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Gaunter O'Dimm - a character, better known to us as the Glass Man or Mr. Mirror. In addition, he is the main antagonist of the Stone Hearts add-on of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt." The first encounter with him takes place long before the release of DLS HEARTS OF STONE. ”He will sit in a tavern in the starting area of Bely Sad and declare that he learned Geralt from Dandelion’s stories. In addition, he will give us a tip on where to look for Yen and disappear for a long time.

Later in the story, going through the task “Something ends, something begins”, if Ciri chose the Witcher's Way, then we can hear from the dwarves and gnomes from the Isle of Mists that they turned off the stolen cup of St. Michael the merchant with a funny name: “Mr. Mirror".

And now, five months after The Witcher 3 was released, the Stone Hearts supplement comes out, in which we meet Gaunter about o'Dim again. After going through this DLS, you will also be able to find references to Gaunter in the supplement“ Blood and Wine ”.

Who is Gaunter o’Dim in The Witcher 3

Gaunter is a great negotiator, flatterer and real trader. With his speeches and persuasion, he can find an approach to the heart of any person. Introducing himself, he exposes himself to be responsive, honest, noble, patient and willing to help in everything.

However, this is all a lie, in order to win over the person and make him trust the Lord the mirror. In fact, he is vindictive, damn cruel, callous and does not have a bit of sympathy. And all that interests him is to get what he is supposed to under the contract concluded with the person who trusted him. However, Mr. Mirror always respects the terms of the contract (which will allow Geralt to defeat him), even if it goes against his interests. You can call this “professional ethics”, because otherwise people would not trust him so willingly. In one of the dialogues, he utters the phrase “I never cheat”, and yes, it is.

In addition, about "Dim is clearly enjoying human suffering, both spiritual and physical, and does not put a person"s life at anything. He is also very passionate, and this factor will play into our hands. But, although he is pleasantly interested in his person, he does not like a strong manifestation of attention. “Those who have recognized my true name are either already dead, or their fate is much, much worse” - quotation from our Mr. Mirror.

A glass person has just unlimited possibilities for changing our reality. He is many times more powerful than any sorcerer, and his witchcraft does not require any spells, magic formula, or energy. Here are examples of its possibilities: complete spiritual and physical immortality, fraud with the universe, the creation of objects from nothing, the management of the weather - you can list for a very long time.

Signing a contract with a man, Günther is interested in his soul; in return, he can give everything he wants. Examples of the “victims” of Glass Man:

  • Olgerd, who wished wealth, immortality and the return of the good old name.
  • Prometius Chazlok regained his sight.

To summarize, Gaunter o’Dim is one of the strongest opponents Geralt has ever encountered in the game, and in his entire life. The true name and essence of Günther was never revealed, but he seems to be the true essence and embodiment of Evil in all sorts of guises. It can be assumed that he is a demon, which Geralt had already met several times.

Gaunter's Riddle

The latest story set of the HEARTS OF STONE add-on for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has three endings, one of which is Glass Man telling Geralt his riddle. This is a rather interesting and challenging task, so let's take a closer look at the walkthrough.

During the assignment, we intersect with Gaunter in the Alchemy tavern, where he tells us that he will wait for Olgerd at the Lilvani sanctuary. Immediately after that, an assistant of Von Everek would give the witch a message from Shani to look at her. This is not necessary for the job, but I recommend you to go to the girl before going to the sanctuary. If you do not do this, you will not be able to prevent the Glass Man from taking away Olgerd's soul. In addition, this is your last chance to see her.

You can find it, as always, in the clinic in Oxenfurt. It turns out that Shani urgently needs to leave for Kaedven, on the eastern front.

Attention! If you have not played Gwint with Shani, then now is your last chance. For the victory, you will receive one of the 11 cards of the “Stone hearts” supplement of Olgerd von Everek. However, if you missed this moment and never played gvint with her, then, having left for Kaedven, she will leave this card on her desk. Go to her clinic and replenish the collection of cards.

Guy to solve the riddle oDimas help Shani

Also, if during the assignment "Dead Man's Party" you could successfully drive the pigs into the stall without using Axia, at Shani’s home you will find that plush pig that you received as a reward for entertainment.

Mystery of Gaunter o Dima - the walkthrough of the quest

So, Shani will tell Geralt about the fact that her acquaintance by study helped Professor Prometitus Shezlock, an expert in black magic. And once this professor was seen in the company Olgerd. Perhaps he has some information about Gaunter and can help us.

Once inside the professor's house, we will find the book “The Small Key of Gillian Alboko,” which describes the author’s judgments about what is Evil. According to the description it will become clear that the book deals with our Mr. Mirror.

Gaunter o’Dim - The Witcher 3 location

On the first floor of the house we will find a professor who is standing in a protective circle. The poor fellow is not only mad, but also almost blind.

Upon learning that the witcher was in front of him, the professor would agree to talk and tell everything that he could learn about Gaunter. He also advises the witcher to defeat Gaunter with the help of the deal, because the Glass Man always observes the terms of the contract and fulfills his part. That is what will help us to save Olgerd.

After receiving these tips you can go to the sanctuary of Lilvani.

Gaunter o Dim - The Witcher 3 Card

Gaunter o’Dim or Olgerd

Upon arrival, we will have to wait for Olgerd, which will appear only late at night.

During the conversation, the witcher and ataman of the “boars” suddenly appear Gaunter, literally descending from the sky. Mr. Mirror burns the contract and goes in the direction of Olgerd to take his soul.

Here we have to choose which side to take: o Dim or Olgerd? The end of the task will depend on our decision.

