The Man from Cintra Witcher 3 | Walkthrough | Review


From this guide you will learn everything about the passing of the task “The Man from Cintra” in the game The Witcher 3 and about some nuances: where to get a costume and what is better to wear, how to throw paint balls to paint a picture, where to go to get to the bed, about famous bugs and more.

Quest "The Man from Cintra" in The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine

This task is from the main storyline of the supplement “Blood and Wine” for the game The Witcher 3. You can familiarize yourself with the update as when passing the main part “Wild Hunt” and launch it separately. Keep in mind that the game will begin as if anew, but Geralt will already have good equipment - a set of armor and weapons from Kaer Morhen (without set bonuses), gathering an entry level for Roach, as well as many elixirs, oils, bombs and Alkagest to restore them during meditation, food, alcohol, a good crossbow, bolts, mutagens, repair kits and runes of various types.

Walkthrough The Man from Cintra Witcher 3

Geralt himself appears in the vicinity of the village of Yavornik not far from the Hanged Man's Tree. The character will have 34 levels and will have 44 skill points, so do not forget to activate the necessary skills and adjust their interaction with mutagens. Most of the action takes place in Tussenta, a remote province famous for its vineyards producing the best Witcher 3 wine in the world, as well as a bit of strange people jealously honoring knightly traditions. To get there, it is necessary according to the conditions of the task “Embassy from the wine region” to find a suitable advertisement on one of the boards in Velen.

Unfortunately, the Witcher has only a starting deck for playing Gwent. Of course, some cards can be bought from local merchants, as well as in Tussent itself, but this will not give the desired effect. Players in the wine region are strong, and at the disposal of each such deck, which can be collected only during the passage of the main storyline "The Witcher 3".

Walkthrough of the quest "The Man from Cintra"

This quest is preceded by “Wine is Sacred!”, During which the characters learn that the mysterious Zintrian nobleman invited singer Cecilia Belante to a reception at Mandragora, a closed community of bards, artists, actors and other artists. Geralt will not be able to get there alone: Princess Anna-Henrietta will accompany him, albeit incognito. Quest starts automatically after the previous one.

In addition, you can go to the costume dealer to dress Geralt more decently, as befits a social event. On the way to the shop, the witcher will stumble upon four thugs whom a nobleman from Zintra hired to hunt him. If you are reluctant to fight, you can use the bug: do not go to the bench on foot, but take advantage of the fast movement. The gangsters, even noticing Geralt, will continue to talk about wine and women, not paying attention to the hero.

The Witcher 3 Blood and Wine quest The Man from Cintra

What to wear for the quest "The Man from Cintra"

It should be noted that it is not necessary to change clothes: the witcher will be allowed inside in any way. However, the fulfillment of additional conditions, as in any quest in this game, increases the amount of experience gained for its implementation.

What to wear in the quest The Man from Cintra

The choice in the shop is not rich: a couple of types of camisoles (local and Nilfgaard), pants and shoes. There are masks for sale, but none of them are suitable, as the Mangdragora members wear completely different ones. Anna-Henrietta will hand the missing piece of equipment to Geralt before they go inside. If you still change the character, the girl, among other things, will release a compliment about his sense of style.

In addition, the Witcher will hide both of his swords, which provokes additional nervousness. However, the weapon will not be necessary for further passage: you will have to talk a lot and conduct an investigation using witch's instincts. Also, you can additionally participate in local amusements, for which a little experience is gained.

Intelligent fun on the quest "The Man from Cintra"

The witch will be amazed by what is happening in the courtyard of a luxurious mansion: guests are entertained by mimes and courtesans, tables are full of refined dishes, wine flows like water, half of the guests are already reeling, but behaving in the framework of decency. The picture is not at all combined with Dandellion's constant complaints that the artist always keeps moving from bread to water, not having a penny to himself. However, the princess will explain that the mansion belongs to Oriana, the local patron of the arts, and all the artists, like our heroes, are just visiting with her. The owner herself can be seen standing on the balcony. She does not wear a mask, as everyone present will easily recognize her.

There are several amusements here: you can take part in dragging an imaginary rope, gawk at the performance of the illusionist of the Great Kalesty, launch a flying flashlight, or paint a picture by throwing paint balls.

How to throw balls with paint in the task "The Man from Cintra"

It’s easy to do: you need to take three balls of different colors from the table and throw them on a sheet. Each ball falls into the inventory cell intended for the bomb, so it rushes in exactly the same way: by pressing the middle mouse button. Regardless of the result, the manager of the fun will praise Geralt's talent and make a verdict that such a picture testifies to his adventurousness and readiness to stand face to face with any danger.

How to throw balls with paint in the quest The Man from Cintra

Of course, this is completely untrue, as the charming witcher’s companion will confirm. Geralt will gloomily laugh it off, that during his work it is difficult to expect something else.

How to get into the bed in the quest "The Man from Cintra"

The necessary loggia is located in the center on the left side of the fountains. Here the heroes will find the artist painting a nude portrait of a girl with a carpet orchid in her hair (according to the gatekeeper’s guidance, this is Cecilia Belante). However, it turns out that this is a completely different girl who picked up a flower by an abandoned actress from the crowd. She will tell you that she saw a tall, bearded man in a mask with whom Cecilia went to the tables with treats. The gentleman gave the lady a heart-shaped box.

The Man from Cintra - how to get into the box

We will find her next to one of the tables. It smells like expensive perfume - apparently, there was a bottle inside. It is for this smell, following the witch's instinct, that the singer can be found.

Snoop Geralt follows the trail

In front of the dressing room, Geralt and Anne-Henrietta will be blocked by a thick-set guard. After several replicas of the girl, he immediately recognizes the princess and allows him to pass inside without difficulty. According to the promise, Cecilia and the Zintri are still in the dressing room.

However, inside we will find only the singer’s body that had not had time to stiffen with a throat cut. Anna-Henrietta will go for help, and Geralt will follow the trail of bloody prints and then follow the trail from the broken pot and end up in Oriana’s private chambers.

Tsintriya nobleman - Geralt follows the trail

Judging by the appearance of the room, a fight broke out: a hunting knife with a family coat of arms was lying on the floor, a mirror was broken on the wall, a picture was cut, several bloodmarks were printed, a broken chain was placed on the secretary and the expensive looking medallion. The box in which he was kept is broken. The frame of one of the windows is smeared with blood - it seems that someone just fell out of here.

The end of the quest

Entered accompanied by Princess Oriana will confirm the conjectures of Geralt. In a conversation over a glass of wine, which takes place on the balcony, will form a complete picture of events. Anna Henrietta, on the basis of a number of indirect signs, will determine that her sister Sianna, who had been driven out by her parents in childhood for her bad temper, was implicated in the matter. During this dialogue, Oriana will leave, so the most interesting will not be heard.

She will return, accompanied by Regis and Detlaff - the very vampire who had already been baptized as the Bekler's Beast. During the dialogue, consisting entirely of gimmicks and hints, you can make a choice: agree peacefully with the murderer by entering into his position, or threaten with reprisals.

Completion of the quest (The Man from Cintra)

However, while the aristocracy continues to chat nicely, Geralt will take Regis aside and share her immediate plans. He intends to go to Dun Tõne Castle - it is there, according to all the evidence, that the blackmailers are hiding, which forced Detlaff to kill the local nobility. Regis's task is to delay him for as long as possible until Geralt deals with them. However, this is the next task in the main storyline of the supplement “Blood and Wine”, so we will consider it in the next publication.