An Elusive Thief - The Witcher 3 | Walkthrough | Choices and consequences


“The Elusive Thief” is a side task in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, which can be obtained in Novigrad. What do you think will happen if Geralt comes face to face with ... Geralt? This we will find out during the walkthrough of the quest. Quest is quite short, but interesting. Let us proceed to the walkthrough itself.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt “An Elusive Thief” - Walkthrough

How to start

First you need to get a quest. This can be done in Novigrad, on the square of the Hierarch. On the bulletin board we are interested in Order: Brownie.

The Witcher 3 The Elusive Thief - where to get the quest

The customer is nearby, in a small market at the Tretogor Gate. You can not even use the fast move, but run on your own. What kind of brownie is this?

Walkthrough the Mission

From the words of the merchant we learn that they constantly steal something from him. And he even knows who the thief is a vile fat cat. Things get even more interesting.

Walkthrough of the quest: An Elusive Thief

It turns out that already many market sellers have become victims of this giant cat. A upright cat robbing merchants? This witcher for the entire career has not yet seen. Before you start a task, I advise you to bargain. The customer always agrees to 263 kroons. If you perform a task in the middle or the beginning of the game, then they certainly will not be superfluous. We agree on the price, put on the hat of the detective and go!

The first evidence can be found on the spot, using witch's flair. And after all, the merchant did not lie, the prints are actually feline, and even so huge. They lead to the street, we follow.

Quest: Elusive Thief - search for evidence

Moving on the trail, you can find part of the prey, which the thief dropped in a hurry. Further tracks go along the wall in the direction of the bridge. Apparently, he ran away from the city.

Walkthrough: An Elusive Thief - Witcher 3

Leaving the territory of the city, we will notice the last tracks, which are cut off at the edge of the bridge. What is the conclusion? Our rogue obviously jumped into the water. We'll have to look for new evidence on the shore. You can run around the ground or play Assassin’s Creed and take a leap of faith from a bridge into the water.

Quest Elusive Thief - how to catch a cat - jump in water

As expected, new traces of the thief will be found on the shore. The most interesting thing is that in a couple of steps the paw prints will turn into traces from the shoes. Puss in Boots? It becomes more and more interesting.

Mission An Elusive Thief - collect evidence

Pretty soon the traces will lead us to the entrance to the house of the brownie, which will be wide open. No one is found at home, so you have to look for clues yourself. On the table of the first floor there will be a note that should be taken and read.

Quest The Elusive Thief - a mysterious note

From the text it is clear that the thief did not burn the letter, which means that now he also needs beer. After reading the contents of the note, everything will fall into place - we are looking for a doppler. This will significantly complicate the matter - how to find someone who is constantly changing appearance? Additional clues are required.

These can be found if you climb to the second floor of the house. A lot of different clothes will be drafted near the bed - women’s, men’s and even children’s. Well, here the master of reincarnations blundered - from clothes comes a very strong smell of mountain lavender, which will destroy him. Now we have a new trail, which should lead directly to the fugitive. Focusing on witches, we leave the house and follow the smell.

An Elusive Thief - the smell of mountain lavender

Interesting! Approaching our goal, pay attention to the dwarf standing near the temple guard. He will complain to his friend about the problem of short stature. In Novigrad, due to the large number of people, he was confronted with the fact that he constantly had to see the “back” part of the passers-by before his eyes. Yeah, it's not easy being a redheart. But if there is a peasant woman in front of him, then there are some advantages.

This time the doppler decided to pretend to be a temple guard. He did this very unfortunately, because the conversation between the guard and the elf for Novigrad is wild, the nonhumans and sorcerers do not like it here. Especially the guard.

An Elusive Thief The Witcher 3 - Doppler Search

When Geralt appears, a couple of friends decide to play a racism scene, and a bad acting game will immediately give them away. Witcher, of course, this also will not lead. After a small dialogue, the elf will move away, and we will immediately bring the doppler to clear water. You can choose any answer option, the result will be the same. What will the thief do? Of course, try to slip away from us. We rush in pursuit.

Important! If you lag far behind the doppler, or for some reason decide not to run, the task will go into the category of failed. You will not be able to receive an award from the customer, and the doppler will disappear without a trace. To quickly catch up with Cat in boots, it is enough to immediately cut off the road or simply run after him, while holding the quick run key. Having reached it, you need to press the action key to start the cut-scene. Doppler does not get lost and decides to equalize the forces, namely, to take the form of Geralt. Quite a strange scene, but funny.

The quest : An Elusive Thief - Doppler became Geralt

It's time to prepare to fight with yourself.

An Elusive Thief - Kill a dopler or Not

Despite the fact that it is “Geralt” itself, even on high difficulties it will do little damage, unless you remove all the armor. For increased damage, you should smear the sword with oil against relics (doppler, after all).

As with all ordinary people, the tactic is quite simple - use Quen for protection, various potions for damage. After completing the preparations, we throw Aksiy, and while the enemy is stunning, we make an attack. You can repeat to infinity, namely, until the doppler has 2/3 life points left. On a small hp, the battle will be interrupted, and he will ask for mercy.

Elusive Thief - whether or not to kill the doppler

Choices and consequences

  • I will forgive you. In exchange for the service - this remark will be available only after the completion of the main plot task “Count Reuven's Treasure” and before the quest “The Play's the Thing”. By choosing this option, the witcher asks the shifter to turn into Caleb Menge and arrive at the Temple Island. The thief will immediately refuse, so we will have no choice but to let him go. Unfortunately, so we will not get a reward for the task.
  • You need to escape from Novigrad - the witches are neutral and do not kill intelligent beings, and he did not steal only for himself (this became clear from a note and a conversation with an elf). What to do, let go of the doppler with the world. As a sign of gratitude, he will give us 215 kroons and a drawing of the gnomish gwihir. Yes, it is, of course, less than the customer promised, but we did a good deed.
  • For you, I will make an exception. Get the weapon - the doppler first attacked the witcher, which means that it is dangerous and may pose a threat to other people. By selecting this option, the battle will begin, at the end of which you will kill the thief. From the body you will be able to lift the Mutagen from the doppler, which is in the game in one copy and is one of the rarest items. From it you can make a decoction of doppler. From the body, you can also pick up a trophy to complete the task and various items.

If Geralt spared and let go of the doppler, then you will not receive any reward from the customer. There is no trophy, which means it is impossible to prove the successful completion of the task However, by running into a customer, you can get half the amount, which will be 130 kroons (considering how much the doppler gave us, we were even in the black).

If Geralt killed the doppler, the merchant would be grateful for the successful completion of the assignment and pay the agreed reward (263 kroons if you were bargaining).

How you acted in this assignment will affect the order “Skellige's Most Wanted”. But I will tell about this in another article.

With this order, the “An Elusive Thief” will be considered completed.