Gaunter  o Dim or Olgerd

  • The decision to help Olgerd would lead Geralt to suggest that the “demon” make a deal — the witcher will try to solve the riddle. If the White Wolf fails this task, then Günther will receive the souls of both, and if he guesses it, the demon will leave without touching them. This is a good ending, we will return to it later.
  • If we choose not to intervene, then Günther will suck the lifeblood out of the leader of the “boars” until he turns to ashes. This is a neutral ending, so decide for yourself what you prefer.

Gaunter o’Dim presents in The Witcher 3

Because Geralt has fulfilled his part of the contract, Gaunter about o'Dim sum will offer the witcher to choose one of several gifts.

Gaunter O Dim Gifts

Glass Man Gifts

  • I want to be quick as the wind. By choosing this option, Günther will reward us with a unique saddle for the roach. This saddle is one of the best, horse energy will increase to 100 units, which will allow you to perform any running tasks without stopping along the way. Also while driving on one of the closest enemies, the effect of turbidity is superimposed. In addition, the appearance of the horse will also change - the suit will become a crow, and his eyes will get the same look as in black cats.
  • I want to never feel hunger. After this option, Günther will give us a unique item - the Horn of Plenty. The horn is about food and drink, health regains more slowly, but it can be used an infinite number of times.
  • Always a full bottle of vodka. “Wishmaster” will appreciate the choice of Geralt and give a bottomless decanter. Its main advantage is the ability to craft elixirs, bombs and oils. Of course, the subject can be used endlessly, for that he is bottomless.
  • I want to get rich. After this option, the Witcher will receive a purse with 5000 crowns. In the later stages of the game, this is very little money, so this option is considered the most unattractive.
  • If you have not saved Ciri from the Isle of Mists, you can ask Gaunter where she is. Unfortunately, he will not be able to give us an exact answer and will say that the girl is in a place that is not even available to him.
  • Or you can not take rewards from Gaunter about o'Dim and leave.

Song of children about Gaunter o’Dim

When finished, Mr. Mirror will go away, tossing the skull and whistling. If you listen, you will find out that this is a song of children about Gaunter.

Interesting! Gaunter's song about o'Dim is a song that children sometimes sing in the villages. Gaunter himself also whistled her when a storm appeared and after Olgerd died in a bad ending. If you have not heard it before, here is the lyrics:

The face is prigozh, and umilen speeches
Only in the eyes of the cold grave reigns
He will give you success and prosperity
Generously endows both silver and gold
Only not for nothing so kind he is to people
Time will come to pay bills
Treasure at once you will post
Forever shackled you he concluded.

The answer to the mystery of Master Mirror's

Let's return to a good ending. Having prevented Mr. Olgerd from killing Mr. Mirror, we conclude a contract and enter Gaunter’s world about "Dim."

At the very beginning, he gives us a riddle, the text of which sounds like: “My husband, the beast, the dead stone, the cloud have me. goes wild. Who am I? "

The correct answer to the riddle is its reflection. That it is to find Geralt in this dark world. From this moment the countdown of the time allotted for this riddle will begin.

Solving Gaunters o Diman riddle

Already here we see the window of the house in the distance - that’s where we need it. Quickly go forward along the path, without turning anywhere. We need to go under the arch, which can be seen in the second screenshot.

We are looking for the right answer to the mystery of mister mirror

Gaunter s World O Dima - Mr Mirror Watches the Witcher

After the arch you can go straight into the house, but it is best to first turn left and pick up the Poisoned Silver Sword of the Snake School. This is a unique sword, and you will not get it anymore.

In the world of Gaunter o Dima, you can find the unique sword of the Snake School

Before the sword sticking in the stone will appear the ghost of Him - the monster that you could meet on the instructions of the “Possession”. Deal with a ghost or run past - your business. Jump on the ledge and take out the sword from the stone.

Snake Schools Unique Sword

Gaunter all this time watching Geralt and releases his comments. For example, that we will not succeed. And, in my opinion, it will even turn out ...)

Taking the sword, we return to the path, focus on the luminous windows of the house and run towards it.

We are looking for the right answer to the riddle of the mirror person.

To run on the left side or on the right - it does not matter, you will come running to the house in any case.

solve the riddle of the mirror man

Getting closer, run over the fence, run past or deal with the ghosts and go straight to the house.

We are looking for a reflection in the world of Gaunter o Dym

Having run into the house, we immediately see the descent near the left wall - we run along it and notice a mirror at the end of the corridor.

Where to find a mirror that can not be broken

And here, it seems, the obvious answer to where Geralt can see his reflection.

But no, Gaunter will interfere with our plans and break all the mirrors in his world. And with them, and the floor under our feet. Therefore, we will have to find a mirror that cannot be broken.

Once under the house we need to go down the stairs and go to the left mirror, highlighted in red.

We are looking for a mirror that can not be broken.

This mirror will also break, then right behind it, with the help of witch's instincts, we can find water, and with it Gaunter about o'Dim. And also a tiny wall that will surely spread out from Aard.

Finding water is the right solution to the mystery of Mr. Mirror.

We break the wall with the help of Aard, find our reflection in the water and solve the riddle of the demon, listening to his last words.

If you do not have time, then Mirror man will appear in front of you and kill Geralt. After that, you have to boot back and start the walkthrough of the riddle from the beginning.

Gaunter  o Dim and Geralt

Having solved Gaunter's riddle, we will return to our world and peacefully disperse from Olgerd, having received his sword as a reward. This completes the story of the addition "HEARTS OF STONE". We can look at the detailed task in the video.

Interesting! In The Witcher 3, as well as in the separate game “Guint” from the developers of The Witcher, there is Gaunter ’s card about "Dima. The artistic description of the card reads" He will give you success and prosperity. He will generously give you silver and gold. "Yes, he will, but now we all know that Gaunter will demand in return.

How to solve the riddle of Master Mirror's - video of the quest passing in The Witcher 3 game