Are Video Games a Waste of Time? 4 Pros and Cons


Video games are a popular way to pass your time. For many, it is the best form of entertainment. However, there are quite a few concerns that video games have certain downsides, especially if one spends too much time on them.

On the other hand, there is also an argument to be made that there are plenty of positives as well. So are video games a waste of time? Or is there much more to them when you look deeper? Let's try to answer these questions by focusing on the pros and cons of video games.


Learning Languages

If you are not a native English speaker, you can depend on video games as a way to learn English. For the most part, it is online games that let you interact with other players. Be it texting or voice chat; it is easier to become better at English when you are engaging in the language actively.

Another interesting consideration is that if you are into video games, you might check gameplay videos on YouTube or live streams on Twitch TV, and that is another source to improve, thanks to listening to players providing commentary.


Socializing is an underrated aspect. Online games offer you opportunities to meet and befriend other players. There are plenty of stories about how someone even met their partner through video games.

Sure, the socializing aspect might not be a thing for single-player games, but if you play games online and want to make new friends, the option is definitely there.


Playing video games calls for fast decision-making, especially if the game is fast-paced. As a player, you need to improve your reaction time and get better at managing multiple things at once.

Real-time strategy games are arguably the best example of this. Not only do you need to control different unit groups, but you also have to manage your base to ensure that things are going smoothly.

Learning to multitask is not something gamers consider, but it is one of the traits you develop over time, particularly if you primarily play video games that encourage multitasking.

Reducing Stress

After a long day at work, you might feel like doing nothing but relaxing for the rest of the evening. Well, it just so happens that video games can offer you just that.

Instead of bottling your emotions or going on a rant to another person, you could launch a video game and forget your troubles. Sure, some video games are pretty intense, and they can tilt you, especially if you play competitively.

On the other hand, there is no need to look for competitive games when you can find ones that offer a great atmosphere and chill gameplay that lets you enjoy yourself.


Spending Money

The first downside of video games is the fact that you need money. The games themselves cost money, and if you are an avid gamer, your expenses are bound to increase a lot over time.

In addition, you also need to consider the fact that your console or computer might have technical issues, forcing you to invest further to solve these issues. If your Mac or a Windows laptop shows insignificant problems, you can usually solve them yourself. On the other hand, something like hardware breaking down is out of your hands.

Dealing With Addiction

Addiction is one of the worst things about video games. It is fine if you spend only a couple of hours every day, but some people end up messing up their sleep schedules because they spend nights playing video games.

And it is not just addiction to video games themselves. Some games promote gambling because of the loot box systems and gacha aspects, and it is discouraging to see governments not taking the necessary steps to stop it.

Encountering Health Problems

Hours and hours staring into a monitor or a mobile device screen is not ideal for your eyes. Long-term, you are bound to have eye problems.

A similar thing can be said about your posture, particularly if you do not invest in a proper gaming chair that supports your back.

Gaming as a whole builds bad habits. The aforementioned addiction and what it does to your sleeping schedule also affect your health. Not to mention that you might end up eating a lot of junk food because there is not enough time to cook a proper meal since you want to spend more time gaming.

Losing Interest in Real-Life Interactions

The last downside is how you start to lose interest in real life. As most of your time goes to video games, you abandon social interactions with friends and family. Your results at work and school begin to plummet, and there is no telling how much the problem can snowball if not managed properly.

Final Thoughts

Are video games a waste of time or not is for you to decide. They have significant drawbacks, but one should not underestimate the positives as well. So long as you are smart and have things under control, video games can be an excellent pastime. However, if gaming begins to take too much of your time, you should start worrying.