The sad tale of the Grossbart Brothers - The Witcher 3 | Walkthrough


"The sad tale of the Grossbart brothers" is a side quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. You can start this quest on the Skellige Islands, for this it is recommended that the witcher be level 26 or higher.

Where to get the quest The sad tale of the brothers Grossbart

Take the quest can be near the village of Blandare, at the crossroads will be some Djenge Frett. The village is located in relative proximity of the settlement Rannvaig. This Djenge Frett will ask Geralt for help, but with one condition: Djenge Frett will work together with the gray-haired chudish hunter.

This argument is due to the fact that it is almost the best headhunter on all Skellige islands. And that it is a great honor to work in tandem with such a professional and specialist for any lost witch.

The Witcher 3 quest "The sad tale of the Grossbart brothers"

Naturally, we are interested in such arrogance and boasting. Geralt will ask for more information regarding the planned event. At what the islander would ask, they had never heard of a witcher about such guys as the Grossbarth brothers.

These guys specialize only in the killing and violence of innocent people, as well as robbery, theft and plundering the graves of the departed. According to him, as soon as the locals see these disgusting brothers Grossbart, they, without thinking, immediately lock themselves in their houses and do not put their nose into the street. But such an approach for these guys is not an obstacle, as they can set fire to the hut, if only the tenants take to the street. At the end of the dialogue, the best bounty hunter Skelliga will warn the witcher about the cunning plans and intentions of the brothers, and also provide information about the places in which he has not even tried to look for these scoundrels.

Passage of the quest The sad tale of the Grossbart brothers

It is in this direction that our journey is ahead to complete the quest "The Sad tale of the Grossbarth Brothers". In order to find these thugs, thieves and gangsters, Geralt will have to find a boat and go under the pointer on the mini-map. The Grossbart brothers hid themselves well from the guards and carefully hid in a small cave, which simply could not be approached from land. Swimming equipment witcher can get on the pier in the settlement of Fyresdal.

Review of the quest "The sad tale of the Grossbart brothers"

If you decide to try to get to the lair of the bandits over land, then the Witcher will still have to jump into the water from that rock, under which our cave is located. But it is strongly not recommended to do so, since it is highly likely that Geralt may break or simply fail to descend. Much easier to use the boat.

How to pass the quest "The sad tale of the Grossbart brothers" - an overview of options

No matter how strange it was, but the best bounty hunter Skellige Dazhngo is already waiting for us on the spot, in order to strike at once at the unheard-of arrogance of the gangsters Grossbart. As soon as Geralt enters the cave, he will have a dialogue with this Dazhngo. Here it is important to make the right decision, since the chosen answer will have its consequences:

  • We can work together;
  • Better not count on me.

A good ending to the quest - The sad tale of the Grossbart brothers

In order for the quest to be completed successfully, in the dialogue you need to answer that Geralt agrees to work together with Dazhngo. As soon as the witcher gives such an answer, Django will fall headlong into the cave and begin to attack the Grossbarth brothers. Here you need to be extremely careful. The problem is that as soon as Dazhngo starts attacking the criminal brothers, a strip appears on our window with a stock of his health. It is necessary to help Django with all our strength so that he will not be killed.

If the bounty hunter is defeated and dies, the quest will automatically be considered failed. But in this task there should be no problems. Initially, we grease our steel sword with the oil "Corpse of the Hanged Man", choose the "Quen" sign and try to help Dazhngo as much as possible. After all the criminals have been successfully killed, Django will offer Geralt some other way to work in tandem, to which the witcher will give an unequivocal refusal.

Bad ending of the quest - The sad tale of the Grossbart brothers

If the gray-haired warrior answers: “You can’t not count on me,” then Django in one person will be forced to deal with the bandits, and of course he will get it very badly. As a result, he dies, and our quest "The Sad tale of the Grossbart Brothers" acquires the status of "Fail". So in any case, do not try to answer Dazhngo with a refusal if you want to complete this quest on the Skelliga Islands.

IMPORTANT! As soon as the villains in the cave are defeated, you should not hurry and immediately run away from there. Firstly, there are a lot of useful values, especially if you play on the difficulty “Pain and suffering” and higher, you should look around carefully. But the main advantage of this scanty place is that in one of the chests the real treasure for the witcher will be hidden - drawings of the armor of the Bear School, which are considered to be almost the most effective in the game The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Options for the quest The sad tale of the Grossbart brothers

It is also worth looking around at the entrance to the cave, where there is a small climb, which will need to climb and jump into the water. Under the water, we will find another chest, which will please us with very, very satisfying loot.

Video Quest The sad tale of the Grossbart brothers