Genshin impact – World Map: Chests, Quests, Farming Routes | Anemoculus | Geoculus | Teleport Waypoints | World Quests


Specialized guide consists some useful information about the most valuable resources, priceless chests, minerals and living.

Genshin impact – World Map: chests, quests, farming routes

The world of Genshin Impact – called Teyvat - is an original and truly amazing continent, which enriched with valuable resources, farming routes, dangerous enemies and rare bosses. The full world’s exploration needs an incredible patience and spare time: completing world quests, finding rare resources, fighting against terrifying and unique enemies.

We recommend you to explore the Tevyat map attentively, which can be useful for quick hero leveling.


Genshin Impact Anemoculus

Item Type: adventure item.

Description: an item that has absorbed some pure Anemo power. Adventurer ought to offer Anemoculus to the Statue of Seven and return powerful magic that has lost over the centuries.

Amount: 65.

The Anemoculus is a special consumable item, which can be found across the region of Mondstadt. Traditionally described item flies around some legendary locations: around the city of Mondstadt, on the trees, on the cliffs of mountains, on the water surface.

You can find about 66 Anemoculi, which can be used to level up your current stamina value. Use the image below: it helps you to find some items faster and get stamina bonus.


Geoculus map

Item type: adventure item.

Description: an item that has absorbed some pure Geo power. Adventurer ought to offer Geoculus to the Statue of Seven and return powerful magic that has lost over the centuries.

Amount: 131.

The described item can be offered to the Statue of the Seven: in the Liyue region. The Geoculi usually located in hidden places across the Liyue lands. Some are pieces lie in secret caves, on the water surface, in the top of the mountains. Collect all 131 Geoculi to get unique preferences: stamina bonus, chests, items for Ascension.

Teleport Waypoints

Teleport Waypoints

Item type: travelling.

Description: odd magical devices that are located across Teyvat, forming a mystical order. Locals aren’t exactly aware of the main purpose of portable waypoints – it's just ancient piles of stone.

Amount: 61.

Adventurer can find waypoints across Teyvat and use it to fast traveling between some important places. When an adventurer first finds these things teleport waypoints are provided 5 Primogems and 50 Adventure EXP.

Any of this can be used for quick teleportation.

Statue of The Seven

Statue of The Seven

Item type: adventure item.

Description: Anemo: monumental structure watches over the region of Mondtadt. It was created on behalf of the Anemo Archont. The Statue is waiting for the brave soul to come.

Geo: monumental structure watches over the region of Liyue. The described statue was created in the image of the Geo Archont. This Archont is extremely calm and breathtaking.

Amount: 9.

These Statues are located in each region of the Teyvat.

The main purposes of Statue of The Seven are:

  • Can be used as the travel waypoints to fast traveling;
  • Fill in the missing parts of the ingame map when discovered and activated;
  • Gives to the player a certain amount of additional stamina;
  • Can be used to change character`s element (Geo or Anemo);
  • Can be used to revive heroes that have been taken some critical damage: recover 35% MAX HP. Fully removes the shiver effect which is common in Dragonspine area.

World Quests

World Quests

World Quests – unique way to explore breathtaking stories of Tevyat. If you want to accept this quest you must find a specific NPC. Some quests are locked at the start: Adventure Rank requirements included.

Take a look at the map, where the described quests can be found and accepted.

Shrines of Depths

Shrines of Depths are mystical stone monuments that can be found in Liyue and Mondstadt regions. There are 10 shrines across the Teyvat: if you want to enter you will need to use special keys for each region.

Rewards: opening the chest will give the player 60 Adventure Rank EXP, 10 Sigils, and 40 Primogems. Additionally, you can get random sets of artifacts and weapons.

Farming Routes

Farming Routes

Farming Routes are special locations across Genshin Impact’s regions. We recommend you to use these ones, which is the fastest way to get valuable resources, rare artifacts, and special consumables.

Recommended Farming Routes


Genshin Impact Chests - common Genshin Impact Chests - Exquisite Genshin Impact Chests - precious Genshin Impact Chests - Luxurious

The world of Genshin Impact is enriched with various chests, that are classified by certain order: common, exquisite, precious, luxurious.

Common chests

Common chests map

The most prevalent type of chest, that gives: 2 Primogems, 20 EXP points, 3 sigils, Mora, random artifacts and weapons.


  1. Can be found in Hilichurl camps;
  2. Near some empty houses;
  3. On the cliffs and in the caves.


Map with Exquisite chest

Opening the chest gives the player: 2-5 Primogems, 20-30 EXP points, 3-4 sigils, Mora.


