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At the Summit of Apocrypha - An Overview

At the Summit of Apocrypha is the last mission for The Elder Scrolls V: Dragonborn. All together for the Dragonborn to pick up the last expression of the intensity of the Bend Will yell, Storn Crag-Strider penances himself to Hermaeus Mora and gives up the old information that the Skaal has retained for such a long time.

By traveling back to Apocrypha and overcoming Miraak, harmony will be reestablished to the island of Solstheim. Following The Gardener of Men, Dragonborn sets out on what is to be the last primary storyline journey in, At the Summit of Apocrypha. It's here where first and last Dragonborn will meet to seal their predeterminations.

At the Summit of Apocrypha has various backtracking wanders. Pivoting and moving back how you came is a regular topic during this mission so be careful during your play-through.

Once Storn is dead, Free will guide you to proceed to utilize the expression of capacity to cut down Miraak for the last time, to have the option to begin this journey you have to open every one of the three expressions of Bend Will so utilize your spirits to learn it at that point bounce directly into "Waking Dreams".

After entering the book you'll confront a few additional riddles again and you'll have to get four individual books while you go through, these will be utilized later when you need to drop them onto platforms in one of the parts paving the way to section 6 in which you'll meet Sahrotaar, another of Miraak's winged serpents who you can utilize the Bend Will yell upon to tame and afterward ride up to the Summit of Apocrypha.

Chapter One

You'll initially need to confront a portion of the searchers nonetheless; this can set aside some effort to do in case you're not experienced with riding mythical serpents however fortunately it's an instructional exercise stage so it shouldn't be that difficult at any rate.

After arriving at the Summit you'll confront Miraak.

After arriving at the Summit you ll confront Miraak.

Miraak can be a troublesome supervisor to confront because just as confronting him you need to confront 3 different winged serpents who will surrender their spirits each time. Miraak's wellbeing gets the too low significance you need to beat him multiple times.

In this way, remember to load up on recuperating things and solid defensive layer - possibly proceed before hopping into the book and run the missions for Silver Stalhrim Crafter so you can get a portion of the Dragonborn level gear to go head to head against him with.

When you've beaten him for the fourth and last time he will be executed by Hermaeus Mora and you'll get a base aggregate of 10 monster spirits from him including those of which he took from you too. Miraak's demise additionally directs the finish of the journey just as the DLC.

In Skyrim Dragonborn, the legend needs to get to the summit of Apocrypha. At the summit of Apocrypha, the saint will challenge Miraak and put a conclusion to him. Above all, the legend quite to move beyond the swarms of beasts and naughty turns that lie among him and the summit of Apocrypha.

This will control the saint on the best way to move beyond the six parts of the book Waking dreams, get hold of the four books (see beneath) and get to the summit of Apocrypha.

Chapter Two

Perusing the primary section of the dark book: waking dreams after the saint learns the last expression of intensity will ship the legend to Apocrypha. The course to the subsequent section is basic - push ahead from the beginning point in Apocrypha and read the subsequent part.

The region that the subsequent section sends the saint is covered with searchers. It is ideal to embrace a sneak methodology instead of wipe out each searcher that the legend sees. It is significant for the saint to investigate this second section region and discover a book on the platform here.

Taking that book causes a lot of stairs on the north side of the space to expand. At the highest point of those stairs is an edge sitting above an immense ocean with limbs waving. This edge contains the book filling in as the entryway to Chapter III.

Chapter Three

This segment begins with a passage driving the upper east. A shut door that can't be opened is on the right (southeast) side, which can be viewed as a screen. The passage parts to one side and right, each side being watched by a searcher. The left side is an impasse.

The correct side prompts a lot of stairs up to a life with a table against the upper east divider that holds some plunder, and a platform with the book Delving Pincers. Taking the book opens the entryway back close to the start of this part was securing the scrye. Coming back to that room and actuating the extension will grow a passage ahead toward the southeast. Toward the finish of the passage is a table with a spirited diamond, a few parchments, and books. Turning right (west southwest), the way prompts a high ignore with various scaffolds promoting shut entryways.

To one side (south) is another scrye that can be actuated, opening a door to one side of the passageway of the room, which is a vessel containing books and arbitrary plunder. The focal scaffold prompts the far (south) side and a unit with irregular plunder. To one side (west) of the unit is a platform with the book Prying Orbs.

Taking the book makes a door open on the west side of the room, which is obvious straightforwardly past the platform, yet arriving requires strolling around on the scaffolds. Going towards the recently opened entryway and through the passages prompts a book that is the entryway to Chapter IV.

Chapter Four

There is a quick decision whether to go left (east) or right (west) down advances. To one side, from the main arrival down, a scaffold toward the west prompts a case with arbitrary plunder and a few books. Whichever way down prompts a few searchers, and in the long run to a territory of the room with a table against the east divider with certain books. The principle way drives south from that point through a passage. The passage bends to one side (east) until a crossing point is come to approach a stone table. One passage prompts the right (south), yet strolling down it makes the whole passage withdraw.

The other passage toward the east prompts a similar withdrawal. If the Dragonborn, at that point returns west and south to the first beginning area, they can see that the passages have moved to prompt another zone with more searchers. A lot of stairs up toward the southwest prompts an arrival with a table (holding scrolls) and a unit (containing a modest quantity of gold and a few additional books). Up the second arrangement of stairs toward the north is a Font of Magicka and a platform with the book Gnashing Blades. Taking this book will make the passage move once more.

