online gaming, you can have up to 12 players per race (internationally or nationally). In local multiplayer gaming, it allows you to have up to 4 persons with split-screen enabled.

Team Racing

In Team Sonic Racing, you simply race as a team - use catchy team moves to help your teammates and kick-out your enemies. There is an option where you can also enable Team Ultimate to win or lose with your friends.


  • Family-friendly racing game
  • A fun and relaxing experience
  • Classic Sonic-the-Hedgehog-Style gaming
  • Offline and online racing modes
  • Gifts and collectible items
  • 14 different offensive and defensive items
  • 15 payable Sonic franchise characters
  • Three distinct characters: Speed, Technique, Power.


One thing is shared among all racing games; they all have their roots grounded to competition, speed, and have-to-win concept. That is why these games are wildly competitive and loved by car racing enthusiasts.

If you are looking for more of a classic and old-gold experience in racing, Need for Speed Heat has no comparison. But if you are looking for more realistic and true simulation, Forza Motorsport and Forza Horizon stand on top, no doubt in this.

Other games like Team Sonic Racing and Burnout Paradise Remastered are those you can play for relaxation, fun, to put all your repressed feelings into the game and perform catharsis! NASCAR and F1, on the other hand, are very close-to-life games, and they allow you to have more competitive and passionate experience.

All these games come under $100 – pocket-friendly and play worthy.