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“The Inconstant Gardener” is a side task in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, which you can find in the second major addition, “Blood and Wine”. The task refers to the type of quests “Treasure Hunt” and includes only a few items, so you can complete it right on the spot. The problem with such tasks is that they are not displayed on the map or on bulletin boards until you run into it yourself.

Or the player does not find the box, which can be well hidden, waves his hand and leaves with nothing. But not at this time! I will tell you everything in detail and show it in illustrations. In general, this task reminded me of the first part of the trilogy. Those who passed through it should remember the Gardener, who was courting the garden of the St. Lebioda's Hospital in the Temple Quarter. Echinops were complex creatures, and rarely come across, and the old man asked for whole rhizomes. So I also had to look for what to give to the Gardener in order to get the coveted roses. Well, okay, back to the Wild Hunt.

“The Inconstant Gardener” - detailed quest walkthrough

How to get the job

You may stumble upon this mission while traveling in the south of Toussaint. The necessary place is located near the vineyard Ortenz, south of the village of Francollarts, and if it is simpler, right next to the Tesham Mutna ruins, where you have already met with vampire friends. For a better explanation, I made a screenshot.

Witcher 3 quest (The Inconstant Gardener) on the map

The bandits, who are not happy with the fact that the White Wolf had disturbed them, were already in the abandoned farm. There will be several robbers, so prepare Quen and deal with the crossbowman in the first place so that he does not knock down the same Quen. Next will be a few melee guys: since they are ordinary people, Aksy will be very effective. Especially against the one with the shield. Well, and “spice up” all this with the Hanged Man's Venom in order to deal with the gang as soon as possible.

In general, the Butcher from Blaviken showed itself in all its glory.

Quest (The Inconstant Gardener) - battle

After defeating the Hanseatic, it is worthwhile to search their corpses. In addition to good loot and money, one of them in his pocket can be found orders Pellegrin Myshasty and the key gardener. The key is still useful to us, but let's read the orders.

Walkthrough of the mission (The Inconstant Gardener)

From the orders we learn that the leader of the bandits, he is Pellegrin Myshy, ordered his gang to find some Quil, then he framed his brothers. On his tip, the gang attacked a heavily guarded Nilfgaard caravan.

Furious, Myshastius ordered his gang to find the traitor, find out the whereabouts of the treasure, and then kill him. I can not say that this is true, but these are the gangster realities of the Middle Ages.

After this letter, we finally activated the task “The Inconstant Gardener” and the sub-item “search the workshop” will appear.

How to search a workshop

After wandering on the estate, Geralt can find two closed doors: one, apparently, leads to the toilet, and the other - into the house. You do not have to think about where to find the key, then you don’t need to open them. I do not know why they were made at all - rather, for scenery and detail of the area.

Walking through the workshop, you can see the hero of the occasion - the traitor gardener.

The Inconstant Gardener - passing the job

So the gangsters did get to him, but I hope not to the chest.

Where to look for a chest

The chest is located in the very center of the workshop, hidden between three barrels.

Mission (The Inconstant Gardener) - the coveted box

From the chest we collect the poor fellow's accumulations, as well as a diary from which we learn that Quail was an ordinary gardener, he simply had no luck. Once he was heavily indebted to Pellegrin Myshastoy and because of this he had to tell you about the nilfgaard caravans.

But our guy repented of it and felt guilty, so he decided to give Myshom a tip-off on the caravan with heightened security, while at that time he intended to escape to Meht. Judging by the corpse on a tree, he did not have time to escape.

Completion of the traitorous gardener mission

On this mission, "The Inconstant Gardener" will be completed.

Mission "The Inconstant Gardener" - possible bugs

Some players had a bug, due to which the task after the chest was not completed. Even though they took everything from him. The task so hung until the end of the game, being considered not completed and did not give an opportunity to get additional experience. In patches, developers have fixed this problem. There was also such a problem that Geralt simply does not take things out of the bag, which is why the task cannot start at all. This problem was also fixed.

Quest video

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