We are looking for authors for our portal - Xgamers


Dear friends, our portal “xGamerss.com” has only one goal - this is an association of computer game lovers, as well as people who are simply interested in this area.

The content we offer is created by gamers for gamers, but in the most understandable form (interpretation), in order to popularize games and interest everyone in this stunning and endless virtual world.

Friends, we are contacting you. Our team of authors is always open to new writers.

Who are we looking for? Everything is as simple as possible:

  • Do you consider yourself a gamer?
  • You are not afraid of the words - afk, damage, npc, grind, cbt and so on and you know their definition?
  • Are you familiar with the gaming industry and are interested in all the latest news and news?
  • Do you know how to express your thoughts and your opinion on paper?

Then you come to us and we are ready to offer

  • Work / hobby in a friendly company of fellow authors
  • Good pay for your work
  • Interesting cooperation in various projects
  • An invaluable experience for beginners in the field of copywriting

Even if you do not have experience in writing articles or reviews, but are focused on the result and are ready to develop, you definitely have a place in our team!

You can send all questions and suggestions on mutual cooperation in a free form to the e-mail info@xgamerss.com with the subject «New author».

We also value your and our time, as well as the quality of the content we offer.

Therefore, a kind request. Accompany your application (in a separate document or in the letter itself) with one or more examples of your work. It is advisable that the above example of your skill was not previously published!

It is especially important to understand that the quality of our content is based not only on understanding the topic and personal experience, but also on the high uniqueness of the material offered. And maintaining the appropriate level of uniqueness is one of the key requirements for the future author!

Not a single letter will go unanswered! Join now!