  • Can be unlocked by defeating nearly located monsters or by solving elemental puzzles;
  • Can be found by following flying Seelie;
  • Spawned upon finishing some Time and Combat Challenges.


Map with Precious chest

Opening the chest gives the player: 10 Primogems, 30 Adventure Rank EXP, 1433 Mora, 4-10 Anemo sigils.


  • Usually located in very hidden places throughout the Tevyat;
  • Spawned upon completing Combat Challenges and puzzles;
  • Can be opened upon finishing certain quests and Time Trials.


Map with Luxurious chest

Opening the describer chest gives the player: 10-40 Primogems, 30-60 Adventure Rank EXP, Mora, 4-10 Anemo sigils.


  • Appears upon solving some complicated puzzles;
  • Appears at the end of Shrines of Depth walkthrough;
  • Appears upon finishing World Quests;
  • Located in hidden places across Mondstadt and Liyue regions.


The most common consumables for heroes Ascensions. Provides unique energy for leveling up your skills and characteristics.

Noctilucous Jade

Noctilucous Jade

Item type: Local Specialty in Liyue.

Description: A mystical glimmering stone that has mutated over the years.

The described item uses for Beidou Ascension. Can be found in caves of Liyue region, sold by merchant Shitou, located in Mingyun Village.

Crystal Chunk

Crystal Chunk

Item type: Forging Material.

Description: An uncut crystal. Only a true master can bring out its primordial strength.

Generally found in caves or mines. After being mined Crystal Ore respawn 72 hours. Uses for alchemy and forging some crucial materials, weapons, artifacts.

White iron chunk

White iron chunk

Item type: Forging Material.

Description: Only skilled crafter can make this stone into something great.

Generally located inside mines and near mountains. Also sold by Shitou, and can be taken from expeditions (Yaoguang Shoal, Dadaupa Gorge).

Iron Chunk

Iron Chunk

Item Type: Forging Material.

Description: Only talented craftsman can bring out its true nature.

Can be obtained by exploration hidden caves, mines our mountain terrains. We recommend you to use powerful claymore, which helps in destroying chunks. Generally uses for forging.

Electro Crystal

Electro Crystal

Item type: Material.

Description: A magical, glimmering crystal that produces some pure electro energy.

Can be found at Cape Oath and under mountain cliffs. Uses for crafting potions, oils.

Cor Lapis

Cor Lapis

Item type: Local Specialty in Liyue.

Description: A precious Geo crystal that consists of pure element energy. Some locals call it «Cor Petrae»

Can be obtained under cliffs and around Mt. Hulao. Uses for creating potions, oils, and Geo Treasure Compass. Uses for Ascension by next heroes: Chongyun, Keqing, Zhongli.


The Genshin Impact Universe is full of amazing creatures and unique living, among them:

  • Starconch. An empty seashell that was brought ashore by the tides. Hold it close to hear the sea itself. Located in Liyue region: on the beaches; Starconch in Genshin Impact
  • Butterfly Wing. A mystic butterfly with amazing blue wings. Produces a magical powder when flies. Uses as a material to craft: Desiccant Potion, Dustproof Potion, Heatshield Potion, Insulation Potion; Map with Butterfly Wing
  • Frog. A common frog that lives in moist places. This ingredient uses for creating. Flaming Essential Oil, Shocking Essential Oil, Streaming Essential Oil, Unmoving Essential Oil; Map with Frogs
  • Bird Egg. A versatile ingredient the supply human with the protein needed. Can be found in the wild or purchased from Draff. Uses for cooking Tea Break Pancake, Fulmoon Egg, Moo Pie, etc.;Map with Bird Egg
  • Luminescent Spine. A glimmering part of a firefly. Can be found at night in the landscape. Uses for crafting Portable Waypoint; Luminescent Spine
  • Crystal Core. The core of an amazing butterfly. The describer ingredient can be harvested from Geo and Anemo crystalflies. Uses for crafting Condensed Resin, Frostshield Potion, Windbarrier Potion, and Adepti Seeker’s Stove; Crystal Core
  • Lizard Tail. A curled up lizard tail that has been lost by its owner. Generally locates in Liyue and Mondstadt regions. Also can be obtained by attacking bushes with a melee weapon. Uses for crafting Frosting Essential Oil, Gushing Essential Oil and NRE; Lizard Tail
  • Crab. A shelled tiny crab that lives on the beach; near the ocean. Uses for cooking amazing dishes: Crab Roe, Golden Crab, etc.; Crab
  • Fish. A fresh and flavorous fillet of fish. Can be caught in rivers, banks, oceans. Uses for cooking Grilled Tiger Fish, Sunshine Sprat, and so on. Fish in Genshin Impact


The Teyvat is full of precious plants. They are usually used for crafting potions and oils.

  • Mist Flower Corolla. An unusual flower encased in solid blue ice. Can be found in the wild or at the Darn Winery. Uses for crafting Frosting Essential Oil or Frostshield Potion; Map with Flower Corolla
  • Matsutake. A common fungus that grows near pine trees. Sells by Verr Goldet or grows in the wild. Generally uses for cooking next dishes: Tianshu Meat, Vegetarian Abalone and so on; Map with Matsutake
  • Qinxin. A magnificent white flower that grows in the mountains of the Liyue region. Also can be purchased at Bubu Pharmacy. Uses for cooking Tianshu Meat and Ascension heroes: Ganyu and Xiao; Map with Qinxin
  • Glaze Lily. An ancient and mysterious flower that commonly grows in the wild of Liyue. Also sold by Ms. Bai. Uses for crafting Geoculus Resonance Stone and for the hero's Ascension – Ningguang; Glaze Lily
  • Jueyun Chili. A unique and spice plant that grows in the wild of the Liyue. Uses for cooking Flash-Fried Filet, Jueyun Guoba, Jade Parcels and for hero’s Ascension – Xiangling; Jueyun Chili
  • Pinecone. A very useful ingredient that is filled with oil-rich seeds. Can be found in the Wolvendom and Brightcrown Mountains. Uses for cooking special dishes: Mondstadt Hash Brown, Puppy-Paw Hash Brown and Sauteed Matsutake; Pinecone
  • Flaming Flower Stamen. The stamen of permanently burning flower. You need to use water or cryo elemental skills to harvest it. Usually grows in the wild and near the Thousand Winds Temple. Uses for crafting Flaming Essential Oil, Heatshield Potion, Warming Bottle; Flaming Flower Stamen
  • Violetgrass. A unique flower that radiates pure vitality. Can be obtained near the cliffs in Liyue and bought from Verr Goldet; Violetgrass
  • Snapdragon. Become eatable when fully cooked. Usually grows in the wild. Generally uses for cooking Cream Stew, Spicy Stew, etc.; Snapdragon
  • Silk Flower. A vinous flower that grows after the rain ends. Can be found in the region of Liyue. Uses for Xingqiu Ascension; Silk Flower
  • Horsetail. A purple and shaggy flower that grows amidst Silvergrass. Found in wetlands. Uses for cooking one exact dish – Jueyun Guoba;
  • Dandelion Seed. A tiny, sweet seed that rides on the wind. Can be found in the wild. Uses for crafting: Gushing Essential Oil, Windbarrier Potion, Anemoculus Resonance Stone; Dandelion Seed.
  • Mushroom. A commonly spread fungus, that grows in moist and shady places. Can be purchased at Wanmin Restaurant. Uses for cooking: Fruity Skewers, Qingce Stir Fry, Cold Noodles with Mountain Delicacies; Mushroom
  • Valberry. A special vinous fruit that smells incredibly fresh and sweet. Usually grows in the Stormbearer Mountains. Uses for Lisa and Noelle Ascensions; Valberry.
  • Calla Lily. A Mondstadt specialty, that grows near water. Uses for cooking A Prize Catch and Calla Lily Seafood Soup. Also, ingredient needed for hero’s Ascensions – Diona, Kaeya; Calla Lily.
  • Small Lamp Grass. A wild shiny grass that glimmers in the night. Grows in Wolvendom and the Whispering Woods. Uses in cooking some dishes and for the hero’s Ascension – Amber, Diluc, Fischl; Small Lamp Grass
  • Windwheel Aster. A unique flower that produces pure wind energy. Generally grows near the Statue of The Seven at Windrise. Uses for creating potions and for hero’s Ascension – Bennett, Sucrose, Traveler; Windwheel Aster.
  • Wolfhook. A mysterious berry that enriched with unique blue horns. Grows exclusively in Wolvendom. Uses for Razor’s Ascension; Wolfhook.
  • Philanemo Mushroom. A Mondstadt local specialty that grows in the caress of the wind. Can be found in the roofs of houses or bought from Chloris;
  • Cecilia. A Mondstadt local Specialty. Found on Starsnatch Cliff of sold by Flora. Uses for Albedo and Venti Ascensions. Cecilia

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