The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt: Triss Figure

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt: Triss Figure

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For all the fans of the successful game The Witcher, there is a rather considerable amount of good looking action figures, cards, costumes, and other collectibles. This is the case with the collectible figures of The witcher 3: Wild Hunt, but this time we want to introduce you to one of the main characters of the game; Triss figure.

Triss is one of the characters that many gave up for dead in the previous edition of the game, but in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, she returns as the leader of the wizards who hide because of the witch hunt. This action figure of Triss really copies her in an incredible way.

With her imposing 7.75" tall, Triss figure has a lot of details that make her look pretty cool, just like in the game. At first, glance what is most striking about this figure, besides its size, is the intensity and detail of its colors. From top to bottom we can notice its red color, with precise details that denote very well the shape of the character's hair in the game.

Following other details that stand out from this figure, are the typical green eyes. In the gamebook, Triss' eyes are blue, but since this character appeared in the games, he has done it with quite intense green eyes. We can also see that in his outfit are the colors just like the ones in the game, even the green and brown belts. In Triss's clothes, we can even see the drawings, as well as the other clothes of different colors that characterize her.

In her boots, you can notice other interesting details as well. In the upper part of the boots, you can see some shades and other colors that complete the attire identical to those of Triss in the game.

Something that is necessary to emphasize these figures is that they are not articulated. However, this makes it more interesting for many people, as it becomes a piece worthy of collection and admiration. Also with its 7.75" high, placed on a 1.5" base, it makes Triss really stand out.

The position in which this Triss figure is one of her characteristic wizard poses, in which she has both hands in the air, just as if she were casting a spell. With her legs crossed, her face instilling a relentless seriousness, you will feel as if you are under one of her spells. Besides, the base design complements the character very well, with lines and drawings that represent the game.

It is also necessary to mention that this series of high-end figures was created by CD Project RED, the same creators of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, who managed to develop the most popular video game in 2015 selling more than 6 million copies. They also hope to achieve a large number of sales of these figures from their new collection, and fans have responded very happy and satisfied with their figures from The Witcher 3. If you still don't have the first doll from this collection, you might consider having Triss decorate your room.