Best Monitors Xbox One X


We all know that speakers, Pro controllers, and headset are essential for you to be at the top of your game. But gaming without visual experience is nothing.

So if you want to enjoy your game at the highest peak, then you must go for an amazing visual experience. However, if you do not have space for a big TV and also do not have money to purchase the big LED, then console gaming on a monitor is a great alternative.

You must keep this thing in mind that if we talk about the monitor, not all the monitors are created equal. They are different according to the different requirements.

So here we will talk about the best monitor for Xbox One X. It is equipped with all the recent PC gaming technologies in which there is FreeSync, VRR, etc. This Xbox One X supports the 1440 resolution. If you want to get the amazing monitor for PC gaming, then Xbox One X is an amazing choice.

These are the best 4K monitors for Xbox One X, which has all the latest features according to your gaming needs.

In this article, we will discuss five amazing and top products of best Xbox One X from which you can choose according to your choice and convenience.

1. LG 27UK650-W 27 Inch 4K UHD IPS LED Monitor with HDR 10 and Adjustable Stand

LG 27UK650-W 27 Inch 4K UHD IPS LED Monitor

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Most amazing graphics

This is a gaming monitor that is developed by the game developers, so it comes with amazing and high-quality graphics. This is the best Xbox One X with new technologies.

HDCP 2.2 compatible

In this LG monitor, you can connect with confidence. It has a great 4K monitor which is compatible with the latest HDCP 2.2 copy protection. So you can see the video of ROM 4K streaming services in Ultra HD Blu-ray disc players. It also gives you the adjustable display where you can tilt the screen and can also do the pivot adjusting. Adjusting the screen is also the amazing feature of this Xbox One X.

On-screen Control

Now, you can have on-screen control on this Xbox One X monitor such as handy Windows for quick, easy access. You can change the volume and brightness as well as can do the picture mode presets. You can also do the screen split 2.0 and dual controller by just giving a few clicks with the mouse.


  1. This LED monitor is from a reputable brand, which is LG.
  2. It is a 27 inch HDR with adjustable stand.
  3. The colour of the monitor is white or silver, whereas its resolution is 4K UHD 2160 pixel.
  4. The response time of this gaming monitor is five milliseconds, whereas the refresh rate of this gaming monitor is 6 Hertz.
  5. It also has AMD freeSync Technology as well as HDCP 2.2 compatible.


  • This gaming monitor has a sleek design that gives the adjustable display.
  • Now, you can enjoy the advanced gaming features with this Xbox One X.
  • It has AMD freeSync which gives the Gamers a fluid movement through high-resolution games.


  • According to someone review, the gaming monitor has some quality issues.
  • LG gaming monitor gives you the low-quality control sometimes.

2. LG 27GL850-B 27 Inch Ultragear QHD Nano IPS 1ms NVIDIA G-Sync Compatible Gaming Monitor

LG 27GL850-B 27 - one of the best Monitors Xbox One X

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4K HDR display

This gaming monitor comes with the 4K HDR display. It has all the feature which a gaming monitor has with a beautiful and Virtually borderless display. There is an Arc line stand in the LG module, which is very versatile and flexible.

Variety of connectivity options

There are a variety of connectivity options in the best monitor. There is one display port, 1 USB-C, two HDMI 2 ports, and a 3.5 mm audio jack.

Splitting the screen

This monitor comes with a variety of features. It also has a large display. You can also split the screen into two separate windows so that you can do the two tasks at the same time.


  1. This is the best gaming monitor which is usually available in 27 inches.
  2. The color of the monitor is black, whereas its brand is LG.
  3. This gaming monitor gives you the QHD wide 1440 pixel resolution in which the response rate is one millisecond.
  4. This gaming monitor now comes with a Nano IPS display.
  5. This Xbox One X is Navin G Sync compatible.


  • LG 27 UK 650-W27 is the monitor with low lag input.
  • It has AMD freesync support.
  • The color production and graphics are amazing in the LG monitor.
  • It comes with the advanced gaming features with black stabilizer and dynamic action sync.


  • Body quality of this Xbox One monitor is average.
  • The response time is slow in this LG monitor.
  • It lacks USB inputs.

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3. BenQ EW3270U 32 inch 4K HDR Monitor with FreeSync

BenQ EW3270U 32 - Highest resolution

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Highest resolution

BenQ is the amazing gaming monitor that gives you the highest resolution of 4K UHD 2160 pixels.

A big size monitor

This is a big size Xbox One X with a screen size of 31.5 inches. It also supports HDR, which increases the dynamic range of colours.

Eyecare Technology

BenQ comes with Eye Care Technology, where it gives the low blue light. It gives you the flicker-free videos which reduce eye discomfort. So, this monitor is designed in a way in which it takes care of the eyes of the users.


  1. BenQ is a free Sync gaming monitor with a high resolution of 4K.
  2. Users usually like this gaming monitor because of its large size, which is 31.5 inches.
  3. The brand of this gaming monitor is BenQ, whereas its color is grey normally.
  4. The dynamic range is increased in this gaming monitor because it is HDR supportive.
  5. In the incredible range, you can change from black and white to showcase incredible clarity and details.
  6. In this gaming monitor, you can adjust the brightness and colour of the monitor based on the screen content and work even in less light conditions.
  7. It comes with eye care Technology where blue light is low and also equipped with flicker-free Technology to reduce the discomfort.
  8. This monitor comes with multiple connectivities.


