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Aqua Boy

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Aqua Boy, expertly assisted by the ape's assistant and professor Labradoodle, is a fearless underwater adventurer exploring the unexplored depths of mysterious long-forgotten artifacts. Unfortunately, his last mission went completely wrong!

Take control of everything when he gets out of the wreckage of his submarine, embarking on an epic adventure through the ruins of a sunken city. Get to know many eccentric characters, from fussy bureaucrats to hired bees; Improve your weapons and defense, acquiring new abilities that open previously inaccessible areas; fight with all kinds of strange creatures, including five bosses.


You can play with the mouse and keyboard, or with double-handle controls.
W, A, S, D - move (QWERTY mode)
Z, Q, S, D - move (AZERTY mode)
Arrow Keys / Mouse - Shoot
Space - use item / door
Q, E - select item (QWERTY mode)
A, E - select an item (AZERTY mode)
M - Map

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