The Witcher 3: The Path of Warriors


Location: Trail to Yngvar's Fang / Yngvar's Fang

Type: Secondary quest

Suggested Level:16

Reward: 50 ОО

At the end of the quest "The Tower Outta Nowheres", where Geralt "fought" with an atypical opponent for him - with a mysterious tower that previously belonged to the wizard Gottfried's, and thus saved the adviser of the Royal court Sigo Buntz, the quest "The Path of Warriors" becomes available.

"The Path of Warriors" is a road that any self-respecting warrior must pass, thereby confirming the strength of spirit, courage and valor.

Of course, the islanders did not believe that an outsider (in the person of Geralt) could pass the legendary "Path of warriors (heroes)", which only fueled the Witcher's interest. Shall we begin?

Path Testing

After reaching the marked area on the map and visiting the village, the islanders will tell Geralt that you can learn more about the "Path of Warriors" from a certain Gunnar, aka "Master of the way".

You can find him nearby, and he really, though reluctantly, will tell you about the essence of the test.

Gunnar aka - Master of the way

Geralt find Master of the way nearby hes will tell you about the essence of the test

After talking with Gunnar and receiving from him instructions and caustic taunts, proceed to the rock in the form of an arch, but prepare for the attack of the harpy.

After talking with Gunnar, prepare for the attack of the harpy

Be careful, because there will be enough opponents, and you will have to fight in cramped conditions, but this is the test of a warrior's skills. In battle, use quick attack and help e signs.

The entire path is marked with torches and it will be difficult to get lost from it.

When you reach the ruined Fort, jump over the gap and find the door leading inside.

In Fort jump over the gap and find door

As a result, you will find a spiral staircase down, where Geralt will have to fight with the ghosts with your hands – use the sign Irden, prepare the appropriate potion and apply it to the sword.

Having finally sent them to the other world, find the lever that opens the cameras, as well as releasing other unsettled souls.

Follow in the opposite direction from the pointer on the map and in one of the chambers on the right side you will find a descent to the lower levels. Get ready to face level 20 ghosts.

Geralt knows his business, and with his usual skill inexorably moves forward, where he is not stopped even by a blockage of stones, which he easily manages with the help of the Aard sign.

Once in a kind of throne room, look around carefully and collect drawings of the Bear School armor.

Use the lever to lift the grate and exit through the door you entered earlier.

Climb the ruins above and find an elderly man who is very surprised that a stranger could get so far.

The appearance of harpies will not take long to wait, and after climbing to the ledge, at the highest point of the location, Geralt will find a place of power called "Yngvar's Fang", which strengthens the sign "Quen".

 Geralt will find a place of power called: Yngvar s Fang

In the center is a monument where you can find a sign confirming that the spook passed the test of dexterity.


It was time to visit the flooded cave that Gunnar had told us so much about.

It was time to visit the flooded cave

Dive, if possible using a special potion and just swim to the marked area.

There, in the flooded chest will be a second sign.

There, in the flooded chest will be a second sign

Of course, everything cannot be so simple and at the exit of the cave Geralt will be waiting for three bandits level 13.

Geralt meeting three bandits level 13

That's about it. It remains only to find Gunner and confirm that the fame of Geralt's exploits is absolutely deserved.

It remains only to find Gunner

You have passed the legendary "way of the warriors" and earned the recognition and respect of the inhabitants of all the Islands.

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