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Quest in Witcher 3 Wild Hunt "Paperchase" will provide us with the opportunity to face such a new and unexpected villain for us as the bureaucracy. Fight with this monster will be as difficult as with other monsters on the continent, but the reward promises to be appropriate. Quest "The client is always right" begins for us quite unexpectedly.

Overview of the job Paperchase

At that moment, as Geralt will be in one of the Bokler squares, a stranger in a blue caftan will suddenly hail him. To the witch’s question about the new quest, the stranger will respond by saying that the task has already been done, only last time another stranger was not in the best financial condition and could not pay the witcher. He made himself a decent person, and when he had money, he decided to put it on a savings account in the Chianfanelli Bank in the name of Geralt.

And there, as local krasnolyudy say, they watch other people's money, like their own. During that period of time, while Witcher was absent in Tussent, the cumulative sum should be very significant. And a stranger in a blue caftan says that it’s enough for a witcher to go to this glorious bank and collect his accumulated savings. It is at this stage that an exciting fight begins with the hydra of the bureaucracy "The customer is always right."

Quest: Paperchase

Then we decide to go to this very bank and here we come across the first nails of the local bureaucratic process. As soon as we approach the employee’s central window of the bank and ask us to return our money to us, we learn that we are a dead person and in order to refute such a minor fact, we will need to provide a special certificate called A38.

According to this employee, Geralt should look into another window, which is located immediately to the right of the entrance. As you have already guessed, in this window they also have no idea where to get the ill-fated A38 certificate.

"Customer is always right" - options for passing

Our patience begins to burn, and we are advised to ask about this help in the archive or in the office on the second floor. If you visit the archive, then there will also give us a lapel-turn, they say, and to know there no one knows about the existence of such a certificate. All right, we go up the stairs to the second floor to the office, and we see a queue of three people there.

Here we will not stand on ceremony, but follow the principle: "We only ask." Being interested in the ill-fated A38 certificate, the banker tells us what he can give it to us, but for this the witcher will need to provide him with a form 202, which can be obtained in the first window by going down to the first floor.

Task Quest "The client is always right" The Witcher 3

Well, the bureaucracy is already beginning to drive the gray-haired warrior crazy, but here one ignoramus speaks to that very line of three people. He demanded a duel, as Geralt expressed his disrespect for the queue and passed by everyone. The bank guards notice the stranger’s indignation and send him along with the witcher to the street. Cuffing this worthless fighter will not be any problem.

How to complete the quest "Customer is always right"

At the end of the fight, we need to return to the first window, where we see the absence of the very banker, it simply does not exist. But there is its smell, through the use of witch's instincts, this scent leads us to the third window.

And here again the stars came together in such a way that these representatives of the fair sex had a lunch break. Geralt asked to wait. And as in other quests, to pass the waiting time with meditation will not work. We'll have to sit on the waiting bench, where there will already be another visitor to the bank.

Quest "Customer is always right" in the game The Witcher 3

The man himself will start a conversation with the witcher, asking him about the purpose for which he came to this wonderful banking institution. After which he will offer to play Guint, it is not necessary to play. But if you agree, then you should prepare for the fact that the enemy has a Daisy of the Valley, as well as a Scoia'tael deck of taels. After that, he will share information about how a gray-haired warrior should better behave with the banker workers. Everything is simple here: give a bouquet and be cute.

But this approach is not crowned with success. Geralt may not be too lazy, but run to the market and buy perfume with a bouquet of flowers or make a usual compliment. After such a nice witch approach, the female worker will ask the witcher to wait a little longer until she escapes to Giacomo Chianfanelli and asks him to come up with something with the necessary documents for us.

Completion of the quest "Customer is always right"

A few minutes later, the lovely girl returned with the owner of the bank, who was surprised that the witcher had always considered Vivaldi’s regular customer, who was also his direct competitor. Giacomo Cianfanelli dutifully takes Geralt to the repository and indicates 256 the number of the cell, in which there will be NOTHING.

On Geralt"s dumb question, Giacomo Cianfanelli says that this can be, because when bank customers die, his savings account goes into some kind of investment to increase the success of the bank. The owner of the bank sees the inevitability of the situation and asks the witcher to give him some time to recover his losses.

Options for completing the quest: Paperchase

And in the upcoming dialogue will be decided ending this quest. Geralt will have answer options:

  • I will shake all the money out of you. Bad ending;
  • You have no more than a week. Good ending.

Bad ending

In order to rest the witcher will call 2 guards with clubs. We will not be able to use signs, but nobody forbids using food and elixirs. After we deal with two thugs, it is necessary to search their bodies, where we will find a large key that will help us get into the vault. We go to the bank and meet on the ground floor near one of the windows of the bank owner, who frantically demands 200 kroons from the cashier, which he immediately gives us. Now we will not be able to change currency in this bank, and our photo appears on the board of honor of undesirable personalities. Also then during the game week Geralt will be denied access to the bank.

Good ending

If the Witcher decides that he would expect a seven-day period, he will receive 500 coins and, in addition, a Sword Clerk. But 7 days to meditate, this is a little exciting activity. In general, the choice is yours, dear players.

Video how to pass the quest Paperchase