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“High stakes” is a big Gwent tournament where the strongest players gathered to compete for a large prize pool. For a victory over all rivals you will receive 4 cards, leaders of various factions, as well as a large sum of money. If you are not a fan of Gwent, I still advise you to go on a mission. Even if you lose right away, you will have the opportunity to wait for the end of the tournament, get half the prize money and even look at the bed scene. But if you want to collect cards, the best pass is to win each opponent in the tournament. Let's go to the tournament itself.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt “High Stakes” - a detailed quest

First we analyze the minimum requirements for the quest. The minimum level is 26, but there are a number of tricks with which you can perform it on small lvlah. No matter what level you are, a good deck is required to participate. How to understand that your deck is good? Virtually every gwent card in the game has its own hidden points. You will be allowed to the tournament, only if you have accumulated cards for 70 points. Below is a table showing how many points each card gives.

What cards are needed for better passing

If you did not find any card in the list, it means that it does not have points. Now you can calculate for yourself whether they will allow you to the tournament or not, and not to run constantly to Passiflora. If you do not have enough cards for the minimum number of points, then it is worth strengthening the deck. This can be done in several ways:

  1. Buy gvint cards in taverns, from vendors, blacksmiths and bronnikov, win from them.
  2. Complete quests related to Gwent (Gwent: Playing with the Cursors, Gwent: Velensky players, defeating traders, gunsmiths, etc.). For these tasks you will get good cards that cost a lot of points.
  3. At a minimum, complete all the gvint tasks in Velen. This should be enough to participate in the tournament. But with such a simple deck it will be hard to get the best play and defeat each opponent.

Deal with the deck, go to the task itself. Another mandatory requirement for participation is 1000 kroons. This will be your entry fee, but do not be afraid to lose such a large amount - even if you lose immediately, the task will not fail, and you will have the opportunity to earn much more. But if you go beyond the brothel during the tournament, the task will be considered failed in that second.

Where to get the quest "High stakes"

The task cannot be found on the bulletin board, and it will not appear automatically. To get it, you need to go to Passiflora, which is located in the north of Novigrad, and on the first floor to talk to Pisar, above which head the exclamation mark is displayed.

Quest High bets on the map

He will warn us about the down payment and ask if Geralt has a good deck. We already knew about all this, so we stretch the deck to him, and if you scored 70 points, he will ask for an entrance fee of 1000 kroons.

Where to get the quest High stakes

If you do not know where to get the money, then you should visit the “questions” on the map of Velen and Novigrad, collect an expensive drop from there and sell it in a store. In addition, get paid for tasks, orders and winning games in gvint.

Having fulfilled all the requirements, you, Gerard from Rivia (Well, as always ... Thank you for not Gervant) becomes the official participant of the tournament. Now you should get to know the other participants in the tournament, who are also on the first floor of Passiflora. Your opponents will be: Lady Sakha, Bernard Thule, Patrick Leschina and Finneas.

Is it possible to win the tournament

To advance on the assignment, you must meet and exchange a few words with each of the participants. After having a chat with any two rivals, Count Tybalt will come down from the second floor of the establishment, who will announce the rules of the tournament. It remains to talk with other participants. Finneas will be extremely unfriendly elf with very strange inclinations. Well, nothing, we will remember him during the tournament.

Quest High Bets - Finneas

Attention! In the job description it says that the reward for winning the tournament is 9000 crowns, a strong deck and a golden statuette of the king. Unfortunately, you will not receive any statuette. Perhaps the developers had in mind the map of the king-leader, and localizers were sealed. Alas.

How to beat Bernard Thule - first round

After all the talk and cut-scenes, the low will be waiting for you at the table. If you want to get a better walkthrough, save it. Yes, and before each subsequent opponent, so that, in the event of a defeat, there is an opportunity to replay. Is it possible to win all? Of course!

How to beat Bernard Thule

Winning Bernard, like every participant in the tournament, will be very difficult. Nizushka is played with a deck of the North, in which there are at least 4 spies (Mysterious Elf, Prince Stannis, Sigismund Dijkstra, Thaler). Therefore, draw at least 3 stuffed animals into the deck, treatment cards and Clear Sky. Almost always, Bernard will have spies in his starting hand (he almost always set the Mysterious Elf on his first turn against me). In addition to spies, he has many strong cards in the deck, such as Geralt from Rivia, Cyrilla, other heroic cards, and Willtretenmer with a very unpleasant effect on the nearby units. As a reward for victory, you will receive a leading card for the North - Foltest Iron Lord.

Gwint: High Stakes - First Round

You won or lost, the first stage of the tournament is over. Immediately after the game, Sakha will come up to you and offer to talk on the terrace. Be sure to agree, otherwise skip half the assignment, get no money at all and skip the love scene.

The best passage of the quest High stakes

On the balcony, the girl will offer the witcher a deal - wait until the end of the tournament in Passiflora, regardless of whether you win or lose, and share a cash reward with her. If you refuse - do not get money at all! So we agree. But, if you want to collect a complete collection of cards, then you have to win every opponent. If you lose, then the scene of the final game of the tournament will begin immediately, in which Saha wins and gets 1 place.

Quest High Bets - a detailed passage

After the conversation, we return to the 2nd floor, where the second opponent is already waiting for us.

