In wolf's clothing Witcher 3: how to remove the curse from Morkvarg


In Wolf's Clothing” is a side task in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, which you can find on Skellige. The task is available for execution at any time as soon as you open the location in the story quest “Destination: Skellige!”. The entire mission will take place on the small island of Hindarsfjall in the eastern part of Ard Skellige. In the course of completing the quest, the witcher will face a multi-level curse and will face a choice: coolly kill the monster in the grove or return him to a human form. Well, let"s get to the point.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt detailed passage of the quest “In wolf's clothing”.

There are many ways to get this task. Here is a small list:

  • The easiest option, of course, is to familiarize yourself with the bulletin board in the village of Larvik, which you will find in the eastern part of the island. On the board you will see the announcement “Contract: Morkvarg”, after which the task “In Wolf's Clothing” is immediately activated, and Geralt will be sent to the Freya Sanctuary.
  • The option is even simpler — not to take the assignment on the bulletin board and immediately talk to Yosta, who is in the Freya's Sanctuary — after the talk, the assignment will immediately become active.
  • Chatting with women from Lofoten on the same island while completing the “Man missing” mission, the Witcher is given the opportunity to offer the girls his help and crack down on the monster who settled in Freyja Grove. To do this, select the dialogue option “Morkvarg? What is this? ”, Further to say that “I can get rid of Morkvarg ”, and the task will also become active.
  • Another option is to immediately fall into the Freyja Shrine and accidentally stumble upon Morkvarg himself or his lair. After the cut-scene, Geralt will also receive the task “In the wolf's clothing”.

Whatever way you get this task, the first thing you should do is talk to Josto. According to the girl, during his lifetime Morkvarg was the still violent scumbag known throughout Skellige. One day he even dared to attack the Sacred grove of the deity Freya. The high priestess of Ulva's grove tried to stop him, but Morkvarg seriously wounded her back. Dying from injuries, the high priestess cursed the robber. From that moment on, he became a monster and could not leave the grove. How many times he was not killed, each time the curse of Morkvarg brings him back to life. Jost is ready to pay the witch dearly if he can get rid of the monster in the grove.

Attention! If you want to spell, and not just kill Morkvarg, you need to ask the priestess about the curse and choose the reply “Who is Morkvarg?”. After this remark, the priestess admits that during the curse in the grove there were witnesses, and we can find one of them now in Larvik. If you don't question the priestess now, you still have to do it after.

Witcher 3 (Morkvarg) - Walkthrough

So, from the Morkvarge inquiries, we learned that during those terrible events in the grove there was a certain Tordar son of Einar. We can find a man in Larvik on the pier. Let's go to him and go before going to the grove.

Having reached the pier, we find the person we need and begin to ask him about what happened.

Find out more about the curse of Morkvarg

From the story we learn that one fine (or not so) day Morkvarg with his hoslavs broke into the grove, attacked the priestesses, tied them up and cut the throats. And the high priestess before her death managed to impose a curse on him, forcing him to always remain in the skin of the beast. Our witness Tordar was able to survive only by a miracle. Morkvarg under the influence of the curse interrupted his entire squad.

The funny fact is that, dying from the teeth of the monster, people immediately turned into ashes. From this Geralt concluded that the curse is not simple, but multi-level.

The Witcher 3 - Freyja Grove

Having finished with conversations and preludes, we go to the grove itself in order to see everything with our own eyes and see the monster. If before that you didn’t come up to the grove, then at the entrance you will immediately start a cut-scene with a werewolf, exhausted from hunger. Damn trying to eat, but the body rejects food and nothing comes out. If you have already seen the cut-scene, then, of course, a werewolf will not appear at the gate.

The Witcher 3 Freya Grove is a starving wolk

The main gate of the grove is closed, so to get inside you have to go around. To the left of the gated entrance you can see a stone staircase that leads to the wall. On the same wall, each time we will fall into the grove.

Walkway to the Freya Grove - The Witcher 3

We go up the stairs, go along the wall, we see the bridge on the right and pass through it. On the territory of the grove we will be met by several aggressive wolves.

Freyja Grove in The Witcher 3

Passing along the stone bridge, we will be exactly in the center of the grove. To our left there will be a closed wooden house, and if we jump down and walk up to the gate, near which we saw a cut-scene with a werewolf, we can find traces.

Morkvarg traces in the Freya grove in The Witcher 3

Just go on the trail, run on a wooden roof, go through a shallow ditch and climb the stone stairs.

We are looking for an entrance to the Morkvarga cave in The Witcher 3

Here Geralt will notice the control levers, with the help of which you can raise and lower gateways that cover the moat. Near the levers, the tracks will continue, and we will see a stone cave, into which, in fact, we need to. Congratulations, you have found the lair of the wolfling!

Morkvarga s lair Witcher 3

After walking a little along the wall, we will see a roller in which the werewolf is talking to a skull, impaled on a stick. Volcolak violently scolding Ramunda (apparently, that was the name of the carrier of the skull) because of the missing key from the common house.

Morkvarga Lair - Lost Key

However, the skull remains silent, and after several angry sentences, the video will end, after which the wolf will attack the witcher. In battle, regularly use the Moon Dust bomb and fry his Igni to prevent regeneration. When Morkvarg will have only 20-30% of HP, he will calm down, and it will be possible to talk with him.

