Sony will announce when the PS5 Pre-Orders go live


Geoff Keighley held a presentation recently with some hands-on with the DualSense controller and also an interview with the PlayStation Worldwide Head of Marketing. Keighley brought up some of the recent rumours about PlayStation 5 pre-orders going live which resulted in confusion online. Due to the idea that the new console could be getting pre-orders soon, some people even started to queue outside of stores.

Sony will announce when the PS5 Pre-Orders go live

PlayStation Worldwide Head of Marketing, Eric Lempel, has clarified that Sony does have plans in place for the PlayStation 5 launch. The company will be giving advance notice for when they'll be announcing any pre-orders for the upcoming PS5. This is great news and should help prevent other rumours from taking hold.

However, Sony announcing the PS5 pre-orders start date could also result in them selling out within minutes. There is also the risk that those websites could crash due to a sudden increase in traffic.