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“Nithing” is a side task in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, which you can get while walking through the Ard Skellig archipelago. The quest is small, you don’t even have to fight, but with your sad story. The task is available at any stage of the game, and it can be obtained in two ways, which I will discuss later. From your decision depends on the end of the mission and the consequences, so that everything is in your hands! Let's move on to the task.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, quest The Nithing - Walkthrough

The assignment can be found in the village of Rannvaig, which is located south of Kaer Trolde. After checking the bulletin board, you will see the order that interests us. In the announcement, a certain Lothar is asking for help. Misfortune happened to him: a cruel curse was imposed on the tribe, which he could not remove.

After receiving the note, the task “Nithing” is automatically activated.

Quest Nithing in the game The Witcher 3

The second way to get a job is to run to the house of Lothar and talk to him directly. The guy will talk about their problems and the curse, after which the task will begin. You can find it to the southeast of the village, on a small farm. The Witchers are not only capable of waving a sword, but they also understand curses, so we will try to help the peasant.

From the dialogue we learn that the Lothar clan was cursed by installing a niting near the house, in which his son’s name, Tjalve, was carved. Because of the curse, the firstborn beats in a fever, every day weakens and is on the verge of death. After hearing the story, of course, agree to help the poor thing. Remove damage only in two ways:

  • To persuade the one who put the curse, remove it.
  • Reflect on himself.

Unfortunately, Lothar does not know who could have set up such an ambush, so you have to look for the instigator himself. But, first of all we will look at the niting.

Walkthrough of the quest Nithing

The one who left the niting also left many traces. Taking advantage of this, we turn on our witch's instincts and follow the tracks towards the forest.

Who and how to ask about the owner of the shawl

You will not have to go for long, because you almost immediately stumble upon a branch with a female shawl.

Evidence - shawl in quest Niting

It has a unique pattern and strong smell, which will give us a second trace. Once again we turn on our intuition and set off on a new track. The smell of shawls will lead us back to the village of Rannvaig. At the entrance to the village, the smell will be lost due to the large number of people, so you have to ask about the owner of the shawl. Who? Yes, ordinary residents!

And if specifically, then you need an islander, which stands near the shore with a long braid and bangs to the eyes.

Niting: who to ask about the mistress of the shawl

The girl immediately recognizes the shawl and will lead us to the main culprit - this shawl belongs to Yanne, a local herbalist. The islander thought that Yanne would be delighted with the find. Yeah, be glad ...

Quest Niting: walkthrough - Choices and consequences

We will find Yanne here, in the village. Her house is right in the center, and she is here at any time of the day. She will not deny and admits that she has put the thread, and not a bit sorry for the dying child. On the contrary, she is eager for revenge, because she was supposed to be the wife of Lorac, but he left her for the present.

Quest Niting - how best to deal with herbalist

  • Will you kill the child because of jealousy? - Yes, it's not even jealous, but that she has lived with this man for 10 years. I did everything around the house, washed his clothes, shared a bed. And after that he threw it away, making it a mockery in front of the whole village. This she can not forgive.
  • I want you to break the curse - the girl agrees to remove the niting only under one condition: Lothar must renounce his wife and son and return to her.

This is clearly not what Geralt expected to hear from the herbalist. Well, nothing to do, let's now talk with Lothar about the situation. The islander refuses to return to herbalism and abandon her own family. Then he will ask the witcher to kill Yona in retaliation for the curse.

Quest "Niting": Choices and consequences

From your choice depends on the ending of the task and the consequences.

Quest Niting: Choices and consequences

  • If Geralt refuses to kill Yanne, then Lothar will have no choice. He will sacrifice his fate for the salvation of his son and will return to the herbalist. In the cut-scene we will see how he enters Yanne’s house in a silent sob. This completes the task.
  • If Geralt agreed to kill Yanne, then after talking with Lothar it is worth going back to the niting. It is enough to examine it carefully and say loudly: “Yanne”. Immediately after this, the frightening totem will turn in the direction of the village, which means the curse turned against the instigator. After this, return to Lothar to receive an additional award of 60 kroner and thanks. This completes the task.

The consequences of choosing:

  1. After refusing to kill the herbalist, Lothar will actually return to the woman. Return to Rannvaig after some time, and you will witness a sad dialogue. Yanne will promise a man to give birth to sons, and Lothar will say that even if he lives with her, this does not mean that he has loved her. With travnitsa it will be possible to continue trading, buying herbs and various alchemical ingredients. The wife and son of Lothar will live on the farm in that house. If you meditate long enough, about 10 days, you will notice a change in the village. The former wife, his son and Lothar himself will disappear, and a new family will settle in their place. Yona will still live in the village.
  2. After agreeing to repel the curse, Yanne will disappear from the village immediately upon completion of the quest. A herbalist will simply disappear from the village and a new one will not appear, so consider that you have lost one of the sellers of alchemical ingredients. What about son? Meditate for a few days and return to the house of Lothar: here you will see a happy family. There will be no nitrating behind the fence.

What to do? Decide for yourself. Both scenarios are sad either for one or for the other. In one case, you get 60 crowns, and in the other you lose one of the merchants. Personally, I refused to kill Yanne, trying to maintain witch neutrality.

Quest "Niting" in the game The Witcher 3: video walkthrough

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