Achilles 2: Origin of a Legend

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A fierce side-view combat game, fight with 5 different armies, cut the enemies in half, decapitate them, pierce them with spears, hit them with their heads ... At the end of each level there is a skilled boss who must defeat with his own fighting movements.


WASD - Movement
K - Swipe / Punch
L - hit
P - Pause

Management is configured in the game. More instructions in the game

My advice on beating two swordsmen standing next to each other:

а) Use the shield to get closer, then break one knee, then back off, and then kill the other.
b) use a running shield with a shield to knock over one and then kill the other
c) use a jump attack to kill one of them.
d) throw a spear at them
e) kick their head to knock over one and kill the other

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