The Witcher 3 quest «Master of the Arena»


Location: Skellige / Hov

Type: Secondary quest

Suggested Level:14

Reward: 60 ОО

For those who complete a series of quests "Fists of fury" and defeated Champions Velen, Novigrad and Skellige, and struck the Troll (or at least got the job) in a fist fight "Champion of Champions" in the arena at HOV on the island Spikeroog becomes available for the quest "Master of the Arena ".

This village is famous throughout Skellig for the arena where the best warriors on the Islands once fought.

The Witcher 3 quest Master of the Arena

In order to clarify information about the reasons for closing the arena, which the bookmaker told Geralt, you will need to meet with two managers, who can be found on the right viewing platform.

Managers says why closed Arena

Manager Gunnar and Lidrik will tell a fairly typical witchcraft story about the curse of a certain Ulle the Unlucky.

Manager Gunnar and Lidrik will tell about the curse of Ulle the Unlucky

It turns out that Ulle was not able to win any fight, but never stopped trying. Then one day, by chance and lot, Ulle's rival was Jarl Tormar.

Ullé's opponent did not feel sorry for the poor man and mocked him in every possible way. When Tormar was about to declare himself the winner of the fight, Ullé did a rather cowardly thing – he crept up on the Jarl's back and stabbed him with a dagger. On his deathbed, Jarl Tormar spent the last of his strength to utter a curse against the "Unlucky", condemning him to an eternal stay in the Arena and eternal defeat in every battle.

The managers, having finished their story, hire Geralt in a desire to finally get rid of the spirit of the Arena, promising the Witcher a reward and a percentage of the fights.

Geralt agrees and goes to the Arena in order to personally meet the Unlucky in Ulle.

Geralt agrees and goes to the Arena to meet the Unlucky in Ulle

This is my fate. I have to stay here until the end of the world and lose any fight

In the Arena Geralt is immediately meet by a Ghost

Entering the Arena, Geralt is immediately met by a Ghost who already knew his fate and is ready to meet it. The spook should leave his killer instincts and talk to ule first.

As practice shows, the answer to how to remove the curse is in the text of the curse itself.

What is the main burden of a Ghost? That's right-constantly losing. What happens if Geralt lets Ulle the Unlucky win?

This is what the spook will have to check.

Geralt need to lose ghost to continue quest

Succumb to the Ghost and it will lead to the lifting of the curse. Ulle is quite controversial, however fleeting character. On the one hand, he was constantly ridiculed for his losses among those who do not tolerate the weakness of others. On the other hand, he's a cowardly killer who stabbed you in the back.

Succumb to the Ghost and it will lead to the lifting of the curse

Ulle in quest: Master of Arena

Anyway, it is the removal of the curse that can be considered the most reasonable option for completing the quest "Master of the arena".

Geralt getting a reward in the end of quest  Master of the arena

To complete it, you will only need to meet with the managers again and get your reward. And also, do not forget to re-appear in the arena to collect your honestly earned percentage and fights.