How to beat Madame Sahu - second round

The second opponent is our conspirator. It is not easy to defeat Sahu, because the girl plays with a Nilfgaard deck, and very strong one. There are almost all the heroic cards of the faction, as well as many ordinary cards with the power of 8, 9, 10. Healers are also present, as well as spies. She begins the game almost always with a stuffed animal, a spy and several heroic cards in her hand. Often uses Frost, so that the closest units will be less effective.

Sakha is perhaps the strongest opponent of the entire tournament, so get together and do not forget to save. We deal with spies with the help of scarecrows and healers, we kill troops with a large attack with the help of the Execution, or we cut off the attack with weather maps. If you are not lucky in the distribution, then load up to the party and start again. As a reward for the victory you will receive a leader card for Nilfgaard - Emgyr Var Emreys Lord of the South.

Nobody will interrupt us anymore, so let's go straight to the third opponent.

How to beat Phineas - the third round

Elf will be our third and penultimate opponent in the tournament. He disliked Geralt during his acquaintance, so it was time to pay him back with the same coin. Defeating an elf will not be difficult. He plays for the Skoy' Taley deck, whose only spy is the hero card Mysterious Elf. Standard deck "protein", which you could already meet in other quests quests or from ordinary merchants.

There are many melee and ranged units in the deck, so Frost and Mist will come in handy. I do not advise you to put spies in the first round, because in the second he will resurrect them and use against you. An elf almost always has a penalty in his hand, a scarecrow and several healers. After defeating him, you will receive a leading card for the Skoy’Tael faction of Francesc Findbair Queen Dol Blatanna, and the enemy will be extremely upset by defeat. Yes, so upset that he will fly on Geralt with his fists. Now you have to beat Phineas, not only with cards, but with fists.

If you went to the tournier on a small level, or simply were not used to fist fights in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, here’s a simple strategy:

  • First, take a few steps away from the enemy;
  • As soon as he starts walking in your direction, use a quick attack. He stumbles upon it and takes damage.
  • As soon as he starts blocking, jump back and wait again for him to come up.

You can repeat to infinity. And if the enemy is standing still and does not move, take a couple of steps left or right, then he will start moving. Opponent in knockout, leader card received (or not, if Geralt lost), which means it's time to move on to the final boss of the tournament.

Final Round - Count Tybalt

As was to be expected, our fourth opponent plays the Monster Faction. In the deck there are almost all the cards from the Double skill, a lot of heroic cards and Buttercup to enhance nearby units. A fairly standard deck, which you could also see in other quests or from ordinary merchants. Its main strength is in a large number of called cards and the strengthening of the whole series.

At the beginning of each round, the Earl holds a penalty and an effigy. As always against the Monsters, be sure to leave Frost in your hand to cut down the entire melee range. As a reward for victory, you will receive the card leader of the monster faction Eredin Break Voice of Lord Tir on Leah.

Congratulations, Geralt became the winner of the tournament! True, with a reward there will be an overlay. While you were playing cards, someone managed to steal the prize pool. It is with these cries that the clerk rushes into the room, surrounded by the guards.

The Witcher 3 - High Stakes

Sakha claims that she did not do it, because they already made a deal, why should she lie and offers to help the guards in the investigation. Agree to get 4500 crowns (!) And a possible love scene. If you were only interested in the card leaders for the collection, then you can refuse, it does not carry any serious consequences.

How to inspect the crime scene

The girl will persuade the guard to be allowed upstairs and given to inspect the crime scene. We cut the witch's instincts and proceed to inspect the premises. The first thing that catches the eye is a corpse.

High stakes - inspect the crime scene

The next important piece is located near the door to the balcony, where we will go after its inspection.

Quest High stakes - studying the evidence

On the balcony we are interested in the arrow, which at first can be overlooked. It is located on the right side of the balcony, and, judging by the broken rope, its continuation should be below.

Crime scene in the High Bets quest

We descend to the 1st floor, exit Passionflower and run around the building until we reach the well. Here you can see the rope, by which the prize fund was transferred.

The best passage of the quest High stakes

From the rope (or rather, from its owners) comes a strong smell, which will lead us to the final piece of evidence. Run a little and you will see an abandoned suitcase. Sakha finds out the suitcase and assures that this is the work of people from one of Novigrad's warehouses.

How to get to the warehouse

There will be no quick movement, so you have to run yourself.

How to get to the warehouse

The front door of the warehouse will be locked, which is not surprising. How to get to the warehouse? Bypass! We'll have to find a way to get inside, and here we will use the open window on the left wall of the building. You can climb the woods, or just accelerate and jump.

Search for a prize fund in the quest High bets

In stock, we meet the bottom that Geralt ran into in the first round. Fighting will not pass, Sakha will be for you, and against - 6 opponents at the same time. Use the Poison of the Hanged Man, Quen for protection and Aksiy to kill enemies one by one. After the victory, Sakha will offer to meet in the evening in a tavern and chat at dinner. Agree again!

For a nice conversation, you will learn the secrets of the spying life of Sahi, finally, get a reward for the tournament (4500 kroner, as agreed) and something else. Agreeing to the continuation of the evening, you unlock the bed scene!

Quest "High Bets" - scene with Sahoy

On this mission, “High Stakes” is completed.

Mission video

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