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"Forefathers' Eve" - an additional task in the game The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. It is not necessary to do it, but for passing you can get a little experience, game currency and some additional bonuses.

Forefathers Eve - The Witcher 3

How to get the quest "Forefathers' Eve"

The task is given out by the Wise Men, already familiar to the players in the quest “Family matters”, when Geralt had to search for the lost goat, and for this the old man helped to find traces of the wife and daughter of the Bloody Baron. In order to get this task, you must first perform the "A Towerful of Mice". Vorozheya can be found:

  • If the problem with the igoshes has already been resolved - near the Keira Metz hut;
  • If the situation with the players at the decision stage is in Crow's .

Do not give the quest "Forefathers' Eve"

Of course, the fortuneteller can be met by chance, exploring the game world. In this case, the task he will not give. To get the task, you must fulfill the main condition - to pass the "A Towerful of Mice". There are no other options, unfortunately.

Walkthrough of the quest "Forefathers' Eve"

The fortunes will ask to protect him during the ritual that he will conduct to indicate the way to the lost kingdom for the lost soul. For this you need to appear at midnight (no matter what day) in the Sacred Circle on Fyke Isled. By that time, a handful of peasants from neighboring villages will be gathering here. If the game time does not meet the conditions of the task, you can pass it in meditation, at the same time replenishing the stock of potions, bombs and elixirs. However, they are unlikely to be needed: the opponents of Geralt will come across not too strong.

Quest overview Forefathers Eve in The Witcher 3

If you turn to the witch at exactly midnight, he can begin the ritual. Instead of the lost souls, there will first be some utopians in the company of a water woman. After the massacre of the monsters, a lost soul will appear in the sacred circle, who will threaten the fortune-teller and call him a father-killer. The charges will be interrupted by three Hunter sorcerers.

They will chase away the spirit and demand to stop the ritual. If you do not interfere, the peasants will quietly disperse. The fortunes will be disappointed in Geralt and will never again enter into dialogue with him.

If you order the Hunters to get out, they will have to be killed. Since the blood has defiled the holy land, as the ritual continues, five low-level ghosts will appear. The peasants scatter in panic.

Quest Forefathers Eve - how to act

In a dialogue with the fortune-maker, it turns out that the spirit that shouted accusations was none other than his father, whom the old man had killed a long time ago and left the corpse to rot in the swamp. In order to rest his soul, the body should be destroyed.

How to burn a corpse on the quest "Forefathers' Eve"

The place where you can find the body is located on the The Orphans of Crookback Bog. The quickest way to get there is using the road sign - from the A Towerful of Mice to The Orphans of Crookback Bog (if both places are already open at the time of passage).

Next to the corpse there are a few staggering killers, who will have to be killed, otherwise they will not allow them to complete the mission. You can find the corpse with the help of witch's instincts. The body, although it has been here for quite some time, is well preserved. You can burn it with the help of the Igni sign.

Forefathers Eve Quest - how to burn a corpse

After that, you can return to the fortune-teller in his hut and take the job. The old man will tell you that his father was a very bad man and he beat his mother. Growing up with a fortune broke his skull with an ax and left it in the swamp. As a reward for completing the quest the Witcher will receive 50 crowns.

How to enter the quest "Forefathers' Eve"

It is more profitable to intervene and kill witch hunters. In addition to monetary rewards, Geralt will receive a discount from Velen's merchants. Also, he will be able at any time to bargain with the witch, from whom you can buy recipes, alchemical ingredients and various herbs.

Bug in quest "Forefathers' Eve"

In the old versions of the game, when passing through some quests, including Uncle, a bug was noticed: opponents-people have a minus level one, and it is impossible to cause damage to them. The problem is fixed in patch 1.11. If you encounter such a bug, it is recommended to upgrade the game client to the latest version (all old saves are likely to be loaded).

In general, the passage of the quest "Forefathers' Eve" is simple, even if you did not have time to well pump and equip the character. Completing a task takes, on average, 15 minutes of real time.

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