The Witcher 3: quest «Novigrad, Closed City»


Location: Novigrad

Type: Secondary quest

Suggested Level:11

As you probably know in the game The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, including in the additions "Hearts of Stone" and "Blood and Wine", there are many quests about the availability of these the player may not even suspect, due to the fact that to get them you need to find a certain character, which the game itself may not purposefully indicate.

The above fully applies to the series of quests "Novigrad, Closed City", the passage of which will be discussed further.

After completing the quests "A Favor for Radovid" and "A Matter of Life and Death", it becomes clear that the life of Novigrad residents will not return to a calm channel in the near future.

"Witch hunt" is gaining momentum and Radovid, if it is not stopped in the end, will definitely achieve what he wants.

It is worth noting that the quest "Novigrad, Closed City" has two main parts, but there are other small tasks that are closely related to the events in Novigrad. In addition, we will start with them, but their passage or lack of it will not affect the quest "Novigrad, Closed City".

Sigi Reuven

So, if Geralt tries to visit Novigrad through any available gate, he will be stopped by the guards with a demand to show a certificate confirming that the spook is not a wizard.

Naturally, Geralt does not have such a paper, but help will come from the notorious Sigi Reuven.

Dijkstra will give the spook a "Certificate of Perpetual Fire", which will allow him to freely visit the vicinity of Novigrad.

Geralt will only get a certificate when using the gate. if you move quickly, you should not wait for a meeting with a British intelligence officer.

Moritz Diefenthel

When using the "Gate of glory", Geralt can witness the burning of another "wizard-unrighteous", which will be Moritz Diefenthel, whom we have already met earlier in the quest "A Matter of Life and Death".

Moritz, who is being roasted over a slow fire, as soon as he sees Geralt, will shout to the hunters that it was this Witcher who facilitated the escape from the Vegelbud Residence.

The audience will not respond to these words, but it is up to you to decide whether to save the wizard or not.

To save enough to fight with the hunters, and start a dialogue with Moritz.

During the conversation, if you have not yet completed the "Now or never" quest, you can advise the wizard to go to Triss for help.


Not far from the "Gate of glory", Geralt can save another victim of Radovid's policy. The temple guards staged a mock beating of a random refugee. Will you stop to save a stranger?

The salvation of the poor

In the area of the Golden city in the immediate vicinity of the La Valette mansion, the spook may meet a group of sorcerer hunters harassing an innocent couple of beggars.

If you decide to intervene, then be prepared for a difficult battle, as the opponents are level 32-34.

"To what do I owe it?"

If you visit the Red Light district, you will run into hunters, with whom you will have to fight, regardless of the line of dialogue.

This is not the end of the non-obvious scenes associated with the outrages in Novigrad, as you can meet other characters who can be saved from the persecution of hunters and temple guards.

Now let's go to the main tasks.

Novigrad, Closed City 1

On the bridge of St. Grigor, which leads to the Temple Island, Geralt meets a certain Lussi named Fox. A pretty girl turns to the Spook for help, as she claims that there is a Ghost in her house.

On the bridge Geralt meets Lussi named Fox

The appearance of the girl, given the rich experience of Geralt, suggests that they are trying to take advantage of you, but do not leave the "poor thing" in trouble?!

So, going with Lussi to her house, instead of the promised Ghost, the spook is met by two level 12 hunters, with clearly unfriendly motives.

Going to Lussi to her house, Geralt meet by two level 12 hunters

After you have finished with them, Lussi will thank you for your help and give you one of the three keys to a certain treasure, and on the body of one of the dead you can find an interesting document - "Hound leaf".

Lussi will thank you for your help and give you one of the three keys

Familiarity with him will shed light on the way of life of the mysterious girl – no less than many, she is a member of a gang of smugglers who hide extremely valuable magical cargo. And it was this cargo that interested the already deceased hunters.

Wanting to find the two remaining keys to the safe, the spook goes to the "Crippled Kate's", where in the backyard he meets another mysterious man named Walter, who is being chased by sorcerer hunters.

to find the two remaining keys to the safe, the spook goes to the (Crippled Kate s)

Help him get out of the mess and get a second key in gratitude.

The third key can be found in Fritz, who was hiding in the Scraps, but it will not be possible to save him.

The third key can be found in Fritz

After visiting Fritz's house, Geralt will notice a newly used torch on the second floor, which will open a secret door when trying to light it. There will be the last key and an indication of the place where you can find the safe with the treasure.

And you don't have to go far – the safe is located in the next room, and contains various components for creating items.

The safe is located in the next room

Novigrad, Closed City 2

Not far from the tavern "Golden Sturgeon" Geralt is called by a man, as it turned out, a bandit and his colleague, who had a friend in trouble. Their friend was injured and disappeared. They turn to the spook for help.

Geralt is talking with two bandits

Geralt, using the Witcher's sence will quickly find traces of the missing person, which will lead him not to what was expected.

Geralt will quickly find traces of the missing person

The Witcher will find a hunter bleeding to death, who broke the bandits ' deal to sell fisstech, and they decided to teach him a lesson for it.

The Witcher will find a hunter bleeding

You have a choice:

Geralt need make not easy choice

  1. Allow the bandits to deal with the hunter in their own way, given the horrors that Radovid's people create in Novigrad;
  2. Stand Up for the wounded, taking the fight from the bandits. The injured hunter will ask the spook to accompany him to the hospital, and if he agrees, the game will take you to the Vilmerius Hospital, where the quest will end.

That's about it. As you can see, the series of tasks of the quest "Novigrad, Closed City", do not include insanely interesting stories, but this help to the residents of Novigrad will allow you to significantly reduce the number of hunters on the streets of the city.