Arkandian Revenant

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Return to battle and save Arcandia again!
Embark on a journey as an Arkan or Nekretian (or even a demon / ascended if you have finished the previous chapter), save the world and also fill your wallet with coins!
With the help of your new friend Billy, crawl into the deepest dungeons and collect long-lost artifacts, use them to destroy your enemies in person or even equip them in your own army and engage in large-scale tactical battles.
Or, if you prefer to reveal the hidden secrets of making and equip your warriors with your own skillful weapons and armor while you prepare homemade potions.

Revenant takes everything that made the knights great, and takes him to a whole new level. Arkandian Legends is a series of stories that a player experiences. Achievements, skills, items, and victories in one story lead you to the next, opening up new opportunities and benefits as you progress.
Your actions will determine the course of your adventures, and the choice you make can change the very nature of the world.


Menu navigation using your click device (mouse).
WASD or arrows will help pave your way through the dungeons.

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