The Witcher 3: quest «Wine Wars»


Location: Toussaint

Type: Secondary quest

Suggested Level:37-40

Reward: Optional

If you are interested in passing the additional quest "Wine wars", then the main storyline of the DLC" Blood and Wine" you are already completing or close to it. From this, it follows that you have already heard about Count Vladimir Crespi, who fell first in the list of The Beast of Beauclair.

« Count Crespi called himself a knight, but spat in the face of chivalry. That's why he should not die with a sword in his hand, but atone for his dishonor on the town pillory. He was a rogue and he should die a rogue's death»

As you know, leaving the "military" feats in the Prince's squad, count Crespi took up business-wine. His business was quite successful, but after his death, the winery passed into the possession of the princely Treasury, which created a vacant position as owner and Manager of an extremely.

This vacancy interested two applicants: Liam de Coronata and Matilda de Vermentino, who had a huge number of mutual claims to each other.

This Vacancy interested: Liam de Coronata and Matilda de Vermentino

So, arriving at the auction site (after taking the order from the Bulletin Board), Geralt finds Liam and Matilda, as well as the auction Manager/official, who clearly had no desire to put the winery in the hands of the disputants.

The essence of their claims was reduced to mutual suspicion of each other in the organization of sabotage, and since Liam and Matilda do not have direct evidence, it's time to get to work the spook.

Accordingly, each of them will try to win Geralt over to their side, promising a solid reward of 700 crowns each. You will have to decide and represent the interests of one of the parties.

Geralt is promised a reward 700 crowns

Geralt in Quest: Wine Wars

By agreeing to help Liam, the task "Wine wars: Coronata" will become available.

If you choose the side of Matilda, the task "Wine wars: Vermentino" will appear.

There is an option to leave the choice for later and in the dialogs choose the line "If I'm around", and then - "I can't promise anything", for Liam and Matilda, respectively-this option is preferable.

Wine Wars: Coronata

The essence of Geralt's help will consist in exterminating pests, as well as simultaneously searching for evidence that incriminates one of the debaters (or not them?).

P/S Prepare Cursed oil and elixir "Golden oriole"

The points that the spook needs to visit look like this:

Map with points where Geralt need to go

  1. "Pests from the winery" - North of the "Plegmund's Bridge" - two level 38 Archespore
  2. "Deserted village" - to the West of The "Coronata Winery" - two level 38 Archespore
  3. "Treasures under guard" - South of the "Trading Post" - two Archespore of level 38

Very important! Search the area and find a very interesting letter in the pocket of one of the bodies.

Fail me this time and I'll skin that splotchy hide off your rump. Pick up the next batch of seedlings tomorrow from the Tesham Mutna hatchery. We need to infect another spot at Coronata. But don't be late, because the team from the vineyard on the other side of the river's got the key!

What does "B" mean? Can this be considered an abbreviation of Vermentino? A question that has not yet been answered, but it is clear for sure that all the troubles are man-made.

4. "Man in trouble" - North of the "Trading Post" - two level 37 robbers, one level 40

Grateful for the rescue, the herbalist from Coronat will offer to visit the winery with her, but you should refuse and search the robbers, finding another letter.

I'll be short and to the point: you're to grab Liam's herbalist and keep him from finishing production of that new wine. Leave the girl alone until I send more orders. Don't mess this up, you bum-brained beetroot.

5. "Hidden treasure" - North of the "Dun Tynne Crossroads" - 2 rock trolls level 37

On the corpse, you can find a key and a note that will allow you to take the task "Coin Doesn't Stink".

So all five of the Coronat's problems were solved, and the circumstantial evidence points to Matilda. If you are sure of her guilt, you can go to the Treasury office and report your suspicions.

The official will listen to your report and declare Bellegarde Liam master.

Wine wars: Vermentino

The essence is the same, visit 5 places marked on the map:

Wine wars: Vermentino

  1. "Man in trouble" - to the West of the "Lisie Doły" - three level 37 robbers
  2. "Deserted village" - West of the "Castel Ravello" - two Archespore 38 levels
  3. "Deserted village" - North (below the lake) "Chuchote Cave" - level 38 Archespore
  4. "Hidden treasure" - East of the "Lisie Doły" - 3 Rotfiend 37 levels

Search the corpse and find the key and diary to activate the treasure quest "Don't Take Candy from a Stranger"

5. "Treasures under guard" - North of the "Sansretour valley"- two Archespore 38 levels

Search the body and find another letter with a hint of the culprit of all the problems.

Read these orders carefully, for I will not tolerate any blunders. Report to the agreed-upon location tomorrow and collect the next delivery of seedlings. We must intensify our efforts to infest Vermentino. Be at pains to arrive on time, for the team from the other vineyard will be waiting!
P.S. Do not forget the key!

So, everything has become even more complicated, as the evidence again cross-leads to two disputants, which indicates the intervention of a certain 3-his person.

Wine wars: The Deus in the Machina

We remind you that this task will only be available when you complete tasks from Liam and Matilda, and you should not have also visited the Treasury and accused one of the customer.

Remember that in the first found the letter stated the location of the seed archespore – East "Tesham Mutna Ruins".

Wine wars: The Deus in the Machina

Again prepare Cursed oil and elixir "Golden oriole", as you will have to fight with level 40 archispora.

Go to the area marked on the map and prepare for a fight.

Using the Witcher's sense of smell, find a box inside which you will find an inventory list waiting for you.
Site of Stocktaking: vespine archespore hatchery, codename "mushroom farm," near Tesham Mutna
Owner/Commissioner of Stocktaking: Count Vladimir Crespi
Stock Under Review: vespine archespore bulbs (archesporus vespidae)
Number: 6 dormant bulbs, 24 buds (without sprouts)
Changes Since Last Stocktaking: -12 bulbs (6 b. transported to Coronata on Count Crespi's orders, 6 b. transported to Vermentino on Count Crespi's orders)

IMPORTANT: Some bulbs are now too mature to be safely transported. These should be burned – otherwise they will sprout in the hatchery!

It was even more interesting than I'd imagined. The culprits were none other than Count Crespi himself, now deceased.

Go back to the Treasury representative. After learning the truth, he will offer Liam and Matilda to run a joint farm and share the burden of ownership of the winery. Despite past disagreements, they accept this reasonable offer.

Wine wars: Belgaard

This is not the end of the help to the new owners of the winery, since after the death of the count, the winery fell into disrepair, which all sorts of evil spirits hastened to take advantage of.

Visit marked on the map point:

Wine wars: Belgaard - Visit marked on the map point

  1. "The deserted village" to the South - West of the "Francollarts " - Oszluzg level 40
  2. "Pests with wineries" - South of the "Mère-Lachaiselongue Cemetery" - 2 Endrega worker 37 level endriago warrior level 37, endriago drone level 37.
  3. "Nest of monsters" - southwest of the "Trastamara Hunting Cottage" - 2 Skolopendromorf 38 level
  4. "Treasures under protection" - West of the "Gélenser Farm" - 2 level 38 Skolopendromorf
  5. "Man in trouble" - North of the "Termes Palace Ruins" - 5 level 40 robbers

Having sorted out his Affairs, Geralt should go back to Belgaard for his well-deserved reward.

Liam and Matilda will invite Geralt to visit them again in 3 days. Be sure to take advantage of their invitation, as in gratitude for their help, they will jointly create a new wine variety and name it after Geralt, and you will have to choose the name: "Geralt of Rivia","Butcher of Blaviken" or "White Wolf". In addition, they will supply wine to Corvo Bianco on a regular basis – a nice bonus.

Liam and Matilda will invite Geralt to visit them again in 3 days