The Witcher 3: A Greedy God | How to start | Choices and consequences


Being in "Velen" you can find a lot of additional quests, the walkthrough of which does not need to spend a lot of time.

One of such elementary quests is "A Greedy God".

Where to Get the Quest

On the Peninsula between locations "Midcopse" and "Claywich" South "Midcopse" there is a small cluster of ruins, which is highlighted on the map marker.

Location quest:A Greedy God

Approaching data ruins Geralt hears the language of the two men arguing vehemently about something, in this strange time in this strange place.

To get the job will need to interrupt their unfruitful discussion and find out the reason for their presence here.

Choices and Consequences

Cutting into their conversation, Geralt becomes aware that Preben and Dagmar, namely the name of these two strange elderly man, worship a certain deity, called "Allgod".

Preben and Dagmar - Choise in quest: A Greedy God

You have to listen to a short story that "Allgod" worshipped for generations, since then, as unknown to us "Roslav of Oreton" did not find it.

Geralt listen short story that (Allgod) - worshipped for generations

The Witcher 3: A Greedy God

Given the military situation, it becomes clear that the worshippers of the deity can no longer bestow the same gifts as before. This fact angered "Allgod", and he sent a curse on these poor.

Geralt trying to understand the situation, comes to the Altar (located there) and begins a not particularly productive dialogue with "Allgod", using the "code word", which became known from the dialogue with Preben and Dagmar.

Geralt trying to understand the situation in dialog with Preben and Dagmar

After Geralt talks about the plight of the peasants, "Allgod" will continue to show character and continue to threaten, talking about terrible cataclysms and natural disasters. The choice of threats is strange (for example, the threat of an avalanche), which confirms Geralt's suspicion of the absurdity of the situation.

Walkthrough quest:A Greedy God

Allgod in the Witcher 3

The Witcher notices that the voice of "Allgod" is coming from somewhere below…

Opposite the altar (at the exit), using Witcher flair we will find an illusion, after leveling which will open the walkthrough to the bottom.

Witcher flair we will find an illusion

Later, Geralt finally personally acquainted with "Allgod", but rather with Sylvan, and begins the dialogue, which would prejudge the fate of the quest.

 Geralt finally personally acquainted with Allgod

There are three options, two of which suggest the same outcome:

Geralt select from 3 options with AllGood

"Got an idea. I'm gonna kill you" - in fact, anything categorical because of adoption of this decision won't be, except that locals won't pay Geralt for work, and will simply leave after news of death of their deity.

"Settle for humble offerings - or die" - this is the best option in this story. Witcher, using impressive appearance and innate powers of persuasion, will direct "Allgod" to pacify his "appetite," and persuade to continue to receive gifts from admirers, despite their scarcity. Silvan do not want to mess with Geralt and will make concessions and will revoke the curse.

"Fine. I'll tell them" - this option will not bring the financial benefits for Geralt, since such news will affect farmers as well as news of the death of Sylvanas.

In addition, nothing will change Geralt's hint about what is under the ruins and where the passage is located.

"A Greedy God" is an easy two-minute walk for 50 experience points.