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“Shock Therapy” is a side task in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, which can be found on Skellige. The quest is available at any time, so do not be afraid that you can accidentally skip it. The mission is very short, comic, but it is obligatory for those who want to collect the entire collection of cards for Gwint (side quest “Collect them all”, achievement) or just an avid card player. As a reward for the task, the witcher will receive a heroic card of the Scoia'tael Iorveth deck.

The heroic map has 10 attacks, it, like other heroes, is not affected by any weather conditions and is a long-range squad. A very good card for the “squirrel” deck, and for the collection as well. Iorvet played an important role in the second game The Witcher 2: Assassin of Kings. And, since the developers did not add Iorveth’s storyline to the third game, so at least we’ll get a map. But move on to the task.

How to start quest “Shock therapy”

You will not find this task on the bulletin board, and it will not appear automatically, you will have to run to the right place yourself and talk to the customer. So where to go? The druid we need is located in the northeast of the main island of Skelliga under the sacred oak of Gedyneith.

Quest (Shock Therapy) - Location

At the entrance to the cave is a druid who will call Geralt and ask for help. At the same time, it will begin to appear on the map with an exclamation mark, so now you will not lose it. Talk to the bearded man, and immediately find out what he needs from the witcher.

Walkthrough the quest - "shock therapy"

In general, recently a misfortune happened to another druid, Egil - he was completely numb.

How to walkthrough the quest: Shock therapy

And nothing helps him: and the elixirs tried, and curses, and herbs. The druids' last hope is to give Egil strong feelings from which he can find his voice. If the witcher helps, then as a reward he will receive a rare card for Gwint.

  • What exactly should I do? - the silent poor fellow needs to be scared, angry, but not harmful.
  • This job is not for me - even if you refuse, the task will not fail. You can always go back and agree to help.

It is not necessary to search for our client for a long time, it’s enough to turn around and walk a couple of steps back from the cave. The silent druid will be located on a hill surrounded by interesting objects that we will need in the future.

Silent Druid - walkthrough of the quest

Talking to a druid is useless, but I still advise - to laugh heartily. He will ignore the first couple of questions and promptly reply, but the bearded man will answer very eloquently when asked how many years ago he was speechless. It can be said to explain on the fingers.

Mission Shock Therapy - Silent Druid

Let's get back to business. As you remember, our task is to dethrone Egil, frighten or piss off. To do this, use the available tools. Turn on witch's flair, and you will notice three luminous objects - a bee's nest, pots and a fire.

That is what we need.

How to stir up a hornet's nest

When Egil sits on a stone near his camp, then it will be necessary to stir the hornet's nest. Shake the nest is easy, just zaphnite on it Aard. A swarm of bees will fly out, surround the druid, he will sigh with displeasure and show you on his fingers what he thinks.

Quest Shock Therapy - how to stir the wasp nest

How to crush pots

When Egil goes to bed near the fire, do the same with the bowlers - throw Aard at them. The noise will rise such that he immediately blows up from the bed.

Shock Therapy The Witcher 3 - walkthrough quest

How to scare the druid Egil

When Egil sets fire to the fire, go to the fire and extinguish it with the action button.

Shock Therapy - How to Scare the Druid Egil

Attention! A bug is known in which the third action of Geralt does not count and hangs at 2/3, how many times you would not repeat all the leprosy. Try to set fire to a fire and extinguish anew, or to make noise with kettles and nest again. If nothing helps, you will have to boot to the beginning of the task.

On this, the druid's patience will burst, and he will start loudly cursing. As it turns out from the dialogue, he did not lose the gift of speech, but brought a vow of silence. Three years adhered to it, until Geralt came and spoiled everything. It was inconvenient, it turns out the customer deceived us.

Mission Shock Therapy - the final quest

Let's go to him now to understand. The customer will sit in the same cave, near the entrance to which we met him. No matter what you answer, it will not bear the consequences. In any case, the order is completed, which means we get the treasured card of the hero Iorveth for Scoia'tael deck. This completes the task.

Interesting. After completing the task, linger a little in the cave. The silent druid will come to understand, and from the conversation you will find out that the customer was simply lonely and needed a companion. These are our druids.

Video of the passage of the mission "Shock Therapy"

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