Withdraw the two arrangements of stairs, another passage has opened to one side (south). The passage bends to one side (east) and prompts a convergence. On the right (south) is an impasse with tables to one side and right with numerous books. Back at the crossing point, continuing forward (east) into the obvious impasse will make the passage grow. There are two stone tables - the one on the left has scrolls and a spirit jewel, while the one on the privilege has seven books. The passage ahead prompts a Font of Stamina, where it turns left (north), at that point bends towards the left (west) and prompts another textual style of stamina. A short scaffold drives northwest to a lot of stairs where a searcher stands monitor. Up the stairs is a table with a spirit jewel and five books.

An extension and steps lead right (east). There will likewise be a searcher around this territory. The way proceeds up and clockwise until a scrye is come to. At the point when actuated, it moves the passage so returning down the means and scaffolds counter-clockwise prompts another new zone (which begins with an increase toward the north).

Chapter Five

Part 5 will land the legend in a territory with four platforms. Every platform will contain various engravings relating to the four books recorded previously. Spot the right book on every platform.

For example, if the platform shows an engraving of pliers, at that point, the book Delving Pincers ought to be set on the platform. When every one of the books is accurately put, the platform containing Chapter 6 will be fueled up. Go forward and read it.

Chapter Six

Part 6 will land the legend outside the library of Apocrypha. Here the legend needs to overcome two searchers. At that point proceed to gather the expression of intensity Armor, Dragon Aspect from the divider and search for the winged serpent Sahrotaar. This revolting blue-winged serpent will be roosted on one of the structures. Utilize the Bend Will mythical beast yell to tame Sahrotaar. At that point ride and explore Sahrotaar and get to the Summit of Apocrypha.

At the Summit of Apocrypha - Seekers Examining the Word Wall

At the Summit of Apocrypha - Seekers Examining the Word Wall

This book prompts the summit. Down a short arrangement of steps, it is conceivable to go left (south) or right (north). Either way winds up in a similar spot, yet going right leads past a table with the aptitude book The Art of War Magic and a spirited diamond.

A passage paves the way to an open region. Out yonder are two searchers concentrating a word divider? In the wake of overcoming them and a Lurker that shows up out of an oozing pool, perusing the Word Wall will train an expression of the Dragon Aspect yell.

All of a sudden, Miraak's winged serpent, Sahrotaar, will fly overhead and start an amazing assault. The full power Bend Will yell will break his will. He will land and state, "Hail, thuri. Your thu'um has authority. Move on board and I will convey you to Miraak."

When the Dragonborn mounts him, he will take off and a message will seem to disclose how to ride the mythical serpent. Sahrotaar can't be legitimately controlled in flight, fairly guided a general way to assault foes. He will fly over a stage with a few searchers and prowlers, allowing the Dragonborn to work on assaulting. When they are generally dead, he will continue to the high tower with Miraak.

At the Summit of Apocrypha- The Main Story Mode

Reach Miraak's Temple

The first level of Apocrypha is very easy - just climb the stairs in front of you and read the book which leads to Chapter II. The further part is by far more interesting.

Follow the only possible path to the top of the next set of stairs and take the Boneless Limbs to form the pedestal. That way you will create a staircase at the end of the big room and will be able to head to Chapter III (by using the next book).

In the opposite room, there are two Seekers - try killing them before they manage to divide (silent assassinations might come in handy). At the same time, look out for the tentacle ponds. They can cause you serious damage, but luckily their range is limited.

After getting past these obstacles, go up the stairs and take the Delving Pincers. That will open the gate found right by the book leading to Chapter II (which you have already visited - no reason to head back!). Inside the newly opened room, use the button and cross the corridor. Climb up and enter the vast room with a couple of bridges (look out not to fall!) On the left you will find an organic button that will let you create a passage to a room with a treasure (also note the chest standing on one of the bridges.

On the pedestal, at the southern edge of the location, you will find a book called Prying Orbs. Pick it up to open a passage to Chapter IV (the corridor with a "chilly" wind).

Inside the next room, you will have to fight with two Seekers - if you eliminate them fast enough, you shouldn't have any problems (they become more dangerous once "divided"). Enter the corridor in front of you.

Theoretically, two paths are leading to the further part of the level, but as you will probably learn soon, only one is accessible (the second will "fold-up" and disappear). Head in the designated direction and defeat another Seeker who's waiting for you in the room at the end of the tunnel (if you get lost anywhere - turn around).

Go up the stairs and pick up the last book Gnashing Blades. The second corridor (the one on the right) will be attached to the location. Cross it and pay a surprise visit to the two Seekers.

Head further and climb the stairs to use the button at the top. Afterward, return to the tunnel from which you came - this time it will lead to a completely different place. Get ready to fight a Lurker.

With the beast down (you've fought many up until now, so this one shouldn't be particularly difficult), head to the button to the left of the entrance door. Use it to open the gate to a treasure room.

Afterward, use the next switch (besides the "storeroom") and move on. Note that if you had used the mechanism in a different order, you wouldn't be able to collect the treasures!

Go through the gate and use the book which will take you to Chapter V. You will be moved to a large room with four pedestals. Kill the two Seekers that prowl here. And place the Books that are found before on the proper shelves. Therefore, you will be able to activate a portal and create a passage to Chapter VI.


Frea will ask the Dragonborn, after returning to the Skaal Village, whether Miraak is dead. She then asks whether her father's death was necessary.

At last, she will offer advice to the Dragonborn by warning them that Herma-Mora's trail is not companionable with what the All-Maker proposed when he created the Dragonborn.

Once the quest is completed, several glowing green orbs will form a ring around the central structure. Each orb represents a skill. The skill points can then be re-invested into a different skill tree. The cost of resetting a skill tree is one dragon soul. It can be accomplished at any time by reading Waking Dreams and recurring to Apocrypha.