Morkvarg in Witcher 3 - kill or spell

  1. Don't like being a werewolf? - from the conversation, we learn that for several years, the werewolf has been tormented by thirst and hunger. Everything he tries to eat turns into ashes. Sometimes, out of desperation, he begins to tear his own body with his fangs, but it only gets worse, as if the tongue boils with the heat. Geralt has time until all the blood flows out of Morkvarg. After he again will have to attack the witcher, such a curse. The wolf begs the witcher to cure him and promises a worthy reward in return.
  2. To feed Morkvarga - there is no point in feeding during the first meeting, for we can give him only ordinary food. If you want to try, then go ahead - feed the werewolf with dumplings, but he, like any other food, cannot eat them - the food will not digest and turn into ashes.
  3. You talked about the reward - the wolf promises that, removing the curse, Geralt will receive the last value that remained with Morkvarg, a real treasure.
  4. The options “Finish off Morkvarga” and “Farewell” are the same, for in that and in that case the monster’s body will disappear and leave behind a pile of loot. I advise you to pick up the loot, because there is a quest object - werewolf meat.

The owner of the cave has temporarily disappeared, which means that now we have the opportunity to examine it. With the help of witch's wit, we can notice a crack in the floor. Looking into it Geralt will understand that there is a cave below. Perhaps it was there that the necessary key fell?

how to get into the flooded cave under the Morkvarga lair

We can also see Ramunda, with whom the werewolf talked, but this is completely optional. After exploring the cave out.

Kill or spell Morkvarga: options for the quest "In the wolf's clothing"

And now, after the first meeting with the wolf, you have the opportunity to quickly complete the task. If you want to kill the wolf, and not to spell it, you should do the following:

  • Meditate at the entrance to the Morkvarg's lair before dawn so that it will fall off;
  • Come in and fight him again until you have a chance to talk;
  • Feed the Morkvarg with the meatwolf meat that you picked up after his first kill.

Having eaten a part of “myself”, Morkvarg will disappear forever, and in the inventory the witcher will have the armor “Salmi Brigantine”. At this stage, it remains only to return to Jost, to tell that Morkvarg is no more and receive the promised reward.

How to remove the curse from Morkvarga - quest "In the wolf's skin"

The first step is to find the key that will open the common house. This is a wooden house, by which you passed, only after hitting the sacred grove along a stone bridge. The key to the house must lie in an underwater cave under the wolf's den, and we will go there.

How to get into the flooded cave under the lair of Morkvarg

In order to get into the flooded cave floor Morvorg den, we need to go back to the levers and open the right gateway. To do this, we pull the right lever several times until we see that the right bar sticks out of the wooden device on the floor, then pull the left lever.

In the wolfs clothing - where to find the key

The desired gateway is open, jump into the water and swim into the underwater cave we need. In a small space of a cave you can see a pile of bones and the cherished key to the common house. We float back, climb the land on the stone steps and go to the common house, which is located near the entrance to the sacred grove.

You will find two doors in the house: the treasures are just behind the right, and the quest items we need are behind the left. In the chest that is highlighted, we find the Morkvarg Diary. We read the document and we understand that Tordar was deceiving Geralt about what was happening during the attack.

Important! If at the very beginning of the assignment you did not ask the priestess who Morkvarg is, now you have to do it. In the course of the dialogue, she will send us to Tordar. If asked and have already been on the pier, then we return straight to Tordar to find out what"s the matter.

After presenting “You lied to me” Tordar will start to threaten Geralt, they say, his squad is standing next to him, and now the Witcher will get acquainted with their swords.

The Witcher 3 In the wolfs clothing - how to remove the curse

  • I would be glad to meet you - by choosing this option, you cannot spell Morkvarg! Therefore, it is worth resolving peacefully.
  • We have no need to fight - Tordar will not be happy with what Morkvarga is most likely to spell. During the conversation, he admits that the curse of his commander - this is his work, and the High Priestess. He took advantage of the moment and scratched Morkvarg with a fang of fangs with runes. If you give this fang to the damned, then the curse will fall.
  • Do it for the priestesses - Tordar learned that the priestesses want to regain the sacred grove, and only therefore agreed to help them. At the end of the dialogue, he will ask Geralt not to let a bastard like Morkvarg leave.
  • Give it back - if you still want a massacre, then choose this option and take the damnable fang already from the corpse of Tordar. It will not be difficult to win, even though there will be four against you.

How to spell Morkvarga using claws

In one way or another, having received the item we need to remove the curse, it’s time to go back to the lair of the wolk to loosen it with the help of a claw. We return to the same cave, meditate if necessary, and again enter into battle with the wolf. If Geralt killed Tordar before he learned how to remove the curse, then Morkvarg could not be saved. Because the witcher, at least, does not know that you need to put a claw on Morkvarga.

But if I listened, then now during the dialogue we will have the option “Give him the fang of Tordar”. If you want to remove the curse - let's go!

Morkvarg - how to spell with claw

That's the end of the game, Morkvarg returned to the human guise and already represents how much he will eat and drink in the tavern. However, Geralt was left to take the last important decision - to release the scumbag to freedom or immediately finish off.

Kill or spare the monster in the grove

Finish or spare - decide for yourself, it will not bear any consequences, except for the reward.

Interesting fact! If you release Morkvarg, and immediately kill on the spot, then you will be able to pick up 2 awards, and not let him roam free and rob and kill again. The mission is almost complete. Yost will still be waiting for you at the Freyja Shrine and will pay for the work done. If Morkvarg promised you a reward, then in Novigrad in Pruning you can find a usurer, which will be indicated on the map. The reward of Morkvarg is generous - Deithwen silver sword and the recipe for werewolf decoction. This completes the task.

Bugs that can be found during the passage of the task "In the wolf's clothing"

Some players complained that the wolk after the “death” does not leave behind loot. And this means that they cannot receive the meat of the werewolf and complete the quest. They could only spell the monster, or to ship to the top of the quest, if they had already ruined the curse. With the patch, this bug was fixed.

More detailed guide you can see in the video.

How to find and spell Morkvarga - video passage of the quest "In wolf's clothing"