Where to Find the Ten Golden Balloons in Fortnite for Season 7 Week 9


If there’s one thing that gamers love about Fortnite, it is the community events and the excitement surrounding them.

With such a large and varied gamerbase, this is one of the few times that people can come together to try to figure out what is going on in a game that typically rewards people for gunning each other down.

One really cool even that is hugely popular among fans is the golden balloons feature.

Have you searched the Internet for the locations of the golden balloons in the latest season of Fortnite? Don't worry - you’ve come to the right place.

First, a little background for those gamers that are new to Fortnite and its events.

The golden balloon event is a really simple concept.

Do you remember the battle mode in Mario Kart?

This is basically the same concept except for using the mechanics of a first-person shooter.

That means that melee attacks and those using a firearm are sufficient to pop a golden balloon.

Naturally, given its name, there are ten of them for you to pop and they are scattered throughout the map.

Further, if you have some kind of vehicle, you might find it easier to pop all of the golden balloons as you make your way around the world map.

Before we begin, we should let you in on a little secret: There are more than 10 golden balloons scattered around the map. That’s a good thing for players because it means you have options. You only need to pop 10 to complete this challenge and even the best laid plans go awry as soon as the match begins. We recommend memorizing as many locations as possible before you set out to find them and, if you can, plot out a route that allows for a couple of misses.

Where to Find the Ten Golden Balloons in Fortnite for Season 7 Week 9

Road Heading Out of Haunted Hills

The road going south of Junk Junction and away from Haunted Hills is the location of our first golden balloon. This is right off of the road and should be visible as you head towards the coast.

East of Junk Junction

If you decide to head north of Haunted Hills and pass through Junk Junction, you can head east along the road and you should come to a golden balloon on an icy outcropping. Another way to think of this golden balloon’s location is to think of it being at the tip of an L with the top of the L beginning at Junk Junction and extending south, bending along the icy outcropping and following the road south.

Snobby Shores

There is a golden balloon located on the easternmost rim of the southern portion of the mountains that forms the semi-bowl shape that Snobby Shores is nestled within.

Frosty Flights

Heading south from Snobby Shores, there is a golden balloon on the runway of Frosty Flights.

Happy Hamlet

South of Frosty Flights and west of Happy Hamlet is a golden ballon that is located on the shore north of the island located directly south.

Tilted Towers

There is a golden balloon located at the northernmost central building within the area.

Loot Lake Delta Island

There is a golden balloon located on the island delta of Loot Lake that is formed by the outlet of the river that runs west from Tomato Temple. The golden balloon is located on the southwestern corner of the river delta island.

Tomato Temple

Just outside of Tomato Temple of the western side and just as you leave the arctic area east of the second bend in the river as you head away from Loot Lake is a golden balloon. This one is somewhat tough to find and we recommend you be somewhat familiar with the map and area before trying to find this one.

Wailing Woods 1

These next two golden balloons are located very close to one another and should provide a quick pickup for gamers. One thing to note is that neither are located within the Wailing Woods itself but rather on the eastern outside edge and coast. The first is located east of Zartbot’s Block and at the edge of the forest that breaks up the two halves of mountain range that leads into the Wailing Woods if you head south.

Wailing Woods 2

The second golden balloon is located to the southeast of the southernmost portion of the divided mountain range and towards the eastern coast.

Lonely Lodge

Smack dab in the middle of the Lonely Lodge woods is a golden balloon that is located near a copse of trees directly in the middle of the landmark.

West of the Lonely Lodge

Our next balloon is another hard one to find. If you look at the map directly west of the Lonely Lodge, you’ll notice that the road forms an arrow that also points west. You’ll also notice a gray area above a green plateau nestled within this triangle formed by the road. The golden balloon is located within the grassy plateau area heading west towards the first of two forks of roads heading to Dusty Divot.

Dusty Divot

To the center and slight southwest of Dusty Divot is our next golden balloon.

Salty Springs

On the road heading west there is a golden balloon located just slightly north of the roadway and adjacent to Salty Springs.

Retail Row

Located between Retail Row and the first road to its east, this golden balloon is another tough one to find. It is located above the crook in the eastern road and should be relatively unobscured once you get to that area.

Fatal Fields

This balloon is to the west and north of the central main area in Fatal Fields.

Lucky Landing

Located on the southwestern coast of Lucky Landing, this golden balloon is hard to miss.

The Road East of Lucky Landing

Here’s another tricky one to find. Go to the road east of Lucky Landing. Make your way through the two large mountains that flank the road and towards the development on the southern side of the road. Towards the easternmost point of that southern-side development is the golden balloon.

Paradise Palms Beach

No fun in the sun on this beach. Located east of the Paradise Palms development and directly on its beaches is our last golden balloon.