Coin Master Cards Guide [All Rare Cards And How To Get Them]


Coin Master Cards Guide [All Rare Cards And How To Get Them]

Who wants to spend boring time when there's nothing to do? Well, a kinky solution to your boringness can be the Coin Master game. It's a single-player game that lets the player enjoy the adventure of free slot machines just like a casino.

However, you can connect with your pals on Facebook with this game and enjoy the game with them as well. But, if you are a newbie to this game, there's a chance that you might not be able to take advantage of this game.

That's why, in this discussion, we will talk about all the popular and rare cards in the Coin Master game. As a result, any new player can get a detailed idea of how to get free cards on Coin Master game and keep on winning.

Coin Master Cards Guide [All Rare Cards And How To Get Them]

Coin Master Cards Guide: List Of Rare Cards

There are many types of cards in the Coin Master game. These cards can be achieved from many types of chests throughout the game. However, you need to level up to village level 3 in order to gain these cards as a player.

However, only upgrading the village to level 3 is not going to be enough for you to collect all types of cards in the Coin Master game. Rather, you have to upgrade to village level 5, village level 7, village level 12, and above in order to continuously collect all types of cards in the Coin Master game.

Now, in this subsection, we will get you introduced to multiple types of cards in the Coin Master game.

A)Super Rare Cards:

The developers of the Coin Master game have created the game in such a way that a player can only achieve all the cards if he/she progresses forward in the game. Because of this feature, some of the rarest cards can be yours only if you upgrade your village level.

And, unfortunately, you have to upgrade your village level to 364 level to get your hands on all types of rare cards and common cards. Some of the rare cards in the Coin Master gamer are as follows:

  • Martian Lettuce
  • Barrel Tank
  • Torero
  • Farmer Feng

These are the topmost rare cards in the Coin Master game. So, if you can achieve these cards, you'll be the most unique and exotic player in the Coin Master player base. Consequently, you can stand out from the crowd very easily by collecting these cards.

B)Highly Rare Cards:

In this subsection, we will get you introduced to some other cards. Compared to the above-mentioned ones, these are not as rare. But, these are indeed some of the most hard-to-get cards in the Coin Master game.

Now, it's worth noting here that these cards will not give you any boost near gameplay.

But, collecting them will make your collection more impressive and you will be able to show off your collection to your friends. Furthermore, you can also exchange or trade these highly rare cards as well:

  • Creaky Crow
  • Smoking Pipe
  • Mythical Tune
  • Elder Elk
  • Satyr
  • Aztec Princess
  • Kettle
  • Santa
  • Hobby Horse

How To Get Free Cards On Coin Master?

In this subsection of our Coin Master cards guide, we will reveal to you how you can easily get Coin Master free cards. So, let's see the tips and tricks that you should follow in order to get free cards right away:

1. Connecting With Community And Asking For Cards:

The easiest way to get free cards is to trade or exchange your existing cards in the Coin Master players community online. So, you should go to social media and look for any groups or pages of Coin Master players.

If you are able to find any groups or communities of players of the Coin Master game, you should ask other members to trade, exchange or give away free cards.

2. Get Chests By Extending Cards:

In case you are not successful in getting free cards from the community, you can also trade or exchange 75 duplicate cards in your position to get a card chest. This way, you can get free new cards very easily. However, this method of getting free cards is not as quick as asking from the community.

3. Buying Car Chests With Extra Money:

We understand that upgrading your village is the main and the most important objective in the Coin Master game. However, whenever you are done upgrading and spending all of your money, you can still use the little money you have left to buy card chests.

It should be noted that car chests are not expensive to buy. So, you shouldn't have any problem getting a few extra cards by buying card chests.

4. Utilize Card Booms:

In the Coin Master game, you'll be able to enjoy occasional card boom events where you have the chance to receive 50% extra cards from each card chest. So, save up your money and wait for the card boom event. Then, buy card chests only in the card boom events to maximize the number of cards in your possession.

5. Keep Leveling Up Your Village:

If you do not level up your village, you won't be able to get new cards in the Coin Master game. That's why the most basic tactic to get more free and unique cards is to keep upgrading the village as soon as possible.

But, in order to upgrade your village in the Coin Master game, you need to also complete several quests and multiple raids. All in all, the basic idea here is to keep playing the game for as long as possible. This way, you will easily be able to get your hands on all types of cards, and getting free cards will be much easier for you.


As you can see from the above description, getting free cards in the Coin Master game is not very hard at all. In fact, all you need to do is continue to play the game every day.

However, don't forget to join the gamer communities of the Coin Master game on Facebook as well. This will boost your odds of getting cards day by day.