  • The size of this gaming monitor is 31.5 inches, thus giving you an amazing and beautiful gaming experience.
  • It has 4K UHD 2160 resolution and gives the Incredible clarity and details of the picture.
  • It gives you multiple connectivities with HDMI 2.0, DP 1.4, and USB-C.
  • This Xbox One X comes with all care Technology giving you the low blue light and flicker-free videos.


  • No cons.

4. LG 27GL650F-B 27 Inch Full HD Ultragear G-Sync Compatible Gaming Monitor with 144Hz Refresh Rate and HDR 10

LG 27GL650F-B 27 gaming monitor with 144Hz

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Radeon free Sync

This gaming monitor comes with Radian freeSync Technology, which gives you amazing graphics while playing games.

Exceptional color fidelity

The gaming monitor reproduces 99% coverage of the sRGB color spectrum. So it gives you an accurate color for gaming. It shows the professional photography and graphic video and gaming.

Adjustable stand

Now you can enjoy the comfortable viewing while playing the game. You can change the height of the gaming monitor as well as tilt the screen and make the pivot adjustments. The Adjustable stand increases the comfort of the user.


  1. This is again the gaming monitor from LG, which is G Sync compatible.
  2. The refresh rate of Xbox One X is 144 Hertz.
  3. The color of the monitor is black, whereas its resolution is FHD 1080 pixel.
  4. The response time in this Xbox One X monitor is amazing, which is five milliseconds.
  5. You can also adjust the height, pivot, or tilt the stand.
  6. The gaming monitor has a one millisecond motion and has a blur reduction technology.
  7. It also has Radeon 3 Sync Technology.


  • This is a great LG gaming monitor with 4K HDR giving you a 1920 x 1080 IPS display.
  • You can adjust the height of the monitor as well as tilt it to the adjustable stand.
  • It is HDR 10 compatible with the response time of 5 milliseconds.


  • This monitor is not giving good details, especially when you want to read or work in the text.
  • The base of the monitor does not have high-quality material. The material is not made up of metal, but in fact, it is an alloy that gives a flimsy look.

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5. ASUS VG279Q 27" Full HD 1080p IPS 144Hz 1ms (MPRT) DP HDMI DVI Eye Care Gaming Monitor

ASUS VG279Q 27 - Monitor for Xbox One X with Eye Care

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Ergonomic design

ASUS gaming monitor has an ergonomic design and specially designed for long marathon gaming sessions. You can also adjust the screen as well as tilt and swivel the pivot.

IPS Technology

This gaming monitor comes with amazing IPS Technology with outstanding colors. It gives you a wide 178-degree viewing angle which ensures the minimum distortion and color shift.

144-hertz refresh rate

This is an amazing Xbox One X monitor which gives you the 144-hertz refresh rate. It also gives you fast-moving visuals with no pause.


  1. The color of this gaming monitor is black, whereas the brand is ASUS.
  2. It is equipped with an HDMI hardware interface.
  3. The response rate of this gaming monitor is amazing because of the game's fast input Technology.
  4. It is a fantastic gaming monitor that also comes with eye care Technology.
  5. Performance and control are increased in this Xbox One X where its power consumption is 40 watts.
  6. The refresh rate of ASUS is 144 Hertz.


  • ASUS monitor is the Perfect Combination of specifications as well as the quality.
  • This Xbox One X gives you a great picture with 97.5% RGB coverage.
  • The gaming performance is great as well as giving you good visuals.
  • The color performance and control is great.


  • According to someone review, there are some quality issues in the ASUS monitor giving the dead pixel on the screen.
  • Sometimes, there is a gnarly glow on the bottom left corner or bottom right corner.

The Best Monitors Xbox One X Buying Guide

In the above article, we have listed all the 4K and HD gaming monitors for Xbox One X. All the products have amazing features. Now it is your choice that you want on your monitor. However, in this guide, you will get all the important specifications while buying a new monitor for your gaming life.

Screen size

Screen size is very important while purchasing the monitor for your gaming. Normally, the screen size starts from 23 x 30 inches. However, keep this in mind that each style supports the different resolution. For example, in the gaming monitor, there are 1080 pixels present in 23 inches and a 30-inch gaming monitor. 1440 pixels in 27 inch and finally 4K resolution is present in the 28 and 30 inches gaming monitor.

Number of screens

This thing is something new for me where sometimes people use the two screens for gaming because they need more space. So when they are using more than one screen, then the graphic seamlessly moves into each other. To use the two screens at the same time, you must need an adjustable height, dual monitor stand so that you can see the graphics at the best angle.


This is the main thing that every user wants in the monitor. So you should go for the monitor which has high pixel resolution. If the resolution of the monitor is higher then ultimately, image sharpness is also increased. You will get all the details on display.

Response time

In Response time, the pixel quickly changes from black to white or from one shade to another shade. However, if the response rate is greater then ultimately, the screen's accuracy level is greater.


The gaming monitor must be the active ones if they have the best connectivity such as there must be inputs and output ports from which you can insert the HDMI USB DisplayPort audio jack etc. It is usually seen that users prefer those monitors which have a maximum number of ports for better connectivity.


The game lovers know very well the importance of gaming monitors. X Box One X is also one of them as these monitors give you the joy of long gaming sessions.

We hope that the above-mentioned buying guide will be very helpful in making the most important decision in your life, which is buying the best monitor for console gaming. In this article, we have presented five amazing top products of the best monitors X Box One X from which you can choose according to your liking and choice. If you want to purchase from any of these five products, you must go for BenQ because it comes with the one rating as well as it has all the features which a gaming monitor requires. However, LG 27 UK650-W is also a good choice because it has the 4K UHD 2160 pixels just like